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Go donate plasma. $40 a pop, plus a bonus

Posted By: BTDT on 2009-05-01
In Reply to: Does such a thing exist? - MTDays

if you're new to donating. You might find a buyer for your Happy Meal toys on Ebay. I sold some for a nice profit once. Got any books you could sell on ebay or Half.com? Old jewelry you could pawn? DVDs, CDs, unused electronics, collectibles? I got $85 for a Starbucks coffee mug on Ebay.

What about shopping sales and using grocery coupons to get by cheap on food? No friends or family you can borrow from? Any friends or relatives you can babysit or clean house for?

I'd try to steer clear of the title loans or payday loans. They have a tendency to suck you in so it's a never-ending cycle. Can you get a pay advance from work? I've done that before.

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Donate plasma
It's not the *most* fun in the world but you will be paid in cash immediately after donating. Just Google plasma donation centers and your zip code - may be one close by.

As to the payday option - don't do it unless you know you can pay it off and not have to keep renewing it. Biggest rip off ever. But its easier than the plasma and probably can get much more than the typical donation payment.

does he also donate to charity?
AMEN sister..Better yet. why dont we just do it for free, donate our time to a good cause.
I mean really..we dont need to earn a living or eat. I'd love to sit all day at home making minimum wage. This business has gone down the tubes. I'm just insulted.
Christmas Bonus survey...Has anyone received a bonus yet this year or expect one?
We usually get one but haven't see it yet. Just curious if anyone has been so lucky as to get one.
Also, it is not only about a birthday bonus, any bonus...sm
I am curious to see the average amount of different bonuses out there.  Like anniversary, birthday, holiday, etc. bonuses.  Remember back when you were an employee and had to go out to work for a company, during your birthday, anniversaries, certain special times of the year everyone would send around a card, sign it, cook a meal or something nice for you...I am just wondering if any company does that for you even though you don't actually have to dress and go to work physically.  A simple poll...NOT something I will base on becoming an employee with...A SIMPLE POLL!  Thanks for everyone who gave some input about their actual company and not a criticism...Just a simple question ....
No bonus here - I make my own bonus sm
by working more and having a big fat paycheck!

I have learned, in life, not to expect so as to not be let down or disappointed. I apply that reasoning to all aspects of life, including my career.

Although I agree that sometimes it is nice to have others think of you with a gift or bonus, in reality, it is not the norm working as an IC.

Christmas has become so materialized and commercialized, it really is sad for those who don't have as much as others to feel such a financial stress and burden to buy or give gifts.

So, I say make your own bonus and work a little more, get some extra lines in, and that would be your bonus!

Happy Holidays to All!

Where is my bonus!
I have been at OSi a long time and don't know what my audit scores are. I never got a bonus but you see the same names in the newsletter every single time with the bonus. I think they are just paid it as part of the inner circle and probably never got an audit either. If I did mess up I wouldn't know it because nobody ever tells me anything about an audit. What gives????
Where is my bonus!
Well isn't that interesting that 2 people on here know nothing of audits? Why is that? Why isn't everyone getting audits monthly and randomly? Something is stinky here.
SE's bonus with MQ
Are you working for the St Louis office? This is where I was hired, but have not sent in my paperwork yet. Do you have a lot of ESL? They don't bother me too much, but they can slow you down. How are you liking working for Medquist so far....after reading some of the posts on here I am very nervous, but I think I will give them a chance to see for myself.
Im bringing it back up here. Listen, no one owes you anything for working for them but your paycheck. The way I look at it, these people are not my friends, not my family, and have nothing to do with my holiday however I wish to celebrate it. If I were to receive something, I would be grateful but don't expect it. Your job is your job and thats all it is. It gets way too personal when you expect something from an employer. A gift is something that should be given from the heart, if one wants to, not something that is expected to be given. And as far as thank yous? I earn my paycheck, I don't expect someone to thank me for something they are already paying for. Just my opinion, probably gonna start up a big fuss here -
x-mas bonus
Hello..Merry Christmas everyone!  It is my one year working at Medware and just wondering if they give x-mas bonuses? 
You're obviously a new MT right?  Sorry, but I had to laugh when I read that.   In my 20+ years of working in transcription only one company gave us a Christmas bonus.  It's unheard of really. 
That's great.  Good for you!  Okay, maybe not totally unheard of, but deifnitely not the norm for most MTSOs.
I've been with my current employer for 3 months and I got a substantial bonus, but it may be because I work for a small local nephrology group. Before this I didn't receive anything.
Well, first off, she asked about Medware specifically. no one answered that specifically, but anyway, I received a bonus from my present MTSO even after working for them for only three months, almost three years ago. I also received a fairly substantial bonus last Christmas from the same MTSO. I don't know for sure, but I suspect I will get a bonus again this year. I also sent them a Happy Holidays gift. I think it is good to *acknowledge* both the MTSO and the IC/employee, simply for doing good work all year. JMO. Merry Christmas to all.
$100 bonus! : )
$225 bonus. ;-)
I have been getting the QA bonus
for a long time. I know my account well, and I know what QA wants (for the most part!)
TT bonus
Can you elaborate on how the production bonus is figured and how often it is paid? Thanks again.
The bonus ... (sm)
.... is paid on a weekly line count. There is a minimum daily line requirement which is reasonable, and IMO, I believe they would be able to keep transcriptionists if the bonus were based on anything over their required lines per day instead of weekly.
That is definitely NOT a $1,000 bonus.  Not in my book.  Human nature...something else.  People are crucifying eachother. 
I have worked for MQ for 20 years and NEVER received a bonus at X-mas! Has anyone gotten one from MQ?
Yes, I get a bonus every Christmas. Should be getting it in this week's paycheck. I was also invited to their holiday party the first weekend in January.
One year I got a snowglobe with my company's logo as a bonus. But, i guess at least they remembered, LOL.
I appreciate hearing positive things about companies and did not feel the poster was bragging at all. It is also good to know what companies value their employees and actually show it.

