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Employers also like to know how far in debt you are

Posted By: because that tells them how badly you need - sm on 2006-04-07
In Reply to: Why Credit Check for MT job? - job seeker

them!  There goes your negotiating!  If you're desperate they'll dangle any crummy old carrot in front of your nose.

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im going into debt and trust me, not much food on the table now. cant believe they would hire 32 new MT's and leave the ones who have been here 4+ years broke
Personally, I would not go into debt for a new car sm
just to get a bonus from a company. It does not make any sense to me at all.
In debt and all bills being paid!
I have worked for over 3 years with DSG and have always made the money I need to survive with extra $ left over. I quit multiple jobs to work with DSG full time and make more now that I ever did, working less hours!

Welcome to the DSG team!!
I hear ya....we have no debt but our house...
and the gov't, to reward us for our hard work and effort that is supposed to be the American way, has decided that we should give them a bit more of our money tomorrow also. So I will grit my teeth and write the check.
Well, that won't help my credit card debt.

While some employers may....sm
try to claim that you can't work for someone else and them at the same time there's nothing legally they can do about it if you do as long as you're not telling the other company what hospital/clients you're working with for either company and sharing other internal information.  Things like this have been tested in the courts previously and basically they can't  prevent what you do in your non-work scheduled time.  A lot of MTs don't tell company A if they're working also for company  B... or vice versa, because it's really no one's business what you do in your off hours.
Can. Employers
Terra Nova is looking for as many Canadiab MTs as they can find. Acute care is mandatory and experience with Vianeta is a bonus.
most employers have an
at will employment.  How secure is that?
Not just MT, most Employers require it now
It is becoming quite common for any employer, not just MT Services, to do a Credit Check now.  Some companies think that if you cannot handle your finances (late payment, judgments, etc), you will not make a good employee or you might be tempted to try to cheat on something.   Since past employers are reluctant to give any information besides dates of employment for fear of being sued, new employers had to find some other way to dig up the dirt, so to speak.  Just the sign of our times.  No one trusts anyone anymore.  Nothing personal.   Used to be you could just send in a copy of your ID (Driver's license, SS card, passport, etc), and now they want you to have it Notorized, but still get it back to them within the 72 hours required.  Best advice -- find a job you like and try to stay there -- forever!! 
Me too...most of the time employers
ask that you NOT attach your resume, rather paste it into your email. I understand the poster's statement, but it is not the norm to attach resumes in emails anymore. Most companies state that if you do that, it will be deleted.
Canadian employers
Also, hi again. Would anyone know of any Canadian companies hiring MTs, or US based who hired Canadians?

Thanks again
Me, too. If employers don't want to get badmouthed,
Employers looking at your credit!
That should absolutely be none of their business about our credit report. I can see about criminal investigation, but credit, that is confidentiality and those people can steal your identity in a heartbeat especially when we have never met these people in person. We fax forms constantly to so many different MTSO companies and have no clue what they could do to destroy our credit! I would never allow a company to check out my credit report unless I was applying for a mortgage, buying a car, applying for a credit card, etc. What nerve do these companies have going into more personal detail about our own credit rating. Please...lets be so darn careful about protecting our identity. Very scary world we live in today!!!!!!!!
Definitely appeal it. UE is used to having employers
make up reasons for termination. The bottom line is if they cannot provide proof of your misconduct or that they informed you of said misconduct, you will probably win, especially if you saved any of your e-mails regarding your problems with demographics, etc.
Are there any employers hiring that do not use VR? nm

Who are they?

Questions to ask prospective employers
Hi there. I'm the recruiter at Precyse Solutions and was looking out on MTStars to see what's going on and saw your email. I think it is great that you are asking this. So many applicants call me and never ask any questions. Below are some I think are important and probably I am forgetting some:

1. How long has the company been in businss.
2. Approximately how many MTs do they have.
3. What is the companies philosphy regarding MTs.
4.Employee Status or IC
5.Do their lines include spaces (very important. 65 + spaces makes about a 17% difference to your benefit in production.
6.What benefits do they provide. (If benefits are important to you?). If you don't need benefits, can they pay a higher line rate.
7.How does the training period work. What is the pay, how long is it. How are you trained.
8. How is the pay calculated. Do you get shift differentials, etc. Does the line rate fluxuate in anyway regarding QA audit or usage, production, account levels, etc. Any penalties?
9. Do the MTs have a primary account and a secondary or multiple.
10. % of ESLs on Account they are considering you for.
11. Do they provide a computer. What is the cost.
12. Do they reimburse for phone line, internet service provider, etc.
13. What kind of support do they provide. Technical and QA.
14. How is PTO paid?
15. 401k? Match?
16. Minimum production standards and time line.
17. Schedule flexibility. Hours in schedule?
18. What platform to they use?
19. Is there an Expander and medical speller provided.
20. Can you install Stedman's etc. on the computer if provided by the company.

That's all I can think of for now. If you want to email me, I would be happy to talk with you and anwser any questions you might have. Good luck to you :)
Thank you for your help. I performed very well at the jobs, but did not know whether employers may

not be happy with people leaving, etc.  I also did not realize that they may just want to verify your employment there. Do you need to pick a specific person to contact and inform them that you are using them as a reference? Thanks again.

Flipping the script on Employers!!

