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Posted By: Transtech on 2005-11-30
In Reply to: Any input on this company? - MayBgoing2Transtech

Overhire, loads of ESLs, line count on some accounts hard to get. Prior posts comment on high cost of insurance.

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I always get answers to my emails at SPI Healthcare Documentation.
Thanks for the feedback! sm
Thanks so much for replying. The only downside I can see is that I need to purchase Word 2003 to work with their software and that's a bit of a financial stretch right now, but worth it in the long run, of course, if things work out well.

Thanks again! :)
appreciate the feedback, but looking
hopefully for someone working with them now or very recently.
Thank you. I appreciate the feedback. :) NM
Thanks to ALL for the feedback.
Thank you for the feedback.
I need full-time with benefits also.  I just don't want to spend the time testing if they don't offer employment status. Anywho, thank you much.
Any feedback on...

Any feedback on OSi Transcription Services?  I'm looking to get my foot in the door with a good company to work for.



I don't think anyone particularly cares to be corrected. However, sometimes even QA'ers are even corrected, or worse yet, depended upon to correct vital errors. It is definitely a sensitive and stressful situation for all involved. I think an issue comes into play when MTs are not paid enough but yet expected to produce a perfect report. A QA/editor in this position would certainly be at a disadvantage in the popularity category. No one is going to like this Ms. Smartypants no matter how the feedback is delivered. Companies need to compensate more and give the MTs the recognition they deserve. Most MTs will work hard and want to do a good job if they are recognized monetarily, or even appreciated. At present, MTs feel unappreciated and worked to death. To me, its kinda like a sweatshop mindset going on these days. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
Need feedback
On WebMedx (spelling?).  Any and all, please.
TY for the feedback sm
where do you work now if I may ask and how do you like it there? I'm currently looking for a FT MT position with flexible scheduling.
Thanks for feedback-sm

How do you like working on the Emdat platform?  Do you find it to be productive? 


Thanks for all the feedback!
I really appreciate it!!
No QA feedback either. JMO
MDI feedback
I wholeheartedly agree this is not normal for MDI and probably has something to do with the email problems that are going on. Definitely call.
Thanks for the feedback!

I'll wait and see what happens and maybe contact the office later this week.  Overall, it sounds like a good company to work for.


Thanks for the feedback, everyone...
I sent out about a dozen resumes this weekend!
MDI feedback
Everybody is different. :) I love all the emails, really makes me feel connected.
It would have been okay if the e-mails were just feedback, but they seldom were.  I didn't find most of the e-mails to even be necessary, as they were mostly just account status updates, which we could see when we logged on anyway.  I had over 30 e-mails one day, which I thought was a bit excessive.  I am just one who likes to be left alone to work.  They were nice enough people though. 
Thanks all for your feedback
I've got some dialogue going and it helps to know I'm not alone in getting a bit of a slow start.
Thank you for your feedback

I thank all of you for talking about your experiences with companies.  I have to revise my look before you leap into look before, during, and after you leap.  All your comments help a job seeker to be aware of questions to ask.  Sometimes knowing that you do NOT know something is far more valuable than knowing something.  I am grateful you all took the time to respond to me y muchos gracias por su ayuda. 

OSI feedback
Anybody have any feedback on how they like working for OSI?  Fair line counts?  Good management?  How their Dictaphone EXText is to use?    Good health insurance at a fair premium?      
I have been an SE there for 5 years and like it very much. Plenty of work on my account 99% of the time. I have zero complaints and would recommend them.
Feedback on MDI
Are they a good company to work for?  Anyone work there as statutory?  Do they really pay 9-11 cpl?  Thanks.
I got hired by Transcend as did a friend of mine, and the recuiter was lovely. However, their training was such disaster and very frustrating. I had a headache and was very upset after the first 2 hours and still had not learned to type a report. I declined to go any further with their training and my friend trained and then lasted one whole day before she quit. Their platform is user unfriendly. Worked for eTransPlus in TN for a very short time since they use re-record and the sound is horrible. Much time was spent just trying to hear the dictation because of such poor audio. I have worked for MDI-Maryland now for 2 years and they are wonderful with an easy platform (Bayscribe), excellent tech support if you need it which is not very often because their platform is very easy and user friendly. The account liasons and company personnel is the best with the greatest team spirit to be part of and plenty of work. They are so appreciative of their MTs. Just my opinion for what it is worth.
If getting no feedback, being able to SM
see your old reports is a must.  We can at webmedx.  I'd leave wherever you are ASAP and have that be one of the questions you ask when you are trying to get a new position.
QA feedback :)
Most of us object to the QA who acts like a Condo Commander - not to those just offering helpful criticism.

Too bad you can't forward those long emails to your supervisor to deal with...
QA feedback
Copies of all my QA feedback, as well as the corrected reports, go to the manager of the account. I do admit that after making the same suggestions/comments for the same MT repeatedly, and seeing no improvement in the quality of the work, I tend to show my frustration in my feedback.
If you really want feedback, look at your accession # a couple of days later to see what the blank was.
thanks to both for feedback

I read the archives after I posted my message and that spooked me plenty. But, I decided to simply ask the line rate and method of counting lines, and that nearly floored me.  They use MS Word (and you know what a terrific line counter that has), and they pay 5 cpl. Can you believe that?

I've already declined the position because of the line rate, but I'm expecting flack just the same.

