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Has anyone seen the Deventure ad for VR editors? Note, on a

Posted By: 'very challenging account'. Yeah...(sm) on 2007-09-19
In Reply to:

you know what that translates to.  ESL dictation converted by VR software = COMPLETE REDO! NO THANKS!

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CBay transcribes all work in India. Has some US editors but also has Indian editors.
Just a note here!

A couple of things here...

First of all, I want to thank all who responded to my post about MQ and OSi slamming and stuff like that.  It was interesting to say the least and very informative and I appreciate it.  Although it is sad to see so much bashing and slamming going on here, and quite frankly, I have even seen some very mean posts.  Moderator, thank you for not deleting that post!  And please don't delete  this one either!  Thanks.

Secondly, I noticed a response from RadGuy in that thread that it's good to see another guy on the board!  Yeah, it kinda is.  You see, when I went to college to learn this particular trade, I had no idea it was predominantly a female profession, little did I know!  And eventually, I came across a lady who was looking for someone with five years of experience to do a pathology account for her.  I had NO experience back in 1990.  But she took me on and trained me anyway, and now I LOVE pathology.  Wouldn't trade it for the world. 

Anyways, my point is, you have a RadGuy, now you got a PathGuy!!!!!  yayyyy!!!!

And that is one of the reasons I kept coming to this board was to see if any companies would hire for at-home pathology work.  Much to my dismay, no dice.  I have been offered to test for a job to do veterinary pathology from home though!!   Wow, never thought I would be doing pathology reports on patients named fluffy or spot...LOL!!  But in any case, I would really love to learn radiology in the meantime, so RadGuy (or anyone else for that matter), if you have any information on how to go about that, I would be quite grateful.  What I would like to know is where to get radiology tapes, sample dictation, etc. etc., it would be a great help.

Take care all.........

eternally in PATHOLOGY.......PathGuy!!

Just a note on this.. You do not have to be on IM
for them to see you are working. They can tell that from the server where your work downloads from.

As far as Timmy, I can take it or leave it. However, I can tell you that some of the MTs that get the extras because they were caught working probably don't mind it a bit. :)
be sure to note though
if you use the copy/paste function at the left of your text screen, it will also copy the previous patient's name and ADT into your new report, screwing everything up!!
just a note
Not sure what you mean by EMR (electronic medical record). If what you mean is you are wondering if some of the work is moving to voice recognition, then no, there is no VR at MDI and they have no interest in starting it.

A note
To Dawn: Since you have posted here and posted your name, I have a suggestion for you. Please proof your emails and IMs prior to sending them out. It looks bad when the person in charge of QA misspells and misuses words in emails and IMs sent to QA and MTs. There is a difference between -your- and -you're-. You should say -you're welcome- NOT -your welcome-. There are many others, but I will spare you as I'm sure you get the point.

I am also glad that the QA line rate was changed to .03 cpl as opposed to $1.35 per report which was a complete rip off. There would be discharge summaries greater than 10 minutes long and greater than 200 lines for which QA was only being paid $1.35 for a report that you may have spent 30 minutes on.

please also note....

When you pay 2 employees at 6 cpl that produce 100 lph of junk (based on inexperience), and then have to pay QA whatever amount to fix that, you are actually costing your company more $$$$$$.

Why not pay 1 skilled MT/ME 11 cpl to produce 250 lph (and up) of quality work and hire less QA.  Then, the QA staff you have can do their job of an occasional fill in the blank and not the current status of FIX ENTIRE REPORT. 

See how much money you can save??????????

Just a note to above
When someone loves VR some come here and say must be MTSO or a plant. That is another thing said against anyone who likes VR.
just a note
I realize that what these women did to us was wrong, but I am not sure that there is anything that can be done about them. I truly feel your pain and hope you get your money and all works out.
Sent a note, resume, etc.
Just waiting to hear something from them. I heard they are good, too.
see hiring note above
Thank you!
E-mail in first note. NM
so let me get this straight because I am truly - see note

confused on this - REALLY I AM!! Companies that offshore can now post jobs on the job seeker board??  I looked around for the posting that said that companies can do this, but I cannot find it. 

Please do not delete my post.  I am serious about my question and I am not being sarcastic. 

Perhaps the note from Dictaphone was (sm)

something they just found out and all along it has been giving you MORE lines and this note was to inform that it is now corrected and what you see is truly your line count.  This, of course, would make your true line count seem lower but would now be accurate and all this time you have actually been overpaid?

