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Don't have mine yet either...agree with above post about company going downhill..sm

Posted By: DS on 2008-01-28
In Reply to: No, they have not. (insert angry face here) - Hayseed

A constant lack of work since November.  One day we are working and then the next day we are told to sign off because of no work and to not sign in until they tell us. In total since November I have missed 17 days due to no work.  That is a lot of money for me.  Hard to get another job because I need my insurance.

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Downhill, I agree
Nono No, the suck it up reply was not normal. Her behavior was so needlessly cruel and aggressive that I can only assume she is not a prima prime example of mental health. She might consider counseling by a professional.
Didn't they partner up with an Indian company? Expect downhill from Dictaphone.
The other post isn't mine, but it was very
clear to me. 
Mine post soon as document is sent
The longest delay I've ever had was about 30 seconds.
mine post immediately as soon as I end the document.
That is your opinion,not mine. So we will have to agree to disagree.
I agree - mine used to be on Yahoo IM all the time (sm)
my supervisor AND team lead, plus a couple QA people....now, NONE of them are on or at least they are not showing....guess they are hiding from all the questions.
Mine does not post until 11pm the night of payroll. It is the bank. sm
I have talked to others and some post the night before, some by morning, some by noon. Mine is the worst I have heard of, but it is the way everything posts with my bank. It is one of the largest banks in the world too!
Agree with this. Some lucky ones have great accts. Mine were awful, so I left. nm
I got mine already from my company.
Here's keeping fingers crossed for everyone else.
They have gone WAY downhill...I quit
I just left SPI a few weeks ago after a year. When I first started back in February 0f '06, it was still Cymed and was a decent place to work. Then, a couple of months after the SPI buyout, my account manager quit, a lot of MTs who had been there for a while quit, and I got a new manager who just doesn't care and does not know what she is doing. She put us all in these awful work pools, making it nearly impossible to get a decent line count without working about 14 hours a day. I started getting nothing but heavy ESLs and lost a lot of money. They even screwed up my last pay check. Also, they demanded a lot of overtime, and would not pay us any extra for it. I quit right away and went to another company and am SO MUCH HAPPIER! I make much more money now and I am actually able to enjoy my days off and not have to worry about working!
You know what flows downhill?
The supervisors (for the most part) were just trying to make the best of a bad situation. I believe their hands were tied at SPI. But, starting from the top layers on down to the supervisors, everything was in such chaos, with no answers being given, no timely decisions made, no pre-planning, no standardization that, to quote Yeats (I think - correct me if I'm wrong) *Things fall apart, the center does not hold*, and no truer description of SPI/Cymed.
Downhill trend
Not that many years ago, only ITs had to supply their own equipment.

It's sad that the large companies expect MTs to foot the bill for all the equipment, especially with the trend of giving MTs less and less of the profit pie.

I mean, when was the last time an MT got a cost of living increase? Or profit sharing payouts? Or any of the other perks of being part of a successful, profitable business?

A carpenter that is self-employed SHOULD pay for his own stuff. An MT who is an EMPLOYEE should not. Simple logic.

Do you think physicians have to buy their own MRI machines? Do you think police officers have to buy their own squad cars?

The transcription profession feels like a sinking ship. I pity people who are only now getting started. The hey day of this profession is long gone. (Sniff. Sigh.)
If I am not contacted, it's the company's loss, not mine
I know my worth, have great experiences and I write a resume that gets attention. I sometimes think people just slap something on a resume and expect to be the ONE the MTSO just can't live without. I can be picky but I don't think everyone can say that. I agree with you...it isn't about courtesy or anything else. It's just the way the world goes round.

