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Does anyone work for Probity Transcription

Posted By: Marie on 2008-10-29
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I have a job offer from Probity and would like opinions from any current or ex employees.  I did not find may good posts on here about them and most of them are old.  Do you have a lot of dictators to work with?  ESLs?  Any info would be appreciated.  I would hate to quit the job I have now and end up hating working there.  Thanks.

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Probity Transcription....
Anyone had any experience with them?  They hired me without testing.  Do they ever run out of work?  Thanks for any info you may have.
Probity Transcription information please. SM ...
I couldnt' find anything on them in the archives.  The list a B and With 65 character line, what is that?  Do they outsource?  Do you have to do any editing from India?  Any information appreciated.  Thank you.
Probity Medical Transcription
I've read some pretty good posts and some pretty bad posts on this company. Have things gotten better, worse, or are they still the same?

Is the pay on time? How often do they pay and how do they pay (i.e. biweekly, direct deposit, etc)?

Are the folks who posted the positive remarks still with this company? If so, are you still happy?

Probity, anyone work for them?
Any MTs out there who work for Probity? How

much do they pay?  Do they use ASR?

Probity? Anyone work for them? Any info appreciated nm
Anyone work for Oak Transcription or Nicholas Transcription- please e-mail me nm

These people are unprofessional.  Don't waste your time there either.

Don't waste your time. They are so unprofessional, it's not even funny.
They're very unprofessional people, don't bother with them.  They have terrible communication within the company. 
Any Probity MTs here
I would greatly appreciate any info on this company.

The problem with being careful what you say is true, but if you have to be SO careful, pretty soon there will be no one posting as everyone will be SO PARANOID ABOUT POSTING. Sounds like a little common sense and moderation is in dire need here. All she did is ask about a company, and yes, I agree, to say they suck is VERY UNPROFESSIONAL. If you are going to post, at least be professional, courteous, and use common sense. What's so hard about that.
RE: Probity
Sounds like you will get your fair share of ESLs, as with any company, I can't say from experience yet. They do not supply equipment, they will provide the software that they use to do dictation. Health insurance is BC/BS, good if you only have to cover yourself, can get pricey to cover family, dental is a good plan, $15 per pay. I would definitely check them out. I believe editors are paid hourly, not sure how much though because this is not my field.
Any Probity MTs out there? sm
Do you have steady work?  Easy/difficult to make lines?  Thanks much
Thanks, I needed that!

99% ESLs, forget them!

I work for Probity and have been there almost a year.  I have absolutely no complaints.  They are very honest and there is always plenty of work.  No problems with pay checks or getting answers to questions......I give them an A++ and trust me I have been with a few companies in the past 18 years that I would not give an F to.....
I dont know anything about Medquest, but I would not recommend Probity.  Lots of promises, but do not come through.
Heavy ESLs at Probity and messed up software. I cannot recommend Probity.

I am happy employee at Probity...have never ever had any problems!

I have been with them for over a year and I have nothing but good things to say about them.  The owner is a very fair employer.  SHow me a company that does not have it's fair share of ESL.....I give Probity a AAA+++
Can anyone tell me if Probity is a good company to work for.  This will be the first company that I will work for, since being an IC with my own accounts for 20 years.  Otherwise, any suggestions?
Any info on this company?
Did you have to buy an Infinity foot pedal for Probity?  I understood from talking to somebody there that they use this kind of foot pedal.  I have a wav pedal and would hate to buy another one if it's as bad as the posts I just read. 
Does anyone currently work for Probity?  How is it?
Does anyone have any information about Probity?
depends on what account you are on...been on a few accounts; some bad, some good.
Any recent information on Probity?  Easy to get lines, pay, platform, etc?
Probity MT

Does anyone have any information on Probity MT or has anyone worked for them?


