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Posted By: latte on 2006-05-01
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can anyone tell me what they know about fastchart?  secure?  lots of work?  how is the pay?   i have been looking and looking and would like to have some insight if at all possible.


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How is the pay? And, even if there is a low ESL percentage and the work flows, is it worth it if you're part-time? Thanks for any info.

How much is low? I sent them my resume and am waiting to hear.  Anybody know of any good companies that can work via satellite? I am moving to the Oregon Coast.
About fastchart - sm
We were using them for our ER reports, but they had to be let go because they were never transcribing. We had at one time 800 er reports waiting to be transcribed, and Fast Chart would probably do about 10-15 reports a day! Our supervisor would call and they had some excuse like we have a bigger hospital that needs our attention right now. That was the last straw, and they were let go. But on the good side, all of the problems we had with transcriptionists inhouse is no longer an issue - we now work at home and no longer have to outsource to other companies. It's such a nice change!!

do you think it makes a difference with the low pay to begin with if they pay for everything including footers, headers, periods, demographic screen, everything that completes a medical chart as if you were looking at it yourself?

I appreciate any input!


Can anyone tell me if they had actually made a decent paycheck working with FastChart on the first shift? 

Thank you!

Hi.  Do you care to say where you are now?  I have been looking 1 1/2  months but so far nothing looks too interesting.  I have been interviewed but its either the low starting rate, platform or something.  I know the perfect job does not exist but I think I will know the job is for me when it happens.  so, just asking for some input from others where they are now especially when I hear they love it there.  Thanks in advance.!!
anyone with info on FastChart good or bad??
Anyone know anything about Fast Chart/Applied Medical Services?
FastChart anyone?
I am looking at testing with FastChart and wonder if anyone can give any info about them...work load, ease of software use, management, etc.  I can only find info in the archives from 2006.  Thanks in advance.
FastChart -sm
Also, 20% of your contracted lines need to be met on the weekends.  But, very nice and professional people that work there. 
6 cpl that must be for straight transcription! I am at the highest level and that only pays 4 cpl for VR and if you ever go on QA you get knocked down to 3 cpl They always charge $7.50 per pay period to use the software but if you do not meet your contracted line count and the minimum is 10k lines per pay period you are charged a 2nd service fee and how it is calculated is some obscure formula. I was sick one pay period and was only able to transcribe 2000 lines and was rewarded with a pay check of (!!) 48 cents!! However if they run out of work they don't charge the 2nd service fee
Fastchart BEWARE
It is been one horrible, horrible month. Please contact me for further info.

FastChart, anyone with current info on this company...sm

Found lots of stuff in archives, but very old.

Anyone worked for FastChart and no longer need your 9-pin footpedal.
What will you sell it for?
Need input on TransHealth, Oracle, FastChart, Amphion and Proscript
Anyone with the good, bad and ugly on any of these companies - please let me know.  I'm too old and tired to be in this position again, so I want to make the right choice.  Oracle and FastChart are IC, the others are as employees.  Can't decide, first, if I want to commit to employee status, but with HIPAA, this may become a necessity in the future for all of us. Already got the ugly and nasty on OSi and Softscript.   Anyone out there care to comment?