Thanks for your feedback on JLG and SS
from present employees, which is best in your opinion, or why do you love it where you are... Obviously TT is the wrong road to take, or at least my instinct is saying to be very careful... as the board note says don't make decisions based on things said here, but it sure helps to get feedback. Thanks again.
Did you get any feedback
on Proscript?  Have you tested? 
anybody with feedback or

thoughts on this ad on the job board:

Medical-Legal Transcription - Orly Lindsey/Video Instanter

Thanks for the feedback
I have decided not to pursue their offer. I really prefer to use my own equipment, not rent/lease/security deposit from the company.
Feedback sm.
Thanks for your post. I'm doing acute care actually for them. Work was plenty when I started, but sporadic for the last three weeks. I'm an IC for them. They pay on time, never any problems or questions. They leave me alone and I rarely hear from them - they just let you be and do your work. As far as sound quality, it's not great, but it's pretty good. Lots of ESLs and since they're a soft-spoken bunch anyway (you know how that is...) it's hard to hear them with the volume turned up full blast. I've had worse sound quality, though there is room for improvement, but again it's not horrible.

I do like working for them for all of the above reasons - pay on time, they let you work and don't bother you constantly.

I appreciate your post and good luck with your interview. Glad to hear they're getting new accounts. You're probably right - the work is low across the board - just hoping it'll pick up soon. I wish I could find a part-time gig as well, but so far no luck - most are looking for FT. I'll hang in there and see what September brings. The people are very nice and the QA Department gave me lots of feedback for my first 2-3 weeks there, so overall I would have to say they're a good company to work for. Good luck again with your interview!!
Transolutions. Feedback please.
Anybody work for this company now. They don't seem to pay very well and they do background checks and lots of other stuff that require tons of paperwork. Is it worth it? Do any other MT companies do this? My background is clean, I just never heard of anybody doing this before.
I have great feedback from MDI-FL.
It's strange how some people can love a place and others have a completely opposite view. That's America, I guess.
Landmark feedback
I have been with Landmark now for about 10 days, super-nice people to work for, very flexible, gave me cpl rate that I would NEVER have gotten with MQ (based on what I read on this board) great accounts. I'm very happy now :) They are small though and dont pay for internet, but MQ was taking that anyway, and I am still ahead of the game $$-wise. No complaints here so far!
just need some feedback on this - see message

I have spent quite a few hours on this board, reading all the various posts and responses.  I realize that this board is ideally for transcriptionists that want to work at home and working for national companies; however, I did see that there are hospitals that post for onsite transcriptionists. 

I would really appreciate any honest feedback from transcriptionists on this.  I currently am working at a hospital that offers both onsite and at home transcription.  We are paid by the line, and the line rate is equivalent to what the services are paying, plus our insurance and PDO is great!  We are also allowed a great deal of flexibility as far as completing our 8 hour shift, meaning we can go pick up our kids, run to appointments, etc., as long as we complete our 8 hour shift within 12 hours.  And believe it or not - WE ALL GET ALONG GREAT!!! WE HAVE NEVER HAD ANY BACK BITING OR PROBLEMS! We have three openings - and before you jump to conclusions - our openings are because two people retired and one is moving out of the area (all a great loss to our awesome team).  We have a great group of people to work with, the area we live in is great, but there are no transcriptionists in our area.  The hospital has placed ads in the newspapers, but to no avail.

So here is my question - in all honesty, how many transcriptionists would seriously think about moving to a new area for a job if relocation fees were offered. 

It may sound like I'm bragging about my town, but I'm really being honest when I say this is picturesque east coast small city, about an hour and a half from major cities and airports, ocean is about 45 minutes away, summertime vacation spot, schools are phenomenal, lots of family things to do and shopping, farmers markets, boating, mild winters, etc., but there are no transcriptionists in the area to hire.

I would really appreciate some honest feedback.  Thanks so much for reading this.


Any feedback on Keystrokes of IL? nm

No message.

Yes it does. I just wanted to get some feedback
from others before applying.
Regarding positive feedback
As company policy, DSG's QA staff never send MTs feedback. All feedback comes from management. There is no such thing as positive feedback. You will get some form of QA information on rare occasions, never a job well done, and often contradictory to previous memos or e-mails or even other direct feedback. The only way to get any response is to pick up the phone, don't rely on e-mails, and call the highest level of management.
Positive feedback???
At DSG you get no direct feedback from the QA people. You only ever get feedback from management. I never once had a good job or any sort of positive feedback. All I ever had was specific information about account specs, and these change with the wind. On some accounts, the spec changes are so often it's hard to keep track of what's going on. Also, the feedback is very rare, or you can be told about something that you have being doing for months that now is wrong.
Would appreciate feedback from TransHealth MTs. nm
Feedback on TASK
Thanks for your feedback. amj
Transolutions feedback please?
Any and all detailed feedback welcomed.  TIA.
Some simple feedback for you..
Just wanted to say I think it was your tone with your suggestions that angered a few. It sounded bitter, angry, and downright nasty the way you spoke/typed it. We have all had our run ins with recruiters who make promises and do not follow through irregardless of the resume itself. I think you just hit a sore spot. :)
Acetera feedback?
Anyone currently working with Acetera that can give me some feedback?  Thanks!
Deventure need feedback

Can anyone working with Deventure with their escription accounts give me some feedback?  Feel free to email.  Thanks!

Any feedback on TRX - good or bad
Can anyone give me any feedback about OSi
I have read a ton of negative, wondering if things are looking up??  Thanks a bunch!!
Keystrokes Feedback
I am very pleased with this company. When I had a problem with my account, the owner of the company personally called me to straighten things out. The pay is higher than what I was offered at other nationals. My supervisor is wonderful. She appreciates my abilities and pretty much leaves me alone to do my job. I would definitely recommend employment with Keystrokes!