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For oncology or for any account?

Posted By: Also curious on 2006-02-23
In Reply to: No work at all - pj


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If it's the same oncology account that I believe was in
Chicago or thereabouts, run very quickly. They had a very hard time staffing that account and went so far as to take all the other accounts away from some MTs just so they would have to work on the oncology account. That's why I left. I was with them for a year and found them to be very MT unfriendly, although they say they have changed. But beware, Jan Clay (the recruiter) worked for many years at EDiX which is now Spheris, so that should tell you something.
Anybody know who has an oncology account ? sm

Need part-time flexible hours and a decent line rate - prefer to work over the net.  I haven't been between jobs in a couple years now and here I am coming up short and before Christmas no less.  I have 10 years experience.  Any suggestions?  It doesn't sound like there is a single decent company listed on these boards that anybody truly likes to work for.

Oncology Account
It uses Word-based AllScripts platform -- very easy to use.  My favorite platform!  You need Windows XP -- not Vista and a wav pedal.  They start people between 8 and 9 cpl based on experience.
TransTech Oncology account

Plenty of work.  Don't know about the other questions.

TransTech Oncology Account

Anyone out there work on the TT oncology account?  I have been working on this new account and would like to hear from other transcriptionists regarding  what they think of this account, software, able to get line counts, etc.


Landmark oncology account
Anyone out there work for Landmark on the oncology account?  If so, how do you like this account?  Are you able to get your line count?  How is the company to work for?  Pay on time?  Thanks.
TransTech oncology ASR account

Looking for input from transcriptionists who work for TT on the big oncology ASR account.  Would you please share how this account is insofar as getting your required line count.  I have been working in hem/onc for over 7 years and having trouble finding regular transcription work in this field so I am thinking of going to ASR.  Are you able to make enough money to live doing this account?  Is it difficult to learn the Escription platform?

One more thing...does TT hire any PT (30 hours per week) workers or not?  Flex schedule at all?

Thanks for your input.

Proscript -- Oncology VR account
Would like to hear from someone who works on Proscript's recently advertised oncology account doing VR transcription.  Is there enough work, a lot of ESL dictators, pros and cons please.  Thank you.
I currently work for GIMT oncology account
and love it.  Platform is word based.  Owner is a great lady, very flexible with schedule.  The onc account that I have has excellent dictators.  Very nice QA people, very consistent.
Anyone work on the oncology account at Transtech?
Saw ad and curious what the account and the company was like.  Thanks. 
Question to any Transtech MTs on the oncology account...
I was wondering if the oncology account out of Texas was staying in work of if it was in a slump.  I used to work on it and was looking at going back, if they are needing help, but was not sure if it was keeping work or not.  I sure do miss it.  You can email me privately.  Thanks. 
Transtech has a huge oncology account
Agree about Oncology, not easy account . sm
to learn, especially the medications, about half of which are experimental and not on the FDA-approved marked yet - thus, limited lookup and references on them.  I did Oncology FT for 3.5 years at the Q for MD Anderson and was quite a challenging account/specialty that had to be slowly learned.
what are you talking about - there is a huge backlog on the oncology account....
they are even offering bonuses to help get the work load into TAT. What account are you on and what center are you talking about?
Intellitype was looking specifically for oncology about a week or so ago.


Yes, I know they were looking but I am leery of pursuing a job with a company I know nothing about.  I have posted queries on both MT Stars and MTDaily about this company and have received no replies.  I might just go ahead and take their test then see what comes of it though.  Thanks so much for bringing this to my attention!  Much appreciated.


Who is looking for oncology MTs? I have...sm
 20 years experience (teaching hosp), plus ortho and cardiology, and multispecialty clinic.  No OB/GYN, tho.  Anyone?  TIA.
I will be doing oncology.....sm
but I know they were looking for Ortho MTs also.
I was to be training on a new oncology account this week but I have decided to quit KS.
KS Oncology
I do know when KS did the mass hiring about a month ago for a new Oncology acct, I was hired. It was Allscripts platform and was a realllll dream, but the reports were so incredibly brief (4-6 lines)that there was no way I could make my line count unless I was glued to my chair and the voice file was not the greatest either. Needless to say, I stayed with my current company.

I did ask for a backup account and it was the same way as well, few lines per report.

I love Oncology and have been doing it for many years, but I am used to doing clinic consults, full office notes, etc.
4.5 and 5.5 for oncology i believe.
I am an MT for Oncology and there
is no way I would type it for that amount of money.  It is not an easy speciality.  You get what you pay for.
Looking for oncology work.....sm
Looking for a part-time IC position that consists mainly of hematology/oncology work. No national companies please.  If you have any leads, please leave your email and I will send a resume.  Thanks!
Oncology Transcription
Seeking oncology transcription position.  15 years experience in medical and radiation oncology. 
Intellitype for Oncology
You would have to be an IC but they are extremely flexible and I know are looking for help on this account.  It is for Oncology.  The company is great to work for and great people to deal with.
Any oncology keystrokers? nm
There are 3 oncology accounts, 2 are new. sm
The older one and one new one use Allscripts, which is web based and easy. The new one is a total outsource with a large group (30) of oncologists.