I saw an MT say recently they got 3 response from sending out more than 50 resumes. I think something is wrong with that resume or the MT's abilities and I advised him/her to look for a different career. That post got deleted.
I got mine yesterday. what a bassackward company.
Last 5 years downhill decline
is what I have seen in the MTSO/working from home environment. I had an easier time finding a job (5 years ago or so) with half the experience that I have now. It is my opinion that a lot of this is happening because of the MTs coming on in this timeframe. Their education is not of the same quality for the most part. I cannot imagine learning this at home and being good at it. I had a hard school and it was still very hard when I had my first on-site job. As far as the overseas thing, call me hopeful but I'm hoping within time, it will decrease. Here's why: In my own experience, a US company is happy to pay me say 5 cpl to edit reports typed 100% overseas by say India. Now the quality of these reports is AWFUL when they get to me. The process to get them to me is this: They get typed by an overseas MT. Then they get edited by overseas QA. Then they would come to me for 100% editing (mandatory on every report). Imagine the delay of time this causes and how can they make a profit paying me 5 cpl to edit when its already went through at least 2 other people? Wouldn't it be cheaper, faster, less of a risk as far as quality and as far as privacy (as they don't have to abide by our HIPPA laws) to just pay a good US MT say 8 cpl to type it to begin with? Give it some time. We are all pioneers in this work-from-home career. No one has done it before. We are all learning as we go and our companies will learn as well. Eventually the cost of shipping vital information overseas with no regard for privacy laws will become more of a financial risk than it is worth. If my health records with my private info went overseas and my identity was stolen because of it, you can sure bet I'd be suing the MT company who sent it there. It sucks right now but here's hoping the good US MTs and QA will keep their heads held high and have a positive outlook for the future. :)
Yes, I think you're right about expecting downhill with them.
I've been attempting QA with them and not only is the software slow with numerous problems for QA, but the reports I'm getting to QA basically need to be redone. I find it hard to believe that an MT actually typed some of the sloppy, full of error reports I've seen, and 4 cpl is not enough money to sit around redoing every report. I'm afraid I'm finished with this place.
Absolutely not, things just keep going downhill. NM
A friend of mine is a male and owns a transcription company. sm
He has no problem getting accounts and is quite wealthy from it. So, do not let your gender deter you!

His company is RX Transcription in Newtown Square, PA. Give him a call and maybe he can help you.
Glad you're happy, that place has gone WAY DOWNHILL.
Good riddance! They have gone way downhill in the last few years and do an awful job.
Thats why we fired them.
Mine listed Thurs. and Fri. as official company "holiday" but then said we have to work Fri un
Good Company, but yes very strict supervisor or mine was anyway! As long as you meet the deadline
you are safe!  They were strict when I was with them though
I totally agree, your story is mine and lots, and lots of others, please
believe me when I say Keystrokes has been honest like we used to have in this profession. If I can help one Transcriptionist avoid what we have, this will all be worth it. I worked parttime for Keystrokes at the time I was fulltime with ____ and quit, 2 years later I begged them to take me back after once again my paycheck was cut in half, and they did with open arms. I don't mean to run down anyone but a lot of these transcription companies are getting obscenely rich while paying below minimum wage to transcriptionists, playing with dictation and after working for a couple of them you know who is honest and who is not. Sorry I came down so hard but the reality is there are single mothers out there that I bet cry themselves to sleep not able to give their children a decent life because it is easier to steal from us. When companies have millions of dollar to pay for other transcription companies, open transcription schools in other countries, ect., ect., you know there is a lot of money in it. That is all I am saying.
I agree with your post,
I don't agree that MQ sucks! I happen to like it "here".  In other words, I like my job. Sorry if everyone else feels differently.  But, as stated before, MQ isn't the only job or company with quirks.  Every one of them do...move on if you're not happy with your job! (Not specifically you, original poster)...
I agree with your post
I was hired on an account and there was no work available during my shift all the time. I wonder if this is happening to my account as well. I left. Thank goodness. It was a very bad experience for me. I called the office and asked questions, they said they would put me on another account. The account I received still had no work available and when I did receive work it was ESL or very hard to hear. I used my best judgement and resigned and now have a new position.
I agree with your post!

I do believe that some are having a hard time of it, but I know there are others who still like the company and are happy.  Do I have problems with Beyond TXT?  Sure.  Who doesnt.  It is a new platform.  I'm quite sure that every platform has its issues in the beginning phase of usage, but those issues can and will be resolved.  The platform is really quite good.  Once the trouble spots are ironed out, it will be quite a great tool for us.  As far as the editing goes, I believe that too will improve with time.  I also believe that once it is in full swing and becomes the norm, our pay will be restructured again - to our benefit.  Change takes time.  There are always hardships along the way.  Each MLS has to decide whether to stick it out or not.  But you shouldn't be misleading to outsiders who cannot form a realistic opinion on their own.  I am sure there are some MLS's that cannot make what they used to.  However, there are some that can.  Why this is I don't know.  It may be due to experience, the account, how well they work on the platform.  Who knows.  The company is still going strong, however, and if there were not some content MTs, I would think Transcend would not have a staff. 

