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Gulf Coast Transcription of Florida, Inc

Posted By: try here on 2008-08-18
In Reply to: What companies have 10 or less hours per week... - MT

Website gctfl.com. Heard they were pretty good.

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Anyone working for Gulf Coast Transcription of Florida?
Any and all info appreciated.  Thanks!
Any info on Gulf Coast Transcription in Florida?
Given job offer.  Must admit it is tempting to tell MQ where to put it, but I don't want to go from bad to worse.  Any feedback??
Gulf Coast Transcription
I worked for them several years ago. Very small, friendly company and pay was always on time, but have not seen anything recently about them looking for transcriptionists. At the time I worked for them, the account that I was on was just going internet, but we still used a C-phone. Sorry I can't be of more help.
Gulf Coast Transcription

I have worked for GCT for 3 years!  We use SoftMed and Chartscript via the internet.  There is always plenty of work (two major hospitals and plenty of private groups/practices), and, if, for some reason, you run out, they are more than happy to assign more work to you.  Pay is bi-monthly (direct deposit) and on time!  Pay scale is comparable!  Owners are very friendly and down to earth, very willing to work with you!  Office staff is very friendly.  Editors/Trainers are very friendly.  This is a great company to work for. 

Gulf Coast Transcription

Saw some gab a few days ago on GCS (poster was happy GCTer or something like that) and would like some info if anyone can help. 

When you say they have plenty of work, do you mind my asking how many lines you do per day/week? Also, what are they paying cpl? If you don't want to tell me exactly what they are paying you, would you just give me a range?

Also, do they work with you well when you want to take time off or need a sick day?

Thanks for the help!

I know Gulf Coast Transcription will consider it
Gulf Coast Transcription
Does anyone work for Gulf Coast Transcription out of Ft. Myers, Florida?  If so, what is their pay scale?
Gulf Coast Transcription
Found some good things in the archives, but no information recently... pros, cons, would like to apply to this company soon.  Thanks!
Gulf Coast Transcription
I just found out today that they offshore.  I didn't realize this.
Gulf Coast Transcription
Does anyone currently work for this company who could give some information?  Are they hiring now?  Thanks a lot.
Gulf Coast Transcription
Does anyone currently work for this company who could give some information?  Are they hiring now?  Thanks a lot.
Gulf Coast Transcription
Does this company have heavy ESL? Do you have plenty of work, what kinds of platforms do they have and is pay per line decent? Any info would help. I checked their website and there is not a whole lot of information.
Gulf Coast Transcription
Does this company have heavy ESL? Do you have plenty of work, what kinds of platforms do they have and is pay per line decent? Any info would help. I checked their website and there is not a whole lot of information.
Gulf Coast Transcription
Does anyone know if they offshore???  Just hired and wondering...
gulf coast transcription website says
that's almost scary in a too good to be true way.  Does anybody work for them? do they offer benefits? TIA
Gulf Coast Transcription info?
Oop!! Gab on GCT of course - not GCS!!!
Looking for information on Gulf Coast Transcription sm
I know all positions are IC.  Just looking for some information from someone working for them or who has worked for them..  Thanks.
Gulf Coast Transcription--any advice?
I submitted an application with Gulf Coast Transcription and was invited to test, which I did. However, that was over 2 weeks ago and I have not had any response. I sent a follow-up email approximately a week ago and still have not heard back. I am very interested in this company, as I have experience with ChartScript and prefer to work IC. However, I am wondering why I have not heard back from them. Even a reply letting me know they are not hiring right now or are not interested would be preferable to no reply at all. There was a telephone number included in the email they sent inviting me to test. I am thinking about calling but do not want to seem too pushy. If anybody has gone through their hiring process and has any insight, I sure would appreciate it. Also, if anyone has any particulars about the line rate, any incentives or shift differentials, etc., I would appreciate that, as well. Please feel free to email me. Thanks!
Yeah Gulf Coast
I have been working for Gulf Coast since February.  I absolutely love this company!  Yes, all positions are IC, so of course no benefits.  However, I find the company to be so friendly and so helpful.  They bend backwards for you; whatever, you need the make sure you have it.  I am transcribing ER notes currently.  I would refer anyone to this company.  They are absolutely great!
I currently work for Gulf Coast
and absolutely love it!  I have been with them for a year and a half.  I believe they are trying to hire for nights and weekends, as we are needing the coverage for these shifts to meet our TAT.
Especially with the east coast/west coast difference
C&C Transcription/Florida
Has anyone worked here? Good, bad? Thank you.
CJ Transcription in Florida

Does anyone know anything about this company? Platform info, work load, management, the usual. Anything would be helpful!  Thanks!! 