No bonus, but might consider MDI-MD.nm
Last year they gave mugs filled with hard candy. I no longer work there, but would not expect much more than that.
No bonus, just mug
It's been the mug filled with candy for several years now.  One year, the mug had gold metallic print so you couldn't use it in the microwave.  Hopefully they don't repeat that one this year.
Bonus for switch from SE to FT
You would not quality, only for new-hires only. Even though you are SE you still "work" for MQ and are not new to them.
MQ incentives/bonus SM

I was told the following:

$1,000 bonus after three months....have to meet standards (full time, 12,000 lines per pay).

$1,000 after three more months, same as above

Lines are 65 characters including spaces

14-18,000 lines in two weeks = .5 cpl bonus

18,001 -20,000 lines in two weeks = 1 cpl bonus

23,000+ lines in two weeks = 1.5 cpl bonus

Also...after 15,000 lines I get .5 cpl retroactively added to my original line count pay of 8 cpl.

Also...$50 bonus for anything over 20,000 lines

Let's hope this is all true...I'm not quitting my other job yet for them due to all of the bad press, I'll work two, the money will be nice for X-mas.

referral bonus? ; -)
Anyone from Breitner getting bonus?
I see on the Jobs board they are advertising a Christmas bonus. 
My understanding was that the bonus
you fulfilled ALL the criteria:

a. It begins at the end of your first 90 days, if,
b. You are an MT in good standing (whatever that means) and,
c. It was to be paid out in equal installments over 12 months, however,
d. If at any time you lose your good standing (whatever that means) your bonuses stop.

Happy typing!
Breitner Bonus??

These people cannot get payroll right.  Good luck getting a bonus.  Not only are they late on paying but the amounts incorrect.  The software they are using now for counting doesn't even work.  Today was my last day and I'm glad it's over.  I wouldn't recommend them to anyone (unless your filthy rich and don't need the cash on time).  In fact, I am going to compile a letter to MT Daily stating facts about paycheck shortage.  MT Daily is a reputable website and want to be kept informed of issues like this.  It shouldn't take 6 weeks for anyone to get paid.   

Longevity Bonus
I used to work for Spheris too. Notice I said used to? They use to offer a longevity bonus that was paid each year on your anniversary. However, when Edix was sold and Spheris took over all the rules changed. They discontinued the longevity bonus and paid everyone working at that time their longevity bonus at one time and that was the end of it. I would definitely question this point with your recruiter and/or supervisor.
Medware bonus

When we type 12,000 in a pay period (every 2 weeks) we receive and extra 1/2 cpl for all lines.  They also pay an additional 1/2 cpl for all lines after 6PM.  Nice bonus and every bit helps with the cost of gas and groceries today.  Have a nice weekend.

not sure about bonus with IC status -
incentives vary depending on various factors as well as production incentives
Bonus lines
Anyone actually making bonus lines and w/what company?  Between 4 accounts and running out of work cannot even make the count...
bonus lines
We get bonus lines every month at Golden Isles. Don't know if they are hiring but look into it. www.gimtnet.com
No one OWES you a bonus. However..
When I have extra time am I going to put it toward the company who gives me bonuses or the one who doesn't.
Bonus rates
Can anyone tell me how your bonus rates are structured? Number of lines per week or per pay period and if so, what is the going number to achieve a bonus and how much is that bonus? Thank you
No, its a bonus or incentive
A very nice way to say thank you for doing your part to help the environment. I'm happy as it went to help pay my taxes on the car.
sign-on bonus
I received my sign-on bonus for Precyse and also for Diskriter. No problemo. BTW, Diskriter seems to get a lot of flack around here, but I really love it. Very nice people, good platform, fair line counting, QA helpful and not stifling. OT frequently if you want it, but not all the time. I'm made to feel like a valued team member. :)
Transolutions Bonus

I was wondering if it is difficult to get the percentage needed to get Transolution's monthly QA bonus.  How is that figured?  Is it extremely nit-picky?

NEMT - Bonus?
 Does anyone know about NEMT (New England Medical Transcription)? I read that their pay does not increase but do they make up for that in bonuses? quarterly, yearly, etc?  any info would be much appreciate.
Bonus program
The range is confusing what do you have to do to get the high end - 500 to 1500 - especially since they are looking for exp, and availability all the same. as far as paying, maybe you get the bonus and others do not get paid. but then again it seems like they are always looking too. Wonder what their turn around is for the company - they seem very small and struggling
No OSI bonus collectors?
bonus from Ttech

There was a bonus last pay period for certain accounts that were behind.  Maybe it was from that.  They do offer bonuses now and then but they let you know about them when they do.



Are you sure it is a bonus or 1-1/2 lines

I think they call it a bonus, but it is not, just 1-1/2 lines.  I comes in the same paycheck and regular pay for regular lines, tho. 

How many regular lines did you get paid for? 

Could someone tell me how the TT production bonus...sm
works?  Where are the breaks and how much per level?  Thanks.