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E-mail me where you work! nm

Posted By: kadi on 2006-07-28
In Reply to: running out of work - fingers


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Anyone work for CMT of CA -e-mail me
Used to work for them, got the same e-mail...
I used to work for them and I received the e-mail stating now is the time to come back.  They are not the #1 transcription company in the nation, and if they do have 85+ hospitals, where are they? I spoke to one American the whole time I worked for them..QA, team leaders, etc...all are Indian!! They tried to correct work that was already correct. They did not know what they were doing! How can they be QA and fixing OUR work when English is not their primary language? IMO, they are not a very professional company, and if someone spoke up just once to tell the nation about this company, I can guarantee there would not be a focus infomatics.
Is Bayscribe okay to work on? Please e-mail me.
Anyone work for Accutype? E-mail me nm
Anyone work for Accuscript? E-mail me. nm
Anyone currently work for Accutran - please e-mail me! nm
E-mail must not work anymore -
Thank you for trying but this site is so screwed up, I don't feel comfortable posting it.  Seems like no one knows what is going on.
I said there was a group e-mail sent about being out of work.
They were not limiting anything.
Anyone work for MTS of Kansas LLC - e-mail me nm
Where I work we got a "thank you" e-mail
Yes I work for a smallish national..plus still has not come in mail either
Anyone work for Golden Isles - e-mail me. nm
Anyone work for Freedom Type - please e-mail me nm
Anyone work for Chronicle Transcripts -please e-mail me. nm
Anyone work for Administrative Assistants - please e-mail me. nm
Does anyone work or have any info on Eightcrossings? Please e-mail me.nm
Anyone work for A&W Transcription -looking for information - please e-mail nm
Does ExText work with satellite? E-mail me please nm
To MDTC poster- Your e-mail addy does not work.
I work IC for a company who pays by check in mail
Never had a bounced check either.  I can see why you would worry though.  Maybe they will do the switch eventually. 
Anyone work for Excel Transcription out of IL - send me an e-mail nm
I was a little troubled by that e-mail, too. The funny thing is, I work
an IC job that supplements my pay, and I got a call just Monday because I had not met my producton goal there. Apparently another vice president decided to earn a check this week...LOL.

No matter how much they jump up and down, you cannot transcribe what is not there. I was more than happy to remind that individual I do not get paid unless I work, so not meeting goal is probably MORE critical to me.

I thought by busting my tush on 2 jobs I would be guaranteed never to run out of work, but both failed me this past holiday. For all the gymnastics, I will be working all weekend this weekend just to have a decent paycheck. Sigh.
How do I access MQ Internet mail? I'm registered on Q-Net but don't see any e-mail thingie the
Need good small company to work for with flexible schedule - e-mail me.nm
I didn't get the e-mail but I just sent you one and gave you my e-mail addy so (sm)

you could manually type it in and resend me the info.  Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks.

how are you supposed to work and watch your mail all the time to play a stupid contest?
Transcend cares only about the big pay for its managers and corporate people, nothing for its MTs. Pay used to be decent, is less than mediocre for that horrible editing platform we are forced to use. ROMs have nothing to do but yell at the MTs and invent first grade games to play. I would rather have had the $1.48 postage and $1.00 it cost for the mouse pad and strip calendar.

Remember the old days when Edix used to give the Drake and Drake drug book for MT week? That was when Edix was a good company, too.
Yes - regular mail and my reg mail stinks, so let them know.
anyone work for Oracle - do they use Word or a Word-based program - e-mail me nm
Anyone work for Oak Transcription or Nicholas Transcription- please e-mail me nm
E-mail (sm)
It's been taken to e-mail. FYI - One only wins a slander case if the information wasn't truth.
Would you please e-mail me....sm
I was just hired by KS for radiology and I wanted to ask you are couple of questions regarding your experiences with them and transcribing radiology.  TIA
Can someone e-mail me SM

the e-mail address of someone I can contact at Spheris to get my deposit back for equipment that I returned in July?  I moved out of state and they do not have my contact information.  I want to give them my addy so they can mail me my check.

Thanks (if you click on my name, you can e-mail me).

Take care,


e-mail me too please as I am looking. TIA nm
Sent you an e-mail. nm
I just sent you an e-mail.

Not everyone has been paid, I know/ been there

Could Op gal e-mail me? Thx. nm
e-mail me (sm)
Hit reply by e-mail and I have some recommendations for you. Sorry to hear about this. Nothing seems fair anymore
Same here, would you e-mail me and let me know who they are? ...nm

Sure, feel free.  I really know what you are going through working with MQ.  It took me months to get up the nerve to finally untie my apron strings.

could u e-mail?
qualitymedical@pldi.net - just have questions..... thanks......
Would you e-mail me too? sm

I would also like website and information on this company.  Is the dictation good quality?   How much do they pay?  IC or employee?

Thank you for taking the time for my questions.


could you e-mail me too?
Thanks much...
Sent you an E-mail. nm
Please e-mail me too. nm
my take on the e-mail

e-mail (free) blanketing anyone who gets on an MT mailing list looking for unskilled (low pay) workers to churn out poor quality work for big profits.  Sounds right out of a get rich book to me. Standard operating procedure for most companies in transcription biz.


E-mail -- SM
How about you e-mail me? NM
e-mail me please (nm)
E-mail me, too :)
I am looking for a change. I make great money right now straight typing, but everything is going to voice.
I sent you an e-mail...