I am not saying this is the actual case, but the note was very vague and could be a notification to the MT that things were not adding up in the past correctly and the situation has now been resolved.  This would leave the MT thinking they are being skimped now, but in actuality they are now receiving their true line count. 

Just a thought!



I just note on my timesheet
In the hours field, I minus how many hours of no work. I figure it's not my fault, it's theirs. What I don't like is that if it picks up later in the week they say we NEED to make up our time. The way I see it, I'm available when scheduled, sometimes I make it up, sometimes I don't. Life is too short to be stressed out about no work or too much work. My job comes second in my life and I have found this to be the best solution. I guess today is going to be bad because I hardly ever run out since I start really early in the morning and only work part time. I do other things while waiting and if it never comes like today, oh well...soon enough we will be swamped again. It always happens that way.
Note correction in CAPS

If you do control S for a job and click on statistics you will get a number of lines. If you are on OSI's very own line cheating Xpress server, that number will be much HIGHER (NOT LOWER) than the IChart line count. Do this. Do only one job for the day then write down the correct line count using the above method. Go to IChart although it may take hours to show up so you may want to do this on a day off. There is your proof. I-CHART LINES ARE LOWER THAN OSi X-PRESS LINES. The reason the correct statistics are disabled on the XPress server is because OSi is skimming lines and don't want you to see the correct number. OSI is diligently trying to eventually get every possible account on their very own XPress server so they can cheat on all accounts. Rest assured that they are billing the client for the correct line count. I could not make any money with OSI because of their dishonesty. Dictaphone Extext is a good system but OSI could change how it was set up and rip the MT's off.
Looking for OP note companies.....
Mostly I am interested in the name of the company, what kind of internet connection you have to have and amount of work normally available. Things like that. Thanks for the answers.
MBS - on a positive note. sm
I have worked with ******* for almost a year. She has always been pleasant, responsive, and pays on time - has actually overpaid me once.
Please note post on
company board about IRS guidelines and the independent contractor posted today, 7/30.  Looks like some nationals are violating more than 1 guideline when it comes to independent contractors.
I saw that ad and took special note of it also. (sm)
My first thought was their accounts must be extremely backed up and they (KS) are in danger of losing clients, thus the need hire MTs who are going to be able to pull off that line count within only their first week.

However, there is ALL WAYS more to a story than meets the eye.
Moderator, please take note
The jobs board is totally cluttered with Focus ads, breaking that 2 ads rule.  I understand wanting to keep the board full of ads, but they don't need to repost over and over.
Note to Carlotta.
Yes, I used to work for you. Yes, I was one of those people who could not make their committment, but not because of a lack of effort on my part. I was one of those who was put to p.r.n. status at the lower rate. Even though I never understood that. My quality was just as good as the people who were making more, and I should have been compensated in the same manner. Unfortunately, you guys pay according to what a person can produce and not their quality.

For me, the work just was not there and after a year of giving up weekends, staying up all night waiting for the work to come in, I gave up. I was only ever to make about $200 a week at your company. I cannot live off of that.

It is very strange how I am all of sudden able to produce 1000 to 1500 lines a day, every day working for a different company. Strangely enough, they do not overhire and I think that is the main key.

It is sad too, because I really liked the people at MDI and the account I was on was great, but just not enough of it or too many people trying to scramble to get the work.
On a good note....

I view the purpose of this board as an informative tool for MTs, to be used with discretion of course, as each entry is from personal experience and many factors can be involved.

I have posted regarding a negative experience.

On a positive note, I would like to say that I have been working for Webmedx since 9/2008, and so far, so good. 

I am pleased with my account; do not run out of work; have 1 primary account; backup account is offered if needed; OT is offered on a regular basis.  My hours are supposed to be flexible w/i a 10-hour block and I must admit, I abuse that and get no complaints, as long as I put in my hours and do my lines.  The platform is user-friendly.  Communication is good.  Everyone speaks English.  Pay scale is above average for a new hire, above what others have offered in the past.  Benefits seem adequate.  So far, I have no complaints.  All in all, I would recommend them as a good company to work for. 

Good luck to all looking for work.  I know it is a pain to go through the testing required, then set-up time, then training, etc., only to find out you've been hired by a company that does not meet your needs.  

A group note was probably sent to
Note to WMX Management
If you truly want to save money, how about cutting out some of the management layers? Do we really need all of the management currently employed? MTs are vital to the organization, another suit is not.

Before you lose your base, you ought to be looking at other options for saving money. Losing all your good MTs QAs will do nothing but lose you even more clients.

