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Everyone is right, however

Posted By: MTtoo on 2008-06-22
In Reply to: I am growing tired of this sm - You know me well and I'm a TTer

It's great you have found a fit, but let's not deny the pain of others. There are so many scenarios, we can't generalize our own experience as what others should have. There are some major wage, hour, and HR issues in the business, period, end of story. Once in awhile we slide into a situation we can tolerate, but nothing is static in this industry and there are no standards. Our pay structure has managed to confuse the authorities enough to wear people out who try to do something about it. Toss in telecommuting and virtual work relationships, the water is even muddier. Finally, a profession who has seemingly missed the evolution of the workplace and engage in top-down management practices of yesteryear. There are many reasons why there are so many angry people in this profession. Let people vent. Your time could be juSt around the corner. When you send 3 emails on the same topic that are ignored, 8.5 cpl isn't going to be nearly enough. There are those who are just unhappy people, but there is no other profession that operates this way. The industry has not learned how to identify appropriate responsibilities and how to hold people accountable for them. Number one comes to mind, stop wasting the time and jeopardizing the quality of reports by allowing horrible dictators to continue to dictate horribly. If the client insists on allowing it, then the client should pay for it instead of me.

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