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Has anybody ever worked in WinScribe? Is is user friendly and productive? nm

Posted By: MT on 2006-05-12
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Has anyone ever worked for co who uses IntraScript? Is it user friendly, productive? Any comments
Can anyone give feedback on BeyondTXT such as user friendly, productive, etc? Any comments welcome.
Yep. Not user friendly at all. It
requires a lot of going from keyboard to mouse and back and forth. My backup account is Mongoose and I liked it much better.
user friendly software
Is there really a user-friendly software?  Is there one that you don't have to type in demographics anymore or at least get paid for it if you do?  Is there one that is actually fast and doesn't require a lot of changing from screen to screen?  What would it be?  I am not a computer savvy person, but it seems like all this technology is taking us backwards.  Also, I don't suppose you would like to tell us which company you work for.
Yes! There really is user-friendly software out there. /sm
You have to do your research, and ask questions in regards to companies with user-friendly software. Both companies I work for use proprietary software that is Word-based. It is all internet- The IC position software- I never change screens, the jobs download in seconds, press one key and demographics fill in (for which I am paid, including headers/footers)- tab down and there's the page you start typing, One click to physician roster- everything right at your fingertips, i.e. account specifics, BOS guidelines, etc. Full-time position - only two screens (demographic) then transcription screen. Everything at fingertips, doctor roster, etc.
I find it very user friendly. nm
Is it relatively user friendly and fast? nm
that is untrue. once you get used to it, it's very user friendly
and you can move around in it just fine, look up old reports on the same patient or any other for that matter --
Bayscribe is not as user friendly as they say
DocQscribe much better. I agree that Bayscribe takes to much mousing, too many slots. Have to reselect report type after each report even if same worktype. Bayscribe needs some upgrading as far as functionality. Yes, it is doable but other platforms much more productive.
Platform is user friendly. P ay is good. sm
The accounts are good for experienced MTs.

I can't say I produce more on this particular platform, but it is MT friendly. I average approximately 300 lines an hour. That is not my best, as I have done 400 lines an hour on a different platform. It all depends on the dictators.

Good luck to you. If you need flexibility, a decent line rate and don't mind being SE without benefits - go for it.

I prefer SE or IC status, so it suits me just fine.
I love MedRemote! Very user friendly.
Never used CM.
Anyone use Cquenc software? User friendly or not? Thx. nm
A lot of programs with their program. Not user friendly.
Platform is extremely user friendly! They are one of the better
companies out there. I would suggest working for them and deciding for yourself.
ChartScript is very user friendly. The only fields in the
demographics section that I need is the dictating physician's identification number.  It's a good program,with flaws like any other, but again, user friendly including very extensive, excellently written tutorial. 
yes, it is word based. And very user friendly. IMO.
I totally agree. NOT user friendly.
Is TransTech platform user friendly?

Is it difficult to get lines there?



First they use the Futurenet platform which is VERY user friendly.

however, there is a discrepancy in line counts.  They tend to try to use the line count that the FNET program gives.  I wrote down character count with spaces for each document and found that at the end of the day the FNET program shorted me anywhere from 50 to 75 lines per day.  The good news is you submit a line count sheet at the end of the pay period and they pay you off your sheet.  So if you keep track like I did, you won't get shorted.

My only beef with JLG was that I was hired in to do SR paid hourly and within weeks of being hired they breached their offer letter and contract and forced us all (all SR people) to go onto production, which would be fine except that the ASR program had just started and we were still teaching the engine, so you couldn't make any money on production because you were pratically transcribing the entire report. Then there was the game playing.  When we were hourly and management felt we weren't productive enough, they withheld work.  They wouldn't put any jobs in our queue for days at a time.  That didn't sit well with me.  I'm the kind of person that if you don't like something I'm doing, call me up and tell me.  Don't play passive-aggressive BS games!

I think they treat their MTs pretty well.  I just would be mindful of how some of the higher ups operate.  I think if you go in with your eyes open, you could make decent money on their platform transcribing.

Good Luck!

The platform is super easy and user friendly. I have never had sm
any problems getting my lines...plus!
Does JLG have nice accounts to work on and is their platform user friendly.
Escription is user friendly and 4 cpl is about average for that platform. You could easily do 400
lines an hour. Some people do even 500-600. Good luck with your decision. From what I know, it really is the best VR platform out there and I make more on that than  ever could straight typing.
Very easy, user friendly, a little slow and awkward compared to DQS though. (sm)
One of the best features is that you are able to search for your own samples on a particular dictator or patient. You do however have to be aware these are typed by other people and could potentially have errors.
I love the WMX platform. Extremely user friendly and fast. SM
I definitely do not have to enter a bunch of demographics, which is really a plus for me. I love it here, going on one year now!
I currently work at JLG and love it. Great, user friendly platform.
They leave you alone to type.  Pay on time, never late.  Pretty well organized and good communication.  And they do not offshore!  I be sticking around.   Cubicles 

Is Dolbey STAT Transcription Platform user friendly?