MQ or Probity
I have no experience whatever with Probity, but lemme tell ya, I would clean toilets before I would work for MQ again.
Any info on this company?  Would much appreciate the input. 
Can anyone give me any info on this company at all...good, bad or indifferent?  Thank you! 
Probity - thank you
Thanks for taking the time to respond and for your information, appreciate it.  :-)

I'm an employee.  When they made me the offer, they phrased it as we'd like to offer you a position, working Wednesday through Sunday from 7:00 pm to 3:30 a.m.  That's eastern time and I'm in the Mountain time zone, so it works for me and my body clock.  I don't know if they have IC status.  I don't think they do. I get the impression they like a little bit more control that they can only get with employees.  They want specific shifts filled and they want you to be accountable for it. So, the other part of that, is no, I do not believe you could set your own hours.

They started me at 8.75 cpl.  It's good for me - I've only been doing this for about 2 years.   Their platform is called Integra, sometimes I think it's referred to as IType.  It's pretty decent - based on Word.  We do have to format documents, which takes a little bit of getting used to, but it only adds a second or two to the process for me now.  The sound files are not the greatest quality.  The doctors use the telephone and call in to a main number for the recording.  Some of the sound quality is really bad and I have a hard time figuring out what they're saying.  That's this account, though.  They could be hiring specifically for another account that has a different way of recording things.

I've had worse recordings and I've had better recordings so overall I can't complain too much.  

If they're hiring, I'd say definitely go for it.  It's a pretty decent place to be employed.

Have checked the archives already, but I would appreciate any comments from those who work/worked for Probity.  Thanks!
Beware!  I was working for Probity part-time at night, but they are currently training me on another account that they are receiving.  Just as the other poster said, you spell out everything and things really do get confusing.  I am in the process of looking elsewhere because I am so fed up with trying to remember everything even though I have read through the specs a million times already.  They keep coming back saying I have errors, but its things that are easy to confuse!  I give up!  If you have the right experience, you may do well there.  You can give it a try.  Its really the only way you will know how you will do.
Another thing that I DO NOT like is the platform. IntegraEHR. There is an upgrade coming and I hope it helps. I think line counts would be higher if it wasn't for this platform. Easy enough to learn, but slow and too much time on the mouse.
Does anyone know about Probity? I tested great with them and they said it was not up to par.

I used to work for Probity, but soon realized that they are too customer-specific for their own good.  They have several different hospitals all around the US and they have specifics that are different for each and every one of them.  Too much stuff to remember and I just could never do anything just right.  On the upper hand, their staff are nice and do try to work with you.  The pay is not what it should be.  I would be on for four hours and could not make over 40 bucks a night.  To me, it was not worth it.  Also, they use Integra and it is very, very slow.  You just cant make the lines on it like you could on any other platform.  Their pay is always on time and they give the option of direct deposit, which was nice.  No one could fault you for trying, because that is really they only way you will know if you can or not.  Any place will have its good and bad things, I just could not deal with the hassle of remembering specifics and having to stop and look at my papers to make sure everything was done.  It takes a lot of time and cuts your lines.  Good luck. 

A few days ago, the company I work for (Probity) without warning fired the best QA/trainer I ever worked with. Probity supposedly means integrity. I am now looking.

Fast Fingers

Checked archives and could not find a recent post.  Is Probity a decent company to work for?  Thanks 
Does this co. allow satellite and/or dialup? Would like to hear
from anyone who has worked for this co....Thanks.
Any info on Probity?
What type of platform, pay issues, etc.  Thanks in advance.
I believe Puberty..on I mean Probity or something like that.nm
Probity Editors
...was wondering if they offer benefits for full time editors. Also, do they pay a decent hourly rate. Please feel free to email me if you'd like.
any info on Probity?
Got asked to take test but really need some info
any info re Probity ?

Couldn't find much on a search on this board. I'm wondering whether they are IC/employees, set schedule/line count, internet work/phone line, etc. Thanks.

How about any info on Probity? nm
ATSI or Probity

Does anyone have any experience with either company?   ATSI is in Clearwater, FL.  Any information please!

thumbs down to Probity
What a mistake!  Two weeks of hell.  What a nightmare!  I'm done..... run, run away....
Probity, just quit
After quitting due to unkept promises and inability to earn enough money, I got an e-mail (accidentally I think) begging for help because 'several' people had just walked out the door.  I would like to hear from any of those others who walked out just curious about what their experience was there.  I was very disappointed to have it not work out as I had put considerable time and effort into learning a difficult account.