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Global Transcriptions?

Posted By: Thanks on 2007-04-18
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Anyone hear of them or work for them? They use StenTel ASP Word based platform. Anyone use that or heard of it?


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Global Transcriptions info
I have been contacted about an editing position by a company out of St. Louis called Global Transcriptions. I think they are a pretty small company. Does anyone have any information about them to share?
Global Transcription IS a nice small service, has a good rep. Superior Global has Indian conn-
Global Transcription Services is not Superior Global.
Oh! Transcriptions Ltd! The old TL
They used to be out of Southampton, PA, and I worked for them. Know what happened? They merged with MedQuist. TL was the big gun in the merge, but they were getting a bad reputation, so they kept the MQ name rather than the TL name. So whatever happened to Transcription Ltd? They became MedQuist... or MQ became TL, however you'd like to view it.
As for Transcription Unlimited, I'm not familiar with them.
rc transcriptions
Do you mean the one in San Antonio, Texas? 
Philbrick Transcriptions
Anyone know anything about this company in Bethlehem, CT?
Professional Transcriptions
From Florida, any info from anyone on this company?
Chase Transcriptions, Inc?
in Ohio.  Any good/bad experiences from actual MTs only who work for them, please.  Thanks.
Chase Transcriptions

Chase Transcriptions does

Chase Transcriptions
Any feedback on Chase?  What do you think of the pay rate configuration?
No, that was Transcriptions, Ltd. that was in Feasterville.
Transcriptions Solutions
Has anyone heard of this company, and had any experience with them?

Gant Transcriptions

Has anyone ever worked for Gant Transcriptions?


Gant Transcriptions

Has anyone ever worked for Gant Transcriptions?


gant transcriptions
yes, i have.  why?
Orion Transcriptions
Can anyone give an informed opinion on this company, how they are to work for?
Preferred Transcriptions
If you are talking about the company in PA...it is a WONDERFUL company. I've never been happier.
Work with ANP Transcriptions
Dear Siren,

We are seeking highly qualified experienced medical transcriptionists to handle the increased workload. We are ramping up for a very busy season and with that we are structuring our staff to handle the new volume of work.

Transcriptionists must be highly proficient and experienced transcriptionists. Only transcriptionists with experience transcribing from digital files will be hired. Please indicate your years of transcription experience and your current WPM. Please-No beginners, no students- you will not receive a response.

We prefer transcriptionists who can transcribe from digital video files as well as digital audio files. (MP4, MOV, WMV, RM) using the StartStop Transcription system. If you use a different system please state which one you use.

The bulk of our work has a 24-48 hour turnaround. The ideal Transcriptionist can turnaround an average of 1.5 recorded audio hours per day.

After 5+ years of providing successful and reliable transcription services in advertising, government, legal, and medical professions, we are again strengthening our pool of transcriptionists, within the medical field. We have created a solid base of clients, which consists mainly of medical communication companies. These companies host conferences for doctors and pharmaceutical companies who are usually discussing a specific medical study or attempting to bring a new drug to market. Since medical content can be difficult and keynote speakers are usually from all over the world, we seek talented transcriptionists who have dealt with this type of material before.

We are a fast paced, New York based company where accuracy and efficiency is of utmost importance. We are seeking transcriptionists who we can turn to with confidence when a tight deadline is looming and high-quality work is required. This is the concept that helps make us a strong competitor in the transcription services market.

If you feel you are an experienced medical transcriptionist who is seeking steady work in an environment of a successful growing company, please submit your info.

Please note: It is necessary that you have high speed Internet and software and foot pedal capable of playing and transcribing from mp3s.

Please email all relevant data and resume to careers@anptranscriptions.com

Chase Transcriptions

Does anyone know about this company?  Pros, cons, etc.  Thanks. 