They use Dictaphone EX Text platform. Very user friendly and easy to work on.
It is all strictly internet based. No extra phone lines required. They do reimburse your high speed internet up to I think $40 a month, too.
I love it! Nothing like the old blue screen Meditech. User friendly and easy to use! sm
I also get paid gross line, which helps, but very easy to use!
Any information on program called Beyond Text by Transcend? Fast, slow, user friendly?
Can you make decent lines with it?  Is tech support good? 
Great place - ExText is easy to learn and user friendly. Good pay. Nice, COMPETENT people.
Anyone ever worked on Winscribe Internet Typist?
Pro's?  Con's?  Any information would be greatly appreciated!  TIA
I worked at TC about 3-1/2 years back. I found everyone to be helpful and friendly. sm
The pay was pretty good and the account was easy. I just had some sound issues and got a better offer elsewhere. Does PY still work at TC? She is a great lady and I thoroughly enjoyed working with her! I'd say to anyone looking to give TC a chance! They are one of the better companied out there; small by mighty!
RE: WinScribe
Has anyone ever used WinScribe system?  I looked at one the other day and wondered if anyone could tell me about working with it.  Also, has anyone heard of Scribedoc Company, I think, in Virginia?
when using Winscribe
Is there very much training involved with WinScribe? Is it fairly easy to learn or what? amj
Can anyone tell me about this platform, opinion of its friendliness or not.
Thanks so much for the info.  I will be working pretty much the same way.  I just wanted to make sure about Winscribe, I used to work on Bayscribe and had lots of problems with it going down for hours.  Any problems like this with Winscribe?  
Companies that use WinScribe
Does anyone use WinScribe with the company they may work for and if so, how is it?  Is it easy to learn, etc.?  Also, can a word Expander program be used with WinScribe?amj
Winscribe is super easy. There's
nothing to it. You see the jobs that are available and click to open, type. Have no fear. :)
Keystrokes, Chartscript,winscribe

I am starting with KS next week.  It is an account that uses Chartscript/Winscribe.  I am not familiar with this platform, but I see a lot of people like Chartscript.  Not sure how these are used together.  Anyone familiar with a setup like this?  This is a VR account (I know, crazy) but the rate is the same as straight typing, so I will take it for now.


Need info on WinScribe platform software
Does anyone use the WinScribe platform software for any company and if so, is it any good, etc.? amj
That should read ... Has anyone ever used Winscribe Internet Typist?

It has been a VERY long day.  Thanks!

I work on Winscribe for Spheris. Its a piece of cake. sm
It shouldn't take no more than 5 minutes to learn.
MedRite XL, Cquence, and Winscribe are a few I've noted. nm
I know what you are saying. I can tell how productive
my day is going to be after the first few reports. It is so upsetting to wake up and see the same garbage work when you know there are better authors dictating. They can't always be on vacation or whatever excuse you are given when you ask where the good work is.
not productive
Funny you ask?  I'm have a feel sorry for me moment, or shall I say several months!  I left Spheris after 8 years, where I was minimum 1800/lines day in 8-hour shift, usually at 2000 lines/day without OT.  Now, I have been through 6, YES, 6 MTSOs to find their software is the worst ever, downloads slow, or the worst docs breathing on my time and all that is left to trancribe are ESLs cuz the decent docs are VR.  I was so excited to start a new MTSO Monday with Chartnet (which I have used and is extremely fast), only to find their version has inexcusable delays, needless hoops to jump through, unnecessary clicking and ADT that should pull auto to have to fill; and I can't make 1000/lines a day.  Argh...why are these MTSOs using outdated software or stuff that just plain don't work?  Where are the IT guys who know how to set them up correctly? I'm really thinking about a new career altogether, but in this economy what could possibly be next for an MT with 13 years devoted and an Expander to die for!
I'm right there with you, not productive
Before my current position, I was working with acute care, ESLs, etc., but still having no problem reaching the minimum LPH of 150. Then, when I was downsized and moved to this new position, I was started on discharge summaries at one particular hospital. Again, no problem in reaching the minimum, and even exceeding it, on a good day with no OT. However, just recently our team was moved to a new hospital account, put on consults, and I feel like I have a different ESL doc for every report. I have a nearly impossible time reaching 1000 lines per day (if I even make it), and working OT is no longer an option, it is a necessity to have a decent paycheck. What is up with this? I feel like it is just me, and I should be able to do this after 15 years experience, but I am struggling daily and beginning to hate my job. Is looking for another place to work the answer? I just am glad to hear there are others who are struggling too, even though it's not fun for any of us.
Tell me about BayScribe -- is it productive? sm

Can you get a good line count working with this platform?  Looks simple to use - is it?  Can you check you line count against a Word?


Please tell me all there is to know - Thanks!

Not common, and not productive..

I also worked for a well known company until last November when they were gearing up for their GREAT changes at the beginning of this year.  I went from having my main account that I had typed on for five years, and one backup account that I was also very familiar with, to having six accounts and almost no work on my former primary account.  I was unable to produce the minimum line count, and they never gave me any time to learn the accounts, training pay for new accounts (yes, they used to do this), etc.  After the first pay period I didn't make my minimum line count, I got bumped to statutory status and my benefits were gone.  I had to find another job.

Working for another national would be my absolute last resort if anything happened to my current job situation.  If people don't know who you are, it's easier for them not to care about you. 




Their platform is not productive at all.
It is a struggle to make lines on Apex. The company's good, nice people, but making money is difficult compared to other companies' platforms.
A lot of people are more productive on OPS (sm)
and request them (myself included).  But I get everything.  Wouldn't be fair to others. 
Bayscribe was not productive for me, either (sm)
I hate to admit it but DocQScribe is a far better platform. I am a good producer and I gave it plenty of time and never could get what I felt was a decent line count. They told me the only thing they had was a C-phone account. Sound quality was not good. Many aspects of Bayscribe are not productive on a C-phone account. Most of the MDI-ers I spoke to making the good line counts were on the internet accounts, so possibly this makes a difference, but the majority of new hires only get offered the C-phone accounts as they are the less desirable. They do seem to be great people to work for but that doesn't pay the bills.