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Express Scribe

Posted By: Ellie on 2006-02-03
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Does anybody know if earphones can be used with Express Scribe?  I can't find any information about this anywhere.  Thanks. 

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had the same problem when I got my new computer. Easiest way is to take it from desktop, and you can drag it into escribe.
Do you have Express Scribe......
Express Scribe
Has anyone used Express Scribe to take an on-test SM
test? I downloaded it, but I can't get the function keys to work. Any help would be appreciated. I am technically dumb! TIA
How to load Express Scribe
If you already haven't found out how to do it, save the files to a folder on your desktop, then go into Express Scribe, click on Load or load files (I don't have it on this computer, so am doing this from memory), then click Browse, then click on C drive, then click Desktop, click on the folder, then click on the files you want to load.  In my experience, Express Scribe will only load a job if it has been saved in a folder.  Hope this helps and good luck
Express Scribe does play that!(sm)
Not sure about Gear Player, but in open Express Scribe and go to settings, and then settings, and go to the tab files, and you should be able to check the box there. You can also go to the WMA file right click and select open with and then select your Express Scribe. Good luck on the test!
Are you talking about Express Scribe?
It's a little primitive, but it works well enough to take a test with.
Huh? I'm using Express Scribe v4.3 with Vista - nm
I did download express scribe but sm
I may be doing something wrong. I can't open this file in anything but windows media and it goes directly to windows media. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong?

BTW, why did you leave and do they pay on time?

I tried downloading it into Express Scribe and it wouldnt go into that.
It's a mystery and they have never gotten back to me so I assume as I cannot play their sound file, I wont be considered for the job. I tried everything to get it to work.
isnt express scribe free? sm
i had to purchase my own bos and the software/pedal they told me to purchase was $129 (with their discount). they did provide the spellchecker, drug book, and Smartype though, so that was good. thanks for the fyi.
foot pedal- Express Scribe

Yes, I've got that far.  I'm actually able to play now, but I still don't have all the kinks ironed out.  When I play, it is warbled...I'm sure the problem is with my settings and my F-keys...can you help me?!  At least I know now this pedal does work thanks to your telling me yours did...I kept plugging and accidentally discovered I had to click on Express Scribe when I signed in.... Thank you for your help.

If you are using Express Scribe, you can use your function keys and...
the instructions are in the Help section or maybe it is in Setup.  Good luck on the test!
I used express scribe. Worked just fine.
You can also use Express scribe with a foot pedal and do it that way... nm
Bytescribe pedal & Express Scribe
I use a Bytescribe pedal with Express Scribe all the time and it works great.
Download Express Scribe.....it's free
Well I was trying like h--- to get my DQS pedal to work with Express Scribe and no way.
Thanks for telling me you had the same problem.  I thought I was the only stupid one that was having this problem.  I thought Infinity would work but it doesnt.
Can you download Express Scribe and play the file thru there? nm
I use my infinity pedal with Express Scribe too with no problems. nm

help receiving encrypted files through Express Scribe

Is there anyone out there who could tell me how I could listen to encrypted files in my Express Scribe which I receive through email???  I am able to receive and listen to them just fine when not encrypted, but cannot figure out how to set ES up to use a password.  When I click on the voice file in my inbox, it now takes me to ES, but displays an ERROR box stating  - unable to open DSS file, this means the file might not be a true DSS file or the file is corrupt

The files are coming from a dss program called Olympus if that matters.  Any insight would be greaaaatly appreciated!!!

Do most MTSO's require Express Scribe for on-line
It's been a while since I've job hunted.  I never had problems with the actual tests, but using Express Scribe to access the tests was always confusing.   Is it still a problem for anyone else?
If you can get the pedal configured using the Settings in Express Scribe, it should work. nm
I had the phone interview. I did the report part of the exam with Express Scribe (sm)
last week, but haven't heard back from them. Does this usually take this long? tia
Don't need to record files. Pull them into Express Scribe (free on line) and play them thru there
If you have an Infinity pedal, you can pull the files in thru Express Scribe, (free download) and
Star Stop works better than express scribe. If you want start Stop, yea it is kind of sm
expensive. I wish they did pay their QA hourly as I think they would see better quality work, but they per line and it is higher than the other person posted.

I have never had a problem with management, so I am unfamiliar with what the other person experienced with management.

Pay is always on time (most of the time early). I like the software. I guess you just have to see if it fits for you.
I use express scribe with my INfinity USB pedal. My is totally compatible.
Transcription Express
Anyone have experience with this company out of Houston?  TIA
Transcription Express, Inc. ...
out of Arizona.  Anyone have any information (good or bad) regarding this company?  Thanks!!
Transcripition Express
I tested with them, very simple. That was going on two weeks now.  For this one account I was checking on they paid 8 cents a line, no more.   I used DocQScribe for testing and never heard back from them.   I would have liked to heard back from them though regardless to see if I passed or failed.  I was going to be typing ER reports.  Good luck. 
freedom to express

I agree with the above poster. If you can't vent to people who are in the field about your good or bad experiences, then this is not a democracy. Personally, I do keep a lot of mine to myself basically because I don't like dealing with negative people who will judge me. It stems from not having a very supportive family and not being able to express myself growing up. What is heaven for one is hell for another but either way, people need to express themselves and get it out.