Cambridge Transcriptions
Preferred Transcriptions in PA..
Anyone know anything about their RAD, acute care, and clinic work?  Pay?  Platform?  Communication?  Any info would help. 
Lee Perfect Transcriptions

Dont work for this company. the owner Linda, holds checks & will tell you its in the mail. Then she will blame it on the postal system. she will try to cheat you out of lines, & god forbide you submit your invoice after the 1pm cutoff time, she wont pay you until a month and a half later.


Preferred Transcriptions in PA?
Does anyone have information regarding this company, good or bad?  Thanks!
Any info on U.S. Transcriptions, Inc.?
I know they have offices in Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota. Any good, bad?
Preferred Transcriptions in MI?
Anyone work for this company?  I looked in the archives but couldn't find anything. Thanks!
Chesapeake Transcriptions in MD?
Any information on this company at all?  Nothing in the archives that I could find... thanks! :)
Executive Transcriptions
Anyone have any info on this company?  I have searched the archives and cannot find anything on them.  Any info would be appreciated!  TIA
Archivus or U.S. Transcriptions Inc.
Anyone know anything about either of these 2 companies, would appreciate and TIA. 
Chase Transcriptions

Did anyone apply or get hired by Chase Transcriptions?  I am curious to know the pros and cons from current employees.  If I apply and am hired for part-time, do they allow you to choose your schedule or is it assigned? 

Thanks so much!!!! 

Phillbrick Transcriptions, Inc
Anybody have experience with Philbrick Transcriptions, Inc.?  Is pay on time.  Accounts?  Thanks!
Does anybody know anyting about Same Day Transcriptions, Inc.?
Documed Medical Transcriptions, LLC
Does any one have any experience with this MTSO out of Lakewood, NJ?
Any one hear of Philbrick Transcriptions....sm

I was wanting to know any good or bad on them, as I cannot find anything on them.  Thanks.

Anyone heard of Professional Transcriptions of NW FL
Any info, good or bad?
Anyone heard of Walker Transcriptions?

This company is in Michigan.  Give me the good, bad, and ugly on them please.


Chase transcriptions - feedback
Can I get some feedback on this Escription company please :-)  Thanks!
Feedback on Preferred Transcriptions or TTS? sm

TTS is Transcription, Techonlogy and Support.  Nothing in archives on either.

What does anyone know about Landmark Transcriptions that is working there currently. nm
Does anyone know anything about New England Medical Transcriptions and the ad they had
posted for pathology last week?  Thanks.
DBS Enterprises DBA Davis Transcriptions



Need info on Professional Transcriptions out of Pace FL. Anyone? nm
Anyone know anything about Landmark Transcriptions that works there presently. nm
Intermountain Transcriptions Solutions out of Utah, good or bad? nm

If you have PlayAll software, Absolute Transcriptions in Ok. might start you
anyone care to share comments re: Preferred Transcriptions in PA? sm
I'm not able to find enough feedback + or -, and I am contemplating sending a resume. Veteran MT here, and refuse to waste my time or theirs applying with a company who does not offer what I'm looking for. I don't need health insurance, but want full-time steady work with a fair line rate and no weekends. Maybe I'm asking for too much, but over the years I have put my share of weekends in, missing holidays with family, missing my childrens' events/activities etc. Thanks for any and all information.
Any info about MD-IT Intelligent Transcriptions/Louisville Division?

Any information on this company is greatly appreciated. 

I've had to submit mine for a lot of transcriptions jobs. Sounds okay to me. nm

I worked for them for a little while several years back. They might have disorganization issues, but they are a local Texas company and to my knowledge do not outsource. The people who own it are super nice, honest people.
This is not the Global that you are talking about - this is a very small company in my area. They hire locally. I appreciated getting the experience, I dislike this man coming to me when he needs help on an in-house position, when he has work that could be done at home.
I always ran out of work and pay was low .... and now everything is VR or going to be VR but nice people. 
Which Global? sm
Global InfoSystems or the other Global?  If it is Global InfoSystems, they hardly have work, they are liars, and they will lie in your face every chance they get.  So you may want to consider that if that is the one you are referring to.