One more thing, the post about MTs losing reports, well yes that is happening.  But the poster didn't tell the rest of the story.  If you lose a report it is due to an issue with BTXT.  The company has said time and again to send in an incident report stating which job was lost and you will be paid for it.  What more do you want? 

I agree with your post. I also had the very
same experience as you. I was very loyal to the company for two years when my supe went nuts on me claiming I took time off without her permission. WHAT?!?! She had never treated me like that before. I was the better person and apologized, though I had nothing to apologize for and she was extremely rude to me in response. That is not a company you want to work for, I totally, 100% agree!! I got out after that thankfully, but unfortunately, there are no companies any better:(
I agree with this post.........
I had nearly the same experience. I started out with what was shaping up to be a fairly easy account in the first 2-3 days I worked for them. Then after I had been working for only just a few days and starting to get the feel of it they switched me to an account that was 95% ESL. Very difficult and hard to make production. I ended up leaving them after a few months. The supervisor was not very helpful. I gave it all I could but I was just not making anything with them.
I agree with your post. If you want a job where you can...
pick and choose when you will work, then by golly, this may not be the field for you. I take time off when I want, give my employer advance notice of it, and if it means a day or two or three without pay, so be it. I work every weekend (MY choosing and believe me, they were surprised and thrilled when I said I would work both Saturday and Sunday of every week!), get my lines in, and don't complain! You are not chained to your job; if you don't like a company's requirements find a different company, go back to school and learn to do something else, or plan ahead.
I agree with this post.
I have been with MDI since March and absolutely love it. I still have my primary that was given to me when I hired on and have not needed to ask for a secondary. Also, this payperiod will be my biggest producing payperiod since being an MT. I very rarely run out of work and have had no problems whatsoever at this point.
Agree with everything in your post.
These are the very reasons I left Precyse after 5 years. I thought I had found the place I was going to retire from. Things changed though once work started going to India and a couple new managers came along.
I agree with the above post...I was in the same
situation this summer with the company I do IC for. My account, their second-highest degree of difficulty for accounts, had always run anywhere from 2 to 5 days behind in dictation, so there was always, always work in it.

Along about June, suddenly I was being moved into backup accounts, and even then I was having to check in morning, noon, and late evening to get my lines in. Around the 4th of July, I got a call that my production was not at goal down (first time in 4 years).

I explained there was no work in my account and reminded my supervisor that I e-mailed her 2 weeks ago wondering what was up...had we lost the account or gone to overflow status on it?

She laughed and said no, work was just down, and she was thrilled that we were finally meeting our TAT with them. While that is great, she missed the whole point. DON'T reprimand me for not meeting requirements when there is no work.

About 2 weeks ago, we got a memo stating that for anyone not meeting their line requirements, they would be moved down on the pay schedule accordingly, 0.5 cpl a shot. Again, the work flow has not improved, and nobody gets it and nobody cares.

I think it is a bonehead move for any company to threaten someone's wages when they are already suffering through a slow period...but like everyone I am still behind on my bills so I stayed.

However, I happily gave my notice this weekend when the only thing all week to sift through were the discharge summaries and echocardiograms. I did 34 reports yesterday, 303 lines worth of 3 and 4-line echocardiograms with a DS or 2 thrown in from.

Yes, there is work, but when all you are is a line count and NOTHING else matters,it is definitely time to hit the road...especially when the management is busy patting themselves on the back for decreasing their operating costs and improving their TAT at the expense of the MT.

It will be funny in another couple months to watch their newest advertising campaign and the scripted poster that always comes on when a question is asked about the company. I get paid every 2 weeks by direct deposit and the insurance is Aetna and really good. How are the accounts? How would I know...I'm not an MT (LOL).