In this profit-driven healthcare industry, MTs are under appreciated and in many cases abused by management and perhaps isolated and ignored by other MTs. We definitely need a support system and these forums are supposed to serve as a support system out of the work place where we can vent and hopefully be comforted by kind words. We work in an industry that refuses to acknowledge the fact that if it were not for us, they would not have jobs. We are the industry but many of us do not feel we have much clout in the way we are treated, i.e. coldly, indifferently and there-are-more-where-you came from attitude. Lets start cooperating instead of competing especially in the forums and let people have their say and try to embrace with kindness. We all need a pat on the back.


I second that nomination! I'd do it, but I do not express myself
eloquently enough and this issue is too important for it to be written in a way that might come across as abrasive or offputting, even though that would not be the intention.
Those who applied at Transcription Express, sm
Has anyone heard anything back from Transcription Express?  I applied on Sunday and have not heard anything and was just curious as to whether anyone else has heard anything.  I have a lot of experience and thought I would at least receive the opportunity to test.  I do realize, however, that with the number of views the ad has received, they are probably wading through tons of resumes.  TIA
Just feel the need to express my thoughts on VR, ASR, etc. ..sm
It is just tough to sit back and watch this evolve. I've been in this profession for many years now, and have watched voice recognition start to surface in some capacity years ago. It still is not where it needs to be, and I do not believe it will ever be as efficient as a skilled MT. Regardless, what really bothers me is that there are so many in this field being sucked in by these companies who are hiring for .03-.05 line of so called voice recognition editing when in reality you are basically typing the entire report over again, or taking just as much time as you would to type from scratch. The other scenario, in my opinion, these job offers being filled are simply to cover the incompetent work that comes in from overseas. Hire 100 Indian MTs and have a few good U.S. editors or voice recognition MTs who are willing to work for pennies, and what a profit you make as a company. I just wish more MTs would put their foot down and say enough. Let these large nationals lose their experienced MTs, and they will either fail as a company or up the pay scale for a qualified MT.
Transcription Express - Wisconsin
Does anyone have any information on this company?
I like the post and wanted to express MY opinion, just as you
all the time. Can change it to be played on Express
I'm beginning to suspect it's the Xanax Express n/m
Dictaphone Express Edit questions.

1.  I'm having problems using the Ctrl M feature to match audio and text (to re-check my blanks at the end of a report). 

2.  When I highlight a block of text to add to ESP, I hit Ctrl-Ctrl but it doesn't automatically transfer the text; I have to copy and paste (hope that makes sense).  Any suggestions?

3.  Ctrl-Shift-B can take FOREVER to populate a cosignature block.  Anyone else have this problem?

Thanks for any help.  I don't have a lot of instructions for this platform and there aren't a lot of people on it, so I'm figuring it all out.


American Express gift card from Axolotl. nm

Does anyone know how much E-scribe pays per line? I am thinking of applying with them.  What is a good rate to type for?  I was told 8 cpl (65 characters w/spaces) was a good rate. Does anyone pay less or more than that? Is 7 cpl too little? 

Able Scribe

I applied for a job a few months ago and it turned out they didn't even have the account, but then MT companies aren't exactly known for their integrity. 

Med-Scribe in FL? SM
I was wondering if anyone could give me recent information about this company.  The only information I could find in archives was 2 or more years old.  Anyone currently working there, I would really appreciate some input regarding pay, dictators, benefits, etc.  TIA
RE: Scribe Right
Great company! But only IC status-no benefits, which works great for me as DH as the benefits. Pay always on time. Very happy with them.
Med-Scribe - FL
I have read past posts that have me a bit scared about getting paid if I accept a position with them, but these posts are over a year old.  Have things improved in that respect?  Any new news on this?  Please reply.  Thanks!
I have applied with Med-Scribe and am wondering if I can get some feedback from other MTs. I searched the archives, and all the messages were more than 2 years old. I am really, really hoping things have improved since they were posted! I really need to get off the IC and get some insurance. I would love to hear from any current or recent employees. Thanks!
There is not a lot of info on this company except for really old posts. Can anyone tell me generally whether they enjoy working for Med-Scribe, how is the pay, how is the work flow and what platform do they use? 
Medquist and DSG. DSG is hiring.
it is Doc-Q-scribe....
does anyone know how much med-scribe pays?  Thank you!