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Ex-Webbers - Question

Posted By: NON-NATIONAL on 2007-11-30
In Reply to:

I will be turning in my resignation soon to WebMedx and I have a question for anyone who has been there.  When you turn in your resignation and get set up to send your equipment back, is it a simple process?  They do not hold your final paycheck or anything like that, do they?  Will they allow you to work out a two week notice? 


They are a good company as far as nationals go, but thank goodness there is still a hospital here that recognizes the importance of having the same people doing their work consistently.  I have been blessed.

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Webbers =
Can any of you folks working for WebmedX tell me if you use your own computers?  Hoping that is a yes. Thanks. 
I am one of the Webbers leaving
Found out that some of the higher-ups came from MedQuist.  Oh boy!!! That really irked me, because things are starting to feel like Medquist there.   I'm leaving as soon as I can because I'm tired of spending 24 hours to try to get in 8 hours and having to fight for work because they OVER-HIRE!!!!!  I have five accounts and each day it is more and more like the MedQuist cesspool.  As soon as I can, I'm gone.
Calm down, Webbers. This isn't SM
the pay cut you're imagining because you didn't listen to the message. I've been through this before at another MTSO.

It's actually good news in that moving to a more efficient platform means management is working to save our jobs in a very competitive, unstable market by increasing our output, and thus our value to the hospitals.

My prior MTSO changed my accounts from transcription to VR eScription, a platform challenging others with its efficiencies. At first average line counts shot up dramatically, and so did the initial paychecks--definitely happy time for fast learners. As everyone learned the platform, the line rate was adjusted to market rates--i.e., what a company has to pay to get skilled editors. If it hadn't been adjusted, people who had been making $30-60K would have been making many thousands more for the same work.

Now, why I'm at Webmedx these days: My primary account also insisted on offshoring or paying only offshore rates. That MTSO didn't do conferences and webinars, though, but instead kept us completely in the dark about what was happening. There came months of evasions, deceptions, outright lies to direct questions, disappearing work--and further pay cuts--until the day we were finally told the truth and offered a chance to move to other accounts.

Also, unlike WMX, that MTSO had already done extensive offshoring. Since WMX has been keeping its work here all along, I see no reason to doubt their sincerity when they say they will continue to try to do so. I also feel WMX has been as honest with me as I can reasonably expect from a corporation in today's culture.

BTW, let's please keep discourse to a more professional and dignified level. For my part, my relationship with an MTSO is a mutually profitable business one in the employer-employee form. They need the skills I have, and I sell this client my technical expertise, knowledge, judgment, and time. Rude and foolish messages to my client do not speak for me.

Best wishes.
? for Webbers Re Cherry-picking
I have only been with Webmedx a short time, but am starting to see a pattern of reports being skipped; it is typically the more difficult ESL docs.  I don't see any documentation in my paperwork regarding skipping jobs or cherry-picking and wonder if there is a company policy on same?  It's making me nuts as I feel it is unfair and is adversely affecting my lines on days when it happens often during my shift.  I don't mind doing my share, but when it stars pulling from my $$, I have a problem with it.  Is this the norm???  Thanks in advance.
Perhaps the new motto for Webbers and Transcenders
should be: BOHICA - Bend over, here it comes again.