I agree with your post...............nm
Agree with everything in this post
I, too, work on Escription, make good money (the same or a little bit more than I would straight transcription), and love it.
I agree with your TT post.
I am not an E favorite and I have suffered horribly over the last few months. How long have you been with TT? I have been here almost three years and really hoped this would be my last MT job. I hate to leave and start over and keep telling myself it will pick up. Do you think I am kidding myself?

It's nice to know I am not the only one in this boat.

I agree, much better said than my post! nm
Not exactly. Agree with post below. If you like being treated like...
I do agree with some of your post but 6 TYPOS..sm

I do agree with some of what you typed - the small mindedness and all that, but you definitely do have 6 typographical  errors just in that little post and yes, it's just a bulletin board.....but if one is a master MT, well that reflects usually in everything that passes through their hands...including some internet posting on forums/boards.

just my nickel's worth....

I agree, read post below by not me...
you are definitely my kind of person...would like to talk further, somehow. take care.
not me.
I so agree w/you - Great post....but....n/m

we can only lead a horse to water, we cannot make them drink it....if they choose to be intolerant, it's their choice as sick as it seems.  I choose to go through the life as a loving, compassionate person.  Others choose not to go this route.

Yes, racism and neonazism is, unfortunately, alive and well, in the USA and all over the world.  So, if we raise our children with our awareness and our love and compassion, hopefully the future generation (our kids) will Do The Right Thing!! 

I agree with your post. I hire them too but the co
I just worked for did nto appreciate them. I know they are out there and go that extra mile. I want to find a company who appreciates their MTs and QA staff and who will instead of trying to get them to kill themselves recognize them for what they do and how well they do it. Sick of these companies. They appreciate no one.

There are always those who do nothing and try to make excuses for not being there, but for every 2 there are a good 5 who are hard workers and companies clump everyone together into one category, which just is not fair.
I absolutely agree with you on this post. sm
It's ridiculous for companies to expect ICs to clock in and out for lunch, etc., when there are no benefits at risk. MTs who don't keep any kind of schedule and expect to have work whenever they're ready are ruining things for the rest of us who are diligent.
I agree -- great post.

I started in a clinic but quickly moved to a large teaching hospital, and the mentorship and listening parties was very valuable.  Another thing that works that I particularly like is to walk away, go have a cookie, then come back.  Sometimes then you can hear what the doc is saying!  At least as bad as ESL are the docs who have a 15-minute report but by the time they're done uhh-ing and ahh-ing and emm-ing through the report you have about 40 lines. 

Agree. Good post.
I completely agree with your post...
As an aside and another thought, I see everybody as one creation under one God. What I see is somebody in that country being given a chance to make a decent living and have a job they can be proud of, to support their family with. The person behind that computer given work from a US company may be a single mother with that job providing the only financial means to feed her children. Food for thought.
I have to agree -- great post. Plus, when you take the job, sm

you are told upfront what the benefits are and what the requirements are, so if they are not to your liking, why take the position?   I am quite happy here at TT, and am thrilled at the news about the 401k.  Of course, I've been doing transcription for over 30 years now, so I guess that puts me in the age bracket where thinking about retirement is a little bit higher on my list than maybe someone 20-something, although I wish I had been smart when I was 20 and started putting away.  Oh well .......

Again, great post ... thanks for sharing. 

I also wholeheartedly agree with this post.
I totally agree with this post
they used to be a great company to work for, but have gone downhill a lot in the past year or so. Same is true about the not replying to emails, but expecting IMs and emails sent to you to be answered asap. Pay was always correct and on time too.
I totally agree with this post.
I have 20 years transcribing in a hospital and now at home as an IC.  I can tell you right now even with this kind of experience being able transcribe anything, you will only get offered 8.5 cpl if you are lucky.  I've even been offered 7 cpl, which I was totally offended and did not take the job.  I think you're better off trying something part-time to fill the time because you won't find a company out there willing to pay what you call top pay for a top transcriptionist.  I can say in my experience the highest bid I got so far from a national is 9 cpl and I haven't applied to many.  You, on the other hand, may want to try a smaller MTSO that needs part-time or even p.r.n. transcriptionists that can hit the ground running. 
I agree with all of your post except the last line!
It means they do not have control of their money, will probably never be satisfied with their work and may have garnishments and other legal issues for me to have to contend with.

Your credit score is a very good indicator of how responsible you are.