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Posted By: Ell on 2007-11-16
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Anyone worked for Eskribe before or have any good/bad input about this company?

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eSkribe Inc.

Any information on eSkribe Inc. in Ohio would be greatly appreciated.


eSkribe?? Anyone?
Thanks in advance!
Help! Any word on eskribe?

Any info on eSkribe...
Does anyone know anything about eSkribe? Anything is appreciated.
Any info on Eskribe?
Eskribe QA Test
I took a QA test for Eskribe, and it appears that my test is being passed around amongst each other. They don't realize that I'm getting read receipts from all these different people reviewing my QA test. What do you think is going on here? Nobody has gotten back to me yet about being hired for a QA position yet either???
eSkribe claims to be based in Ohio, but is an Indian company
Check out their website at eSkribe.com.