Unhappy workers do not put out quality products. Something to chew on while you're collecting your nice, big fat paychecks.
one more note, then goodbye to you.
YOU are the only one that seems to need the explanation I gave. You admittedly tried to antagonize using the term typist and yet you say I overdramatize? Me thinks you are the drama queen that needs to get over YOURself, with nothing better to do than stir the pot, and YOU are the puffed up one. FYI, no I do not try to impress anyone with my fund of knowledge. You obviously judge others by yourself -- and hopefully you are not too naive to understand what I am saying. Good day troublemaker.
See SoftScript note below
Thanks for the information.  I wondered when I always saw the ad on MT daily.....
You should send your note to Larry...

I would copy it and send it for you. I have only been working for Transcend for 1-1/2 months. The management seems great as well as the non-VR platform, it's easy to use, works very well. Man, why change a good thing? I've been trained on the new platform but have not started on it yet. VERY scared. I hope it works out as I don't want to have to look for a new job right away. I'm also working for a local clinic as an IC, part-time and have another opportunity for the clinic I just left to be a back-up person, probably IC as well. BUT, that won't be enough to pay the bills either.

I think part of the problem with these national companies is that they do look at their MTs as machines. They don't see faces behind the names, just numbers, $$ signs and the like. It is a very strange thing, having this cyber job and not meeting anyone face to face. Maybe if we all emailed Larry with our picture, pictures of our families, he would get the clue to let well-enough alone.

time to transcribe a note
when I had a transcription service, not MT, the standards we used (put out by a national body) was 4:1, or 4 minutes per 1 minute of dictation (no technical language, 1 voice, no accent). If there was an accent --when isn't there in MT work??? or technical language--also lots in MT work, the time required went up. Of course, if you worked faster, you could do more, but if you charge for straight time you penalize yourself for your skills. I think 1.5-2 minutes as average is not a fair estimate. 4:1 is closer for experience. 16 cents per dictated minute seems pretty low to me.

You need to reach an agreement with her on how she is calculating your pay so that you're both on the same page. Truthfully, what she charges the client is not your business, but you deserve fair pay for your work. If they won't pay you fairly, then move on.

Bottom line--you sell someone your time. You deserve to be paid fairly for it.
I really appreciate this post.  There are always two sides of the coin in EVERY profession.  I worked in the health insurance industry for 10 years and you always had people that loved it or hated it.  MT is no exception.  I, personally, enjoy my job as an MT.  I'm saving a heck of a lot of money in gas from not having to drive back and forth to an office, work clothes, stress from working in an office in among catty, back-stabbing coworkers, and the list goes on and on.  I work for a company that is fair, flexible, keeps me busy, stays off my back, pays me well, and always pays on time.  I'm learning new things every day.  I schedule MY day as I see fit.  At this point, I would not trade that for anything...well, except maybe to come into a large sum of money and never have to work again. LOL! 
Note to any MTSO who does not pay on time SM
You are going to lose your good people.  Do not go blaming the account for not paying you.  That is not our problem.  We entered into an agreement with YOU.  You should have working capital to pay your ICs.  We are truly more like employees but you get away with not paying our social security and other perks by calling us ICs.  We don't get paid for Christmas or any other holiday, we don't get a Christmas bonus, we don't get paid sick days or vacation.  There are no pension plans.  We work our fingers to the bone, don't take phone calls during our work time, and we give our best to the job.  All we ask is to be paid.  If you cannot manage your business to come up with pay, do not expect the talented workers to stick around.  Then see how much your account wants to pay you when you have only the desperate left working for you.
Why not a group note? I took no offense. (sm)
I don't expect them to spend all their time monitoring us. We are supposed to be professionals. I like them spending them time on getting new accounts, improving software, etc.

Besides, I received part of a group E-mail. I have no way of knowing what happened to any individuals who were repeat offenders. For all I know they WERE dealt with on a 1:1 basis.

I have limited op note experience...sm
and I fake it....I can do the work, just takes me a little more time looking things up, and i also HATE OP notes, but If i need a job all i see are acute care.....then I fake it...
Please note this is Emdat Inscribe--sm
and Inscribe is a dog. You cannot make lines on it easily and it generally sux. hated it.
I note it said "create 100 jobs" - yet I'm sure

