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First Choice Medical, a transcription service. nm

Posted By: Concerned MT on 2007-10-15
In Reply to: ??? - GF


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Medical transcription Service Org nm
(I think :)
PRN Medical Transcription Service out of OH...
Anybody working there or has worked there before that can give me some information as far as how is the workload and is pay on time, platform?
Medical Transcription Service (MTS)???
Does anybody work for this company?  I don't see any past posts about it.  Just wondering about the platform, pay (on time), etc., the basic stuff.  Thanks if you can help out. 
Does anyone know anything about CMC?  I have checked the archives but nothing in particular comes up - I have a job offer but have never heard of them.  Thanks in advance.  Crabby people need not respond.
Medical Transcription Service Owner.
Medical transcription service owner nm
p.r.n. Medical Transcription Service in Florida?
Anyone have any experience with this company? Thanks!
EMS Medical Transcription Service out of Tyler, Tx. sm
smaller company but just obtained a few large contracts from what i understand.
Advanced Medical Transcription Service,
Any info on Advanced Medical Transcription Service,LLC?
On-Point Medical Transcription Service
Does anyone know anything about On-Point Medical Transcription Services out of Kenosha, WI?  I received an e-mail from them about employment.   TIA.
Info on MTS Medical Transcription Service?
Medical Transcription Service Owners can put themselves
I know you mean medical transcription companies, was just kidding around, and, no, I don't know of any.
First Choice, QT Medical, Metro Transcription in Atlanta, sm
and I am sure there are others. These are the ones that I know of.
MTS of Texas/Medical Transcription Service - any info?
I've searched the main board and company for any information and have come up empty.  Would appreciate anything on this company, either good or bad.  Their website said they've been in business for 20+ years?  Thanks!
Info on MedScript Medical Transcription Service (WI)? sm

I'm looking for QA information on this company--what is it like, do you know anyone who works for them, etc.? Bascially any information would be helpful. 


Medical Transcription Service Owner and TTS is a company out of
Any info on Advanced Medical Transcription Service, LLC nm
There's a job posting for "Ultra low cost medical transcription service provider".
I'm going to jump on that one.  Maybe they'll let me work for free. 
First Choice Medical
Has anyone heard good or bad about First Choice Medical?
First Choice Medical. nm
First Choice Medical .. anybody know?
I seen an ad in weeks past here.  Are they a good company? Any employees out there?  Thanks
First Choice Medical
Does anyone know anything about this company? 
First Choice Medical
Can anyone tell me anything good or bad about First Chart Medical?  Having a hard time finding anything.  Is the platform fast and easy to use?  Thanks
What about First Choice Medical? sm
Nothing in the archives, is that good or is that bad? Thanks.
First Choice Medical

      Have worked for FC for several years.  Small and growing.  If you are a solid MT who shows up, does the job well and care about the work you do, you should do well.  

           No multilevel management to deal with.  If you have a problem and want to talk to the boss, she wants to talk to you.   QA is fair and tough at times (as they need to be) - we follow the BOS with only exception when the client says otherwise.  Care about your work and you'll find quickly you have no difficulty with our QA.  

   We get paid on time DD.

          As far as the boss, one of the finest people I've ever known, in the business or out.  She will listen to you and she will back you up when it's necessary.

         As far as not hearing much on the boards, we are all busy working. Very busy.   Not every company fits every person. If you are lucky enough to find a fit with FC, I think you are quite lucky indeed.  I know I am.

First Choice Medical
Any info on this company would be greatly appreciate,  i.e. pay, software, paydays, etc.
Does anyone know if First Choice Medical (Florida)

uses internet based platform or whether you need unlimited long distance?  I'm pretty sure they are IC only but not sure about long distance vs internet.  Thanks:)

QT medical I think still offers the choice
of WP51 or Word use.
First Choice Medical QA position
Anybody currently working at First Choice Medical FL
who can give me any info, the good, bad or ugly?
oops, and First Choice Medical.........
Any beefs about First Choice Medical?
First Choice Medical might work. sm
The minimum daily requirement is 30 minutes of dictation. People are wonderful, QA is gently strict, and the pay is good. Don't know if it's hiring, though. IC only.
First Choice Medical - recent?
Does anybody have recent experience with this company?  I saw in the archives multiple mentions of poor sound quality; wondering if this has improved as of late.
First Choice Medical. Could someone who works there contact me please? sm

 I am considering a position there and wonder how hard it is to get a good line count with their accounts, platform, demographics, etc.  I would love to hear from someone who can help me.  Thanks.

First Choice Medical - what kind of platform etc.?
Any recent info on First Choice Medical? sm
I've looked in the archives.  The sound files seem to be an issue, but there is nothing very recent on them.  Has sound improved?
Try First Choice Medical (in Florida). When I worked for it, sm
they required a minimum of 30 minutes of dictation per day. You pick the days. Pay was good. Staff was great!
Does anyone know anything about Scan Medical Service in Michigan. nm
It is First Choice Medical and they are a great company. Nothing bad to say. Try'em. nm
First Choice Medical- flexible? weekend work
First Choice Medical is a great company to work for, and I think they are hiring too.
I have been there for over 4 years now. They use WP51 too if you want. Good luck to you.
Would any current or past employees of First Choice Medical please email me...sm

I have been offered a job there and am trying to make a decision.  I am curious about the type of accounts they have, the platform they use, whether ShortHand works with it, how much work they actually have, and any other information you would care to share.  I know it is always best to hear from current employees to get the real story and would SO much appreciate if someone could help me with my decision.  Thank you.

Any opinions on Advanced Medical Trans Service?
First Choice Transcription
Does anyone work for them? any feedback?
Physician's Choice Transcription

Can anyone provide me with some information on this company? Rate of pay, dictators, what they do and don't pay for, if you run out of work, etc.

Physician's Choice Transcription
Does anyone know anything about their training program?
Can someone tell me about JLG transcription service. Thank you.
R&S transcription service

Hi, has anybody out there heard of R&S transcription service? What was your experience? Do they pay on time and are they friendly and fair?  I am considering a radiology position with them.

Thanks in advance Thalia.

A to Z Transcription Service

Just wondering if anyone has any info to share on this company.  I do not think that I have ever seen anything about them on this site, but I'm hoping someone here is in the know.

Thanks, and Happy Memorial Day everyone!

ANP Transcription Service
Anyone hear of this company?  I have been sending out resumes and today this came up in my bulk mail.  I do not see where I sent them a resume.  This is a mystery to me.  Anyway, they do kinds of audio transcription, not just medical.  I am looking for any information you can give me.  TIA