The other new one is done in Meditech, has 15 oncologists and is Mon-Fri only.

It is an oncology clinic. Cannot say the name. The other two are
Medical oncology
Landmark has an excellent medical oncology account. I know someone who works on it. You need at least five years of experience in oncology, I think, to interview.
Would you please clarify if this is the Landmark in Philadelphia or California. I did a search for Landmark on the board and there are many comments but I'm confused as to which Landmark you are referring to and if it's a currently stable and thriving company. Many comments on the board talk about a Landmark that lost many accounts recently.

Would appreciate anything else you can tell me about the Landmark with the oncology account.
I have typed oncology only.....
for at least 10 years.  Of course, in my opinion, it is easier to do this because when doing clinic work you have less doctors, less work types and such as that.  For me, the pay is the same as any other MT.  I love typing oncology though and would hate to have to go back to acute care.
Proscript oncology
I think these may be new accounts. In six years, I have never had VR with Proscript
Transtech ad/oncology
Is the workload at TT better now since I see they have an ad up for oncology...would like to hear if there is enough work on this account(s) to apply.  Thanks
Looking for a company hiring for oncology. Anyone? nm


Looking for company hiring for oncology
Yes, I am!
GIMT and Keystrokes have oncology
Try Transtech, they are hiring for oncology. NM
no message.
Any TransTech oncology transcriptionists

I started working at TT almost 2 months ago and was told they were inundated with work, but after working for about 2-3 weeks, the work has steadily dwindled.  I am scheduled to work the weekend but there is never enough work to get my hours on Sunday.  Has anyone else experienced this?  Also it seems to me that I don't get the line count there like I have with my other jobs.  Is anyone else experiencing this problem?  Would like to hear what you think of the account and the company.  Thanks for any info.



Looking for oncology work - please email me. NM
Don't know for sure but it is HUGE - so they must have an oncology dept.
Keystrokes oncology accounts

Has anyone started on the 2 new oncology accounts for Keystrokes?  If so, how are they?  Do you like the platform?  Are you able to get good lines?


MT companies, with oncology specialist openings!


I am highly interested in the MT companies who have current openings in oncology as the speciality of choice!  I have 5 years' experience as an MT.  I am now doing orthopedics, which is good, but I really love doing oncology, for personal reasons.  I am looking for pay per line either equal to OR above my pay that I receive now.  I have worked for a little over one year for the company I work for now, and I received an actual raise for all of my hard, but enjoyed, work.  Also, I should mention that I have NEVER worked for any companies, in my life, that do not give raises every year.  As long as the work warrants it, and everything else keeps going up in price, i.e. GAS prices, and etc, I think that it should be given to us hard-working MTs!!  After all, this is a REAL job, and not just a job that is taken lightly by some of us, who actually NEED to make a living off of this type of work, and also enjoy doing it!

So, if your company has what I would like to have in an employer, contact me, and we will talk seriously about it.  I would just love to hear from you!

I was told the oncology positions were filled already. nm
The oncology accounts are very difficult. Too many ESLs.
It just was not worth it for me.  A lot of long reports but no money to be made. It just took too long to get through them.JMO
Info on GIMT and TransTech oncology accounts

Anyone out there familiar with the oncology accounts for  GIMT or TransTech  are advertising for?  Would like to know if there is enough work, platform they use, general pay range.  How flexible are they on scheduling?


That account in Texas was not a MQ account. They did not use DQS on that account until KS started.
They are moving 3 other accounts to DQS between now and January 1st. I asked. The MQ accounts they have gotten in the past did not go to DQS. I followed my old account, which is how I know, and it was Meditech. The account is still run by KS and is a big account too.
Repeatedly told another new account would come soon, but it never did. In fact, our slow account is.
everyone else's backup account. What a disorganized mess.
Then when we MT's are **thrown on** an account because of lack of work on our account

What is so hard to understand about that? 

Then we have that account info filed away in a folder in our Outlook Express by name of account and can look at past emails sent out regarding that account.  Not fun to be tossed on an account that you have never seen NOR ever received an email on.  Sounds like business to me. 

You are wrong about the account. KS dumped the account for several reasons. sm
It happened quickly and was unexpected but it was really for the best. Keystrokes does not string people along or lie to you. After being with MQ for too long, I am happy there, although it is not for everyone.

I really would give them a call as the other poster suggested. That whole situation was a nightmare for everyone including management but the account pulled a fast one on them.

I have the facts on this because I have a good friend at the hospital and what she told me matched what my manager did.

I know that they are trying to give more when so many companies are giving less and taking away more.
My account has lots of work..ask for another account/nm
The account I am on only requires 1200 lpd. Maybe it is that particular account. Ask them if they
have a lower one. Doesn't hurt to ask. I do anywhere between 1200 and 1800 lpd. Sometimes it feels impossible to do 1200, sometimes the 1800 is quick. Depends on the doctors and the day for me. I do average 15,000 per pay period though, which is 1500 a day. Not impossible by any means, and I never go over 40 hours a week. Most weeks, I am closer to 35 hours with lunch breaks and life.