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First, you have a job. sm

Posted By: Hang in there on 2006-03-07
In Reply to: My skills are gone. I am a Diskriter employee - My skills are gone. HELP Diskrier employee

You are working when many beginners aren't.  That is a plus.  I never give up a job until I have something better, and I have my CMT.  Start looking for opportunities to learn.  Go to the mentoring websites, get a workbook from AHIMA, get the SUM tapes as suggested above.  There are lots of resources to help you improve, and you MUST get better.  It is a dead end to stay in a job that doesn't improve your quality, but you may have to stay there until you do this on your own.  A mentoring program may be your best bet.  For all the things I've heard against AAMT, they do offer mentoring opportunities, I know there was a good group with the Online AAMT chapter.  You can do this, but it will take time.  And you can apply what you learn to your current job as you go.  They may not notice, but you will.  Good luck.

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