"shareholder" (note: not plural) gets 2M after a yr
I think your idea is a good one.  While I can't think who it was in the past that embraced that idea or how it worked out, I do not believe the shareholder mentioned in these current events would have settled for such a meager investment.  I imagine someone is having fitful sleep - at our expense.
"shareholder" (note: not plural) gets 2M after a yr
I think your idea is a good one.  While I can't think who it was in the past that embraced that idea or how it worked out, I do not believe the shareholder mentioned in these current events would have settled for such a meager investment.  I imagine someone is having fitful sleep - at our expense.
Friendly note to HR people:
I have 20 years of experience. It used to be relatively pain-free to switch jobs in this industry before everyone had Human Resources personnel... The job I just accepted did not call me for endless ridiculous interviews, all of the questions which were answered on my resume and application already. The test didn't take 6 hours. I didn't have to fill out the exact same info over and over again. When I asked a simple question via email, I received a quick simple response via email rather than having an HR person calling on the phone yet again to tie me up for another hour. I was job-shopping and comparing, so I don't have time to sit on the phone with every single one of them when all I need to know is do you hire employee status or IC, for example. You should also know that many of us have been working at home so long and are used to communicating via email & IM that we aren't really phone people anymore anyway. In short, one of the main reasons I went with this company is because the hiring process was pain-free, much like it used to be in the 'old days', so keep that in mind when you're wondering why you can't snag any new hires. Just something to think about....
Friendly note to HR people
The thing I object to in this hiring process is the 6-hour test. Many companies want you to transcribe 4-6 reports, plus an application of many pages. One company had me transcribe 2 reports, one of which was 4 pages long. The other report wasn't as long, but was really difficult to understand so I left a lot of blanks. After all this was done, they didn't get back to me to tell me how I did on my tests. She said I did fine, but if I was hired as an independent contractor, I would have to pay her $600 for her platform. Why couldn't she have put this in her job post that the job required we pay $600 for her platform. I would not have even taken the test.
US Editors
How can you say that ALL Indian work is edited by US MTs? Our hospital actually finds the Indian work to be better.

VR editors
Try Transcend.
No, looking for editors for 4 CPL.
Pay for editors.....
I have a small company asking me to recruit editors for them.   They hire newbies to give them a chance.    They are looking to hire editors around $14.00/hour.  Does that sound about right in this day and time?  -- Thanks in advance.
UMMMM.. I do believe that being an MT is an expertise also... and we are wayyyyyy underpaid as MTs.. I don't understand why editors think they are GOD... they never cease to amaze me.
Editors pay

I would like some feedback on what the average editor's pay is. Thanks Sherri

What do you look for in a company that would set it apart from all others out there that would make you choose to go with that employer.   We all know there are many of these positions out there but they all seem to be about the same, very little regard for skills and appropriate compensation and very little caring about the MTs that work so hard.   I see a lot of people complaining here about one company or another, but I want to know what is the main thing you would like to see changed about this industry.  What would make things better?  Is it the money, problems with management, job requirements, etc.... Your input is very important.  Thanks- You may answer here or by email.
For all VR editors out there sm

Well, I am one that edits about 500-600 lines an hour on ES, except for today!  I put in about 10 hours an only achieved a total of 1800 lines.    I had the worst day editing/transcribing VR in 5 years.

So, for all those who were feeling down on themselves or inadequate for not achieving that high line count on ES - for once I know the feeling.   I had the worst of the worst dictators today that need 100% editing on every report, and we are talking 15 minute dictations here, all day long............I now feel your pain....!!!

Just thought I'd share~~ even the supposed fast money-making VR editors have terrible days in the MT industry!  You are not alone.  I think I have finally walked in someone elses shoes today!

On the bright side of things, there is always tomorrow!

Have a great night/day everyone :-)

Do you mean QA editors or ASR editors? sm
QA is hourly; ASR is based on a percentage of your regular line rate.
TT Editors
Does Transtech hire part-time editors? I have never seen them advertise for editors and I was just curious. Thanks!
Even the editors
Basically, we're all editors now.  I suspect that even the editors will be replaced by this super software.
It was at least 30%, some editors got

They are just playing with words.  Lies by omission.  Don't buy it.  The e-mail made it sound as though not everyone was getting a 30% paycut.  That is true, not every employee was cut 30%.  What the e-mail does NOT say is that some editors got more than a 30% paycut, and now the MTs are getting less of a paycut of 10% or 15% or whatever.  They can call it what they want, but less pay is less pay.

This was once a good company that with a little tweaking would have been a fine company.  Instead, things have gone downhill at a rapid pace.  Instead of an American company with an Indian presence, this is an Indian company with an American presence.  Also the person running things in the US seems a little unsteady, not sure exactly what the problem is, maybe too much responsibility, and when things are shaky at the top stuff tends to run downhill and you have a disorganized mess on your hands.  Company does not seem to be professionally run.  Next thing you know they'll be losing customers.