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Donate plasma

Posted By: I did it on 2009-05-02
In Reply to: Does such a thing exist? - MTDays

It's not the *most* fun in the world but you will be paid in cash immediately after donating. Just Google plasma donation centers and your zip code - may be one close by.

As to the payday option - don't do it unless you know you can pay it off and not have to keep renewing it. Biggest rip off ever. But its easier than the plasma and probably can get much more than the typical donation payment.

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Go donate plasma. $40 a pop, plus a bonus
if you're new to donating. You might find a buyer for your Happy Meal toys on Ebay. I sold some for a nice profit once. Got any books you could sell on ebay or Half.com? Old jewelry you could pawn? DVDs, CDs, unused electronics, collectibles? I got $85 for a Starbucks coffee mug on Ebay.

What about shopping sales and using grocery coupons to get by cheap on food? No friends or family you can borrow from? Any friends or relatives you can babysit or clean house for?

I'd try to steer clear of the title loans or payday loans. They have a tendency to suck you in so it's a never-ending cycle. Can you get a pay advance from work? I've done that before.
does he also donate to charity?
AMEN sister..Better yet. why dont we just do it for free, donate our time to a good cause.
I mean really..we dont need to earn a living or eat. I'd love to sit all day at home making minimum wage. This business has gone down the tubes. I'm just insulted.