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Has anyone heard anything about a company called Digiscript?

Posted By: Sherlyn on 2009-08-25
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Anybody ever heard of a company called E-Dictate? (sm)

If so, are they good, bad, or somewhere in between? How are they to work for?

anyone heard of company called "Intellitipe".

considering an offer made recently by this company but i have no information on them. 



Anyone ever heard of a company called edisense?
They sent me a test this morning to take and I'm wondering......
Has anyone heard of a small company called SRB in Florida. Curious.
Anyone heard of a company called Webscribe. Think they are in the Kansas City, Mo area. (nm)
I heard it was called APEX,
Has anyone heard of a platform called INFRAWARE??
I am mostly wondering if this can be run with a sateliite connection.  I know it works with dial-up.  Anyone know if it is  productive?
Thank you. I did email you. Is there also a place called InTouchMI. I believe I have heard of
them but know nothing about them.
There is a company called
in Texas that I would strongly recommend staying away from. I worked for this company for a little over a month but the platform made it way to hard to get any reports in. The pay was good but without reports, no $$$. Anyway, when speaking with these people I was told that they would pay for the return of the equipment if the position did not work out. When I decided to leave, I called and was instructed on how to return the equipment (foot pedal). Once doing this, I received a bill from Fed-Ex as now they are not going to pay for it. When I talked to them in June, I was told to fax them the bill and they would take care of it. Today, I received another bill from Fed-Ex. I'm going to pay this bill but I just wanted to let you all know how shady this company is.

When they are trying to suck you in they act all "Christian like" but when things don't work out the horns come out. Be careful!
Anyone know of a company called
Just Your Type Transcription out of Illinois?  Any opinions?
I called the company....sm
and the position has been filled.  I had applied for it as well. 
Have you called the company?
I am sure you are posting here as a last resort, but just checking to see if you did call them first. I do hope you get your check. Big or little does not matter.... every penny is important here, as I am sure it is for you, too.
Have you called the company? nm
There is a company called Documed, but I don't
think they are in TN.  Never heard of a company with the spelling you give. 
I need some information on a company called
Astat, such as pay, platform, enough work, QA, loan PCs, etc.  TIA
its called the transcription company

don't know of any MT company called Medquest

Anyone know company called Palm-Med?

STAY AWAY!!! This company used to be called...

Quality Medical Transcription in Blue Springs, MO (which is not far from Pleasant Hill, MO), owned by the same contact person.  Not only do they offer ridiculous line rates (7 cpl w/o spaces IC status), when I worked with them my pay checks always bouced....that is after they would actually show up. 

Unless you are just absolutely desperate for work....I sincerely do not recommend working for this family. 

Also, check out the link below (same person/family)

Is there more than one company called TransTech? nm
Company called InScribe US
Anyone know of a company called InScribe US and can you give me more information about them. I have been offered a job position but would like more information before I make a decision.
Anyone have any info on a company called (sm)
Basic Billing Solutions in Michigan?  Any info about platform, benefits and steady work would be appreciated.  Couldn't find anything in archives. TIA.
Does anyone know anything about a company called RC Transcription?
Anything would be appreciated.

Company called Transcription Unlimited (sm)

There used to be a company by that name in Independence, Missouri that was ran by Linda Hill.  Now I see it is a company that students of a community college in Kansas City do their internships at. 

When I search for information on Transcription Unlimited it comes up with a company from out of state. 

Any info appreciated.

company called protype out of new york
I see protype will pay 11 cents per line.  Does anyone know anything good or bad about them?
I worked for a company called Inscribe...sm
but not for long.  Can you tell me where the one you are referring to is located?  If it's the same one I worked for, we have to talk! lol
Anyone know anything about an MT company called Focus Infomatics, Inc.?
They have seen my resume on the Internet and have asked me to apply there.  Any info, good or bad, would be appreciated.
DRC was just sold to a company called "Acusis".
No, I never heard of them, either.
Anyone know what a company called Synernet pays? nm
Does anyone know anything about a company called Chart Notes out of Illinois - sm
Do they offshore?  They claim to have transcriptionists with 10-12 years experience.  Any info on this company or experience anyone has had with this company would really help us out.
our hospital needs info on a company called ChartNotesPRN - sm
Has anyone ever worked for them?  Do they offshore?  Please let me know.
Looking for info on company called Surgical Notes...sm

Would like to talk to anyone who has worked for them or is working for them.  Please e-mail me.

anyone know about a company called Future Net Technologies out of california

anyone know good or bad about a company out of California called Future Net Technologies?  I am going to test for them and i need to know if they are a good company, have good docs etc.  Any info would be greatly appreciated.




Does anyone have any info about a company called InfoPro out of Georgia? (sm)
Has anyone worked for them and if so, what was your experience?  Is there enough work? How are they to work for? How is the platform?  Etc. 
Does anyone have any info about a company called America's Pride? (sm)
I can't find anything on the web and know only that they type VA records.  Has anyone ever worked for them?  How are they to work for?  Do they hire IC/FT/PT/statutory?  How are the line counts, platform, etc?  Any info would be greatly appreciated. TIA
See, my company has these things called days off! Cool, huh?!?!
Anyone hear of a company in New Hampshire called TTS. Not much recently in
the archives about them.
Sorry..I meant to say I called into the insurance company but forgot to ask about rates! (nm)

Anybody ever hear of a company called Specialized Information Management?
Do they hire at home ICs?
Does anyone know anything about a company called Heart of Georgia Health Information Services? (sm)
I am beginning a job search and this was one of the services that I came across.  Has anyone worked for them and had good or bad experiences that they could share?  TIA
Several months ago a company called Charts in Time (CIT) hired some MTs off here. Just wondering how
it turned out for those MTs as I turned it down and wondered if I should have taken the job. Thanks.
Has anyone heard of this company?

MedEDocs?   Or Bob's PC Werks?




What do they pay? Not sure if same company I have heard of. nm
Has anyone ever heard of this company?
I am wondering if anyone has ever heard of LARTECH Healthprime from Texas?  Good company or bad company?  
WPU? anyone heard anything about this company? nm
have not heard anything about this company, but.....
you are lucky to have a company offer to mentor you. Take this opportunity and run with it. Learn all you can, and try to stay with them for one year. After that, you can apply elsewhere.

Good luck!!

p.s. helpful hint is to by a cheap telephone book, A-Z type, and write all the new words and terms you hear in that book. This trick worked wonders for me 17 years ago.
Has anyone heard of a company SM

having an attitude modification course?  A co-worker of mine stated her supervisor did not like her attitude and assigned her to attitude modification, where she was mentored by someone for six months on changing her attitude. No, this wasn't me! LOL!

I never heard of such a thing.  I was really shocked, but didn't want to press the issue with said co-worker since she might yell at me. 

Has anyone ever heard of this?  I would think it would just exist in the military or police department.

Never heard of your company. (sm)
Sorry to say, but I've been coming to this board for a long time and I've never heard a word about your company. That's either very good, or very bad. Why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Has anyone ever heard of this company?
I just got a pretty generic looking e-mail from a Ctu, Inc.  Has anyone ever heard of this company?  They were looking for IC's, but you could only have "high speed, but not DSL" which I thought was the same....but anyway....anyone heard of these people?
Have you heard of this company?
Has anyone had any experience with CMC Medical Transcription, Seattle, Washington?
I've heard that about this company.....sm
it's too bad that they require new hires to work one weekend day, otherwise I'd be applying with them.