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Has anyone heard of TransPortal Transcription in North Carolina? (sm)

Posted By: Old MT on 2008-04-24
In Reply to:

Any info about steady accounts, benefits, flexible scheduling from anyone who may work there would be greatly appreciated.  TIA.

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United Transcription in North Carolina
Anyone familiar with this company?  If so, would you recommend them?  Thank you.
United Transcription out of North Carolina
Hi Fellow MTs:   Would anyone have any information on this company, United Transcription out of Charlotte, North Carolina?  Any information would be helpful.  Also does anyone know if they pay for spaces or benefits?   Thanks
Anyone work as an editor for Transcription Services, LLC North Carolina
Just curios
TRS in North Carolina
TSLLC of North Carolina??
Anyone know anything about this company?  Looking for good, bad, or otherwise.  Willing to share.  Considering them.  Looking for posts from former or current workers, please.  Cannot find anything on here.
TRS is in Greensboro, North Carolina, though
I think sometimes address shows as Winston-Salem, North Carolina. 
hmm, must also have an office in North Carolina
I googled name, but I too could also tell (by the abbreviation ??) probable not .... Might have more than 1 office???.
MVTS North Carolina? Anyone know anything about this company?

MRecord in North Carolina uses ExText
I don't know if they're hiring, though, and their pay isn't terrific.
Thanks everyone for responding but the company is Archivus in North Carolina I think? Maybe they'
Has anyone heard from TransPortal? nm
North Shore Transcription
Just curious if anyone here has ever worked for NST, Peabody, MA.
North Shore Medical Transcription


I just tried to send you an email but am not sure it went through. I worked for NSMT from 1991 till 1995 and all I can say is it's a very reliable and solid employer if you show you can be relied upon as well. It's really nice having a one-on-one rapport with the person(s) running the company. I ran across an ad recently by them on line, and its led by the same woman. She's a tough cookie, no nonsense, but a really good person and a terrific manager. As far as getting work and being paid on time, as an employee that was never a question for me. If she's doing IC these days, just keep in touch with her and she'll work with you I'm sure.

Everyone's different, but I'd say this company is definitely a good bet. I don't know what accounts they have these days, but there was a good variety. I worked on site at the Lahey Clinic most of my time there and it was a super assignment.


North Shore Transcription Company
Can anyone give me any information on this company.  I was thinking about applying.  I could not find a website for them on the Internet. 
Carolina Medical Transcription
Hi all, I'm new here.  I was just wondering if anyone has any feedback regarding Carolina Medical Transcription.  Thanks!
Carolina Medical Transcription
Hi.  Yes, they are in Abbeville, SC.  Their website is http://www.carolinamedicaltranscription.com.  I've only heard good things about them so far, but I thought I'd come here and get some other opinions.
Was this United Transcription in So. Carolina or the other one? nm
Transcription Solutions of South Carolina, sm
Best in the bunch!!!!!!!
Transcription Solutions of South Carolina, LLC
Does anyone know how to get in touch w/this company?
Transcription Solutions of South Carolina, LLC
Does anyone know how to contact this company?
Anyone have any info on Transcript USA in South Carolina or Write Now Transcription in California??
Only found 1 note saying to stay away from the So.Carolina comp. & stick w/the No. Carolina comp. nm
Anybody know anything about South Medical Transcription out of South Carolina?
Heard of Transcription Inc?
Anyone heard of a company called Transcription Inc?  Any info appreciated. 
QTI transcription...Anyone heard of them?
I am wondering what type of reputation they have, anything anyone knows about them, I'd appreciate.  Thanks
Has anyone heard of MBB transcription?
I received an email from them?
Anyone heard of QED Transcription?
(of Arizona) ... any feedback? thx
Anyone heard of DIT Transcription?

I just received an email from the hiring department of DIT Transcription. Has anyone heard of them? Is this a reputable company? Thanks!

Anyone heard of DIT Transcription?
I received a call back from the recruiter at DIT Transcription. Is this a reputable company? I have read mostly good things so far, but I am looking for a little more info since there isn't much. Thanks in advance!
Anyone ever heard of Q.E.D. Transcription?
Pros, cons?  TIA
anyone heard of DTS America Transcription?
I recently tested with them and wondered if they are a good company to work with. The website says they are based in TN.
Ever heard of Transcription Inc, from Arkansas?
anyone ever heard of this company? Anyone work for them or know someone that does?  Was there not a way to check out a company on one of these boards some time ago???  Im probably looking in the wrong place.  Any help would be fab!
Has anyone ever heard of Shapin Med. Transcription
Has anyone ever heard of Lextel Transcription? sm
I received an e-mail today from one of their recruiters and have never heard of them. ????
Anyone heard of Hands-On Transcription?
Has anyone heard of Echo Transcription Inc.? sm

Care to share your opinion and experience with them?  I tested with them today.  They seemed nice and friendly.  The platform was pretty user friendly. 

Is there plenty of work?  Is the pay fair?  Do they have benefits?  Thanks...if I'm offered a position, I'll find out all these answers, but I'm just really curious.

Just Me

Has anyone heard of DDS, Inc or Widrix Transcription? TIA


Anyone ever heard of LML Transcription and Consulting?
If so, your thoughts please?
Anyone heard of Transcription Direct?
Has anyone heard of Serviss Transcription?

They're a transcription company located in Colorado.

Anyone heard of United Transcription? nm
anyone heard of Lutz transcription
out of arizona?  thanks! happy 4th!
Rushmore Transcription - Anyone heard of it?

Just curious to know if anyone knows anything about the Rushmore Transcription company. Thanks

Anyone heard of NetMed Transcription?
Anyone heard of NetMed Transcription?
Anyone heard of J and J Transcription in Edmond, OK?
Thoughts? Good place to work? Thanks!
HAs anyone heard about Valentine Transcription...???

Just wondering...has anyone heard anything about Valentine transcription. Would love to hear from you.  JMD  

Anyone ever heard of TNI, LLC - Transcription Network, Inc.?..sm
Has anyone ever heard of this company?  She applied and then received a contract but never tested or talked to anyone.  Has anyone ever worked for or had a problem with this company concerning pay or work?  Thanks in advance.
anyone heard of Hoffman Transcription.
Any info appreciated.  New to the site so I hope this works... LOL!
Anybody every heard of Alpha Transcription? nm
Anyone heard of Eagle Eye Transcription?
Just wanted to see if anyone has info. on this transcription company that's located in Washington?
Anyone heard of Commonwealth Transcription Services
Looking around for a job and someone told me of Commonwealth.