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Don't generalize. You do not know what KS does or

Posted By: KS MT on 2005-12-26
In Reply to: Here is what you save because I work from home - the least you could do is reciprocate

does not provide. You may be ticked off at the profession in general, but I am very happy at KS.

Yes, they pay my state unemployment fees. Yes, they have a disability policy. Yes, they contribute to health insurance by getting us group rates that are far below those I could get on my own.

The owner of the company transcribes. The lead MTs and coordinators transcribe. Yes, they bring money in. How dare you talk about what you know nothing about?

Be mad at the industry, but KS is trying to make things better for all of us. At least they are giving us benefits. Other companies don't. At least they offer employee status. A lot of other companies don't.

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That's fair, but I also wouldn't generalize about Indian MTs
Some are good, some are bad. This is the same with US based MTs - some are good, some are bad.

This board is really depressing, no one seems very happy in any company or their profession in general. I must be the exception.