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Guess we all can't be put on good accts. Gotta be there at the right time. Both of my accts.

Posted By: were awful. Others had great ones. nm on 2007-01-10
In Reply to: The accounts are so large you get them some days - TTechMT


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If you like to be switched on accts all the time.
I have 3 accts and spend 85% of my time on 1 of those; sm
I almost never run out of work. Good for you that you found some place else that is a better fit for you. However, some of us are happy and do well there.
I have no good accts, all ESL. nm
TWS 3.8, just seems strange for this time of year. I have 3 accts. NM
*good morning* !! Accts are not named here! NM
They were very nice and paid on time right from the start, but both accts. I got put on I couldn'
I started there about a month ago. My two accts are good. Not sure on the switching nm

You were given too many specialties/accts to make any good money.
12 hour window on my accts - pay for acute good. (sm)
Work flow steady, weekend and shift differentials, OT offered at times.

I think things are different for some people depending on the TAT and specifics for their accounts.

Talk to a recruiter, they can give you much more info.

It is not just a slow time....they lost a huge acct and moved many MTs to other accts.......
Are any MTs still with Precyse that complained of losing their good accts a few months ago? If so,
How many accts did you experience in 3 days? Been there for a few months and so far so good. I find
but compared to where I was the lines sure do add up, and I absolutely love my acct, supervisor, tech people and QA! All have been great!!
I hated it there, they sent good accts to India (spheris global). nm
TransTech, some MedWare accts., Amphion, Commonwealth (in CT.), Charts in Time, Focus. nm
Was there a short time last year. You work as an employee, not IC. Different software/diff. accts.
Pay offered last year was 8 cpl/w on 1100 lpd. Some posters said they lost all their good accts
Most people get lucky and get good accts. I was also one put on an acct that had me leaving para
How are the MW accts that use the ExText? Good sound? Lots of work? Acute care or clinic? Thx. nm
I work 2 accts, always work available, pay as IC is good..
They offered me more than Transcend did, I work 2nd shift, work always availble, OT usually available. Staff is very responsive to questions, very helpful.

MQ accts not on DQS
When our office was closed we were all transferred to Foxboro because none of our accts at that time were on the new platform, they were on MTS. Some of those accts since have gone up on the new platform and some are still on MTS--either way we still have NO WORK
No more accts on WP5.1...all are now
on the FN platform, which is Word based.
yes to all the above - at least on the accts I was on.
Not the OP, but do they have net accts now, or still
On 5 accts at DSG and still run out - nm
Been like this for months now. 
On 5 accts at DSG and still run out - sm
Been like this for months now. 
Are all DRC accts on Cphones?? nm
They don't outsource VA accts because they can't (sm)
Contracts with the fedgov won't allow it. Funny how the gov't won't allow VA files to be sent overseas, but they don't bother putting a stop to the rest of ours going huh?
Webmedx does on certain accts, you have to ask. nm
I'm new to them but have only 2 accts and plenty of
Proscipt new accts
Nope..just takes some getting used to. I take all the work I can get.
So is this all QA or just those on the dropped accts?
Just wondering!
re wav or internet accts
mine have been lower on work but not running out. I was told by my liasion that if there is no work you are not expected to keep your committment. I would suggest any of these things be directly discussed with your liasion so that there are no misunderstandings. Most any MT work will fluctuate some. I sure wouldn't turn away from MDI based on these concerns.
No Work Either and I am on one of the new accts
I have 4 accts and still run out. I am requesting another. nm.
MDI Lanier Accts
I, too, will be starting on a Lanier acct in January. Please keep us informed as to how you like it, as I am also curious, anxious to know what to expect. I worked on Lanier over 10 years ago, but can't remember what I liked or didn't like about it. Thanks for any info you are willing to provide once you get started and good luck to you!
Yes, they definitely are - new accts coming on sm
and there was a referral bonus notice put out a few weeks ago.
Who's going to manage their accts sm
while they're gone?  I already have enough trouble having to press this and press that to get through their phone menu when I have a simple question.  I'm glad they felt they need to give their STMs a trip, that must be where our Christmas gift went.
Dont know about accts because only
work on 1, my own doing. I do both VR and straight, 8 for straight, 4 for VR. Most days the work is fine. Slump every once in awhile.
Maybe so, but anyone new won't be put on it. I had too many horrible ESLs on my accts. nm
Do they keep changing your accts & platforms or do you have just 1 or 2
Any info on DonNik rad accts?
Curious specificaly in regards to the platform they use and if pay is acceptable/comparable to most other companies.  Tks!
you have to go through w/any company if you work VA accts..nm
Me, too. Those of you that got great accts. be glad. nm
At least 5 new accts coming on this month sm
according to my manager.
Spme accts use E-scription
...got played. They also had accts using MedRite, so maybe
If there are backup accts then everyone should be trained on them
If there is no work and no backup account then there is a huge problem. Please clarify the above. Have you asked for a backup? As for working at Sears, Im sure if business was slow you would have to stick around but they would pay you for your time.
Execuscribe in NY has C-phone accts. Don't know about the
Ummm, well of course I'm not speaking for all accts..
However, I do happen to know that the majority of the accounts have ADT feed, which provides all the DI info right there...nice try though!
Some accts. might still be on the DOS software here. And mandatory OT
New accts. Can I beat myself with a stick now? A-G-G-H