Anyone know anything about T-C Transcription out of florida
Does anyone know anything good or bad about the company T-C Transcription out of Florida?  I tested with them today and just wanted to know good or bad.  Thanks
TC Transcription out of Florida
Does anyone know anything about the company called TC Transcription out of Florida?  I am thinking of testing and would like either good or bad info on them.  Thanks.
CC Transcription in Florida
Anyone have any information regarding this company?  Good and bad please.  Thank you.
C&C Transcription Inc out of Florida
C&C Transcription Inc, based in Orlando Florida has NEVER paid it's people late, bounced their checks, etc. We've been in business for over 17 years. Perhaps you are getting us confused with C&C out of Georgia or out of California. There is more than one C&C Transcription and none of them are affiliated with the other. Please get the facts straight before posting.
Dependable Transcription out of Florida
Any info on Dependable Transcription from Florida.  Thought about applying with them.  Thanks.
USA Medical Transcription, Florida
Anyone know anything about them? They are in Florida I think. Do they offshore? Management insight? Pay issues? Any info is appreciated. Thanks in advance!!!
Does anyone know anything about Beachside Transcription in Florida? TIA
Dependable Transcription out of Florida

Does anyone have any information with Dependable Transcriptin out of Boca Raton, Florida.  Any information would be appreciated.  Thanks.

New Road Transcription in Florida
Looking for current info on the above company.  Checked archives and could not find anything current.  Pros and cons, please.  Thanks.
How upfront is T-C Transcription in Florida?

Sent resume some time last month.  Was emailed couple days later to fill out attachments containing questions on computer specs, etc, and a written test, which was EASY.  Almost 2 weeks later, was emailed by Susan saying she was gonna be out of the office for a couple of days due to family tragedy. Two days after that email, I saw that she posted on another job board for the same positions.  I checked my written test over and over again, which was EASY.  Wish people would be upfront and say I didn't pass, didn't meet computer specs, etc.  I guess in this company's own way, it did tell me something--they are not upfront.  Anybody else experience this? 

T-C Transcription out of Florida - not Transcend
I can do about 250-300 lph, and I have the feeling I'm on some of the slower accounts, just looking over the normals and whatnot on the others. So it's a good deal all around. Not sure if they're hiring right now or not, though. Sorry.
T-C Transcription in Florida - platform?
Does anyone know what the platform is that T-C transcription is using now? If you don't know the name of it, is it easy and quick to use to get you into MS Word quickly?
p.r.n. Medical Transcription Service in Florida?
Anyone have any experience with this company? Thanks!
Need platform info on CCS Transcription (Florida)
shame on you!
Anyone have any info on (Best) PRN Transcription out of Cape Coral Florida????


A Stat Transcription out of Florida?? Anyone with any information about them, good or bad?
I am thinking about applying and I cannot find anything on them.
Any updated info on...Transcription South Inc in Florida? TIA

Has anyone ever heard of the transcription company Medical Dictation out of Florida?
Just curious to see if anyone knew anything about this company.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 
Thanks - I'm on the East Coast too
I'll have to look around here some more.  Thanks.
On the West Coast
I heard the term typing monkeys, too. Wouldn't surprise me if it were used all throughout the company, they had so little respect for us. I just thought it was an LA thing, but evidently not.
W. Coast is a lot of Asian. nm
That sounds about right for East Coast!
So, now you see that the MTSOs don't really make that much off of us!!!!  Maybe we should thank our lucky stars!! 
Not just CA - east coast here and 100K is not all that much
for a couple to make. Many married couples I know make around that it and are just scraping by.
East coast MT/MEs? Saw Futurenet's ad (sm)
and was just curious as to why they have to live on the east coast.  Client preference?  Time zones? 
Is this ESL account on the west coast? nm
They advertised for east coast ME.
That's what I applied for. I have a FT job too, just want part-time ME at night to give my fingers a rest.
Hey girl, greetings from the northwest coast of Fla. sm
did you take that ASR test yet? I know Spheris has a few new accounts coming on board too but I don't think you'd want to go back to that. Cornerstone was not my cup of tea but loved TWS. If something isn't broke, don't fix it.