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Posted By: LB on 2008-10-16
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I've worked for Spheris for the past 6 years, for the 3 years before that I was trained on the job and worked for a local hospital.  My income has steadily gone from about 26.00 per hour to now close to 12.00 per hour.  Obviously I can't take it anymore, my entire life is suffering from this drop in pay, the stress is eating me alive!  I know there are a lot of people on here that worked for Spheris and left and were happy about that change, but I just can't seem to get up the nerve to leave them.  Every time I test and find a company that sounds decent, I look on this board only to find that they don't pay on time or at all, the benefits are horrible, the supervisors are nasty, etc.....

I desperately need a new job.  I would like to find a company that doesn't run out of work EVERY DAY, has somewhat affordable benefits with less than a 3500.00 yearly deductable, and is hiring for first shift.  I don't mind working either Saturday or Sunday, but both is impossible when you have kids.  I had looked into being an IC years ago but was told that half of your income goes to taxes, is that true???  Is there anybody with real knowledge of a company that can live up to everything good said about then, and prove the bad isn't so???

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