Since the majority of these companies are not upfront or truthful about their lack of work, and their recruiters are just little monkeys following orders, I have decided to accept as many jobs as I can, space the hiring dates 2 weeks apart, and try each job out before I make a serious commitment.  I have accepted 4 jobs to date, and I will not be left out in the cold another year because I believed in a company that did not measure up to their hype.  My kids will not go hungry again.   I have been burned so many times and I did not start out to accept AL 4, but my husband informed me that none of these companies will be loyal to me, so I need to do what I need to do.

Employers are required to report anything over
Sorry but those are Uncle Sam's rules.
well i have received gifts from employers
and i too have been in the business for over 30 years, in various capacities, various states and on-line. I have received everything from nice cash bonuses, to fruit baskets and smoked turkeys. But i never 'expect' a gift and rarely see one anymore from employers. Nowadays with all the so-called political correctness, they'd probably be in trouble if they didn't offer similar gifts for every various religion's major holiday....
Open letter to MDI and other employers going to VR

In VR: 

Dear empty eye,


As an empty with plenty years experience comma eye was vary this dress to learn that I will shortly be demoted from an empty to a VR quote Editor unquote making far less money than my training and years of experience deserve period you are comma node out comma counting on technology to eventually fix the bugs in yore VR soft wear period mean while comma you are ????? a viable resource period sum of us wood much rather retire than see our tail ends miss used by working as VR editors period to whom will you turn when this VR idea fails to pan out question mark period paragraph person alley what I have all ways enjoyed a bout transcription work is the actual typing comma the rhythm and flow comma inserting a punk situation mark here comma subtly colorectal sin tax there comma and turning a complete mismatch of a dictation in to a real double report period lets face it comma many doctors are complete idiots period the dictate the rung medications comma or the rite medications at potentially fetal doe sages period they mambo comma wrestle peppers comma talk to colleges comma eat comma bleach into the phone and make other bodily noises while they dictate period even naive English beakers often do not have the first idea of proper sentence structure or grammar period yet comma you expect olive us to clean up a VR mess for half the money we are making now question mark we think not explanation point paragraph so cut costs as you wish comma in one or 2 years when VR comes to our accounts parenthesis or before parenthesis we will have found something else to do comma and the profess shun will be pourer for the lost of all of us period have a nice stay explanation point


MT translation:

Dear MDI,


As an MT with 20 years’ experience, I was very distressed to learn that I will shortly be demoted from an MT to a VR  “editor” making far less money than my training and years of experience deserve.  You are, no doubt, counting on technology to eventually fix the bugs in your VR software.   Meanwhile, you are jeopardizing a valuable resource.  Some of us would much rather retire than see our talents misused by working as VR editors.  To whom will you turn when this VR idea fails to pan out?  Many of us believe it is time to retire or find another line of work. 


Personally, what I have always enjoyed about transcription work is the actual typing, the rhythm and flow, inserting a punctuation mark here, subtly correcting syntax there, and turning a complete mishmash of a dictation into a readable report.  Let’s face it, many doctors are complete idiots.  They dictate the wrong medications, or the right ones at potentially fatal doses.  They mumble, rustle papers, talk to colleagues, eat, belch into the phone and make other bodily noises while they dictate.  Even native English speakers often do not have the first idea of proper sentence structure or grammar.  Yet, you expect all of us to clean up a VR mess for half the money we are making now?  We think not! 


So, cut costs as you wish, in 1 or 2 years when VR comes to our accounts (or before) we will have found something else to do, and the profession will be poorer for the loss of all of us.  Have a nice day!

I think the employers are just lazy, and don't want to do the taxes. nm
Um, yes employers do expect you to look in books

Employers do want you to own and know how to use reference books.  The Internet is not always the best tool.  A combination of books and Internet are the ideal reference tools.  But to respond to your post would definitely be a waste of my breath, as I can see your mind is made up that you don't need reference books.  That's fine.  I am neither too old to know about Google or to be computer savvy, as I am a college student working on a Bachelor's Degree.  You must be very insecure to have to make such catty personal remarks about a stated opinion.  So when the Internet goes down, you just sit and wait for it to come back up, the rest of us will continue working.


Exactly. That also goes for good and bad comments. Employers can be sued.
Employees can also be sued. Bad taste though and we do not need that type of thing. We have had enough of it on these boards.
Credit check IS the norm. Employers want to how
Employers, creditors, lenders, landlords, etc do run
Are employers required to offer Cobra?
Meant employee and not employers in the second sentence
Your idea of screening employers who post
Two thumbs up!
Internet DSL or cable...heads up to prospective employers sm
I see many employers insisting upon cable or DSL internet only as a prerequisite for employment.

These are not the only two reliable, fast ISPs anymore, folks.

I have fixed wireless, also known as wireless DSL. I have a package right now at 768 kbps, with the option to go 1 mbp. My ISP is every bit as fast as regular DSL (I know; I used to have DSL) and is, in my experience, more reliable. Fixed wireless is NOT satellite (and again, I should know; I used to have satellite, as well). Fiberoptic is also out there and from what I hear, beats even cable.

Technology is progressing by leaps and bounds and I hope prospective employers do not rule out any great MTs because they do not realize that cable and DSL now have company...and competetion: Fixed wireless and fiberoptic.

Bashing?????? You consider reporting nonpaying employers bashing? sm
Yeah, I got my 1099 too.  It included the couple of thousand dollars for invoices that she's never paid me for.  She really deserves her due now, doesn't she??  On the bright side, maybe the IRS can do something with her.  Cuz I ain't paying taxes on that money she's never paid me.