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Has anyone worked/heard of Saince Transcription Company

Posted By: lessMT on 2007-07-31
In Reply to:

This company is supposedly located in Alpharetta, GA as well as NJ...let me know if you have heard anything on them. 

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Saince Transcription
I live 5 minutes from Alpharetta and have never heard of them, but they do have a website at: www.saince.com/transcription.html, if that helps you any. Good luck!
Saince Transcription?
Anyone currently working for them, and would like to share how they are to work for, pay on time, etc................TIA...........thinking of applying with them, not much on them in the archives.  
Wondering if anyone has heard or worked for this company

I was working for mRecords and in May started noticing my 'account' was gone. Contacted my supervisor & was told that was the fact. Asked for another one (I'm only part-time), agreed to work for one that was offered, and then never heard back!

I've emailed a couple of times without any response.  I've sort of given up on them, but just wondered if they are still out there.

Does anyone know?

Anyone heard of the transcription company Medwest? Good or bad?
Any input would be appreciated.
Has anyone ever heard of the transcription company Medical Dictation out of Florida?
Just curious to see if anyone knew anything about this company.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 
MedWrite Transcription... anyone work/worked for this company can give me any info?

Anybody have any info on this company located in Alpharetta Georgia? 
Saince, Inc is hiring. Last post aug 2008. Anyone

have anything to report, good or bad, on this company since last year?  Read one old post where someone was getting their first paycheck a month after starting.  Very little else in archives here.  Thanks in advance. 



I never worked for them, but heard they
are psycho and they owe several MTs money.  
A company is ONLY supposed to verify that someone worked there, what dates they worked, whether PT o
and last date worked. It opens everyone up to a lawsuit if more is given, so most companies are told by their attorneys and business advisors to verify only.

No one has a right to a reference, only verification of employment.
I've heard of them but have never worked for them.
Originally, it was a mother/daughter team in Montana.  Evidently now, the daughter's in Wisconsin but they still have an office in Montana.  Nice enough people.  I worked with the son-in-law for a while at another job.  The workload is easy, but I don't know how steady it is.  I applied with them when I was a newbie but found a job elsewhere for more pay.
Hypertype - anyone Heard or worked for?

I've been offered a job with Hypertype. They seem very nice, too nice actually and I was wondering if anyone has heard of them. They are based in Lake George, New York.



Hypertype - anyone Heard or worked for?

I work for Hypertype.  Don't worry, they are not putting on a front. They are just nice people!


CyberSecretaries-Anyone ever heard of them/worked for them? n/m
I never, ever heard of such a thing, even when I worked in-house.
Has anyone heard of or worked for ACES Up Medical Services? nm
Nothing from Transcend, although I heard others got gift cards or at least a card. I've worked th
several years so if it was just a case of being forgotten that is still pretty pathetic. How do you forget your employees, especially when you get junk bulk mail from there regarding nothing that involves you..but at Christmas you were forgotten. Oh well, I have work and for that I am grateful so I'll be nice...
Heard of Transcription Inc?
Anyone heard of a company called Transcription Inc?  Any info appreciated. 
QTI transcription...Anyone heard of them?
I am wondering what type of reputation they have, anything anyone knows about them, I'd appreciate.  Thanks
Has anyone heard of MBB transcription?
I received an email from them?
Anyone heard of QED Transcription?
(of Arizona) ... any feedback? thx
Anyone heard of DIT Transcription?

I just received an email from the hiring department of DIT Transcription. Has anyone heard of them? Is this a reputable company? Thanks!

Anyone heard of DIT Transcription?
I received a call back from the recruiter at DIT Transcription. Is this a reputable company? I have read mostly good things so far, but I am looking for a little more info since there isn't much. Thanks in advance!
Anyone ever heard of Q.E.D. Transcription?
Pros, cons?  TIA
I havent heard a word about an incentive and I have worked there almost 2 years so I guess I didnt
qualify for whatever status you needed to get an incentive. Is this something you get every pay period if you meet a quota or just something quarterly. Just curious.
anyone heard of DTS America Transcription?
I recently tested with them and wondered if they are a good company to work with. The website says they are based in TN.
Ever heard of Transcription Inc, from Arkansas?
anyone ever heard of this company? Anyone work for them or know someone that does?  Was there not a way to check out a company on one of these boards some time ago???  Im probably looking in the wrong place.  Any help would be fab!
Has anyone ever heard of Shapin Med. Transcription
Has anyone ever heard of Lextel Transcription? sm
I received an e-mail today from one of their recruiters and have never heard of them. ????
Anyone heard of Hands-On Transcription?
Has anyone heard of Echo Transcription Inc.? sm

Care to share your opinion and experience with them?  I tested with them today.  They seemed nice and friendly.  The platform was pretty user friendly. 

Is there plenty of work?  Is the pay fair?  Do they have benefits?  Thanks...if I'm offered a position, I'll find out all these answers, but I'm just really curious.

Just Me

Has anyone heard of DDS, Inc or Widrix Transcription? TIA


Anyone ever heard of LML Transcription and Consulting?
If so, your thoughts please?
Anyone heard of Transcription Direct?
Has anyone heard of Serviss Transcription?

They're a transcription company located in Colorado.

Anyone heard of United Transcription? nm
anyone heard of Lutz transcription
out of arizona?  thanks! happy 4th!
Rushmore Transcription - Anyone heard of it?

Just curious to know if anyone knows anything about the Rushmore Transcription company. Thanks

Anyone heard of NetMed Transcription?
Anyone heard of NetMed Transcription?
Anyone heard of J and J Transcription in Edmond, OK?
Thoughts? Good place to work? Thanks!
HAs anyone heard about Valentine Transcription...???

Just wondering...has anyone heard anything about Valentine transcription. Would love to hear from you.  JMD  

Anyone ever heard of TNI, LLC - Transcription Network, Inc.?..sm
Has anyone ever heard of this company?  She applied and then received a contract but never tested or talked to anyone.  Has anyone ever worked for or had a problem with this company concerning pay or work?  Thanks in advance.
anyone heard of Hoffman Transcription.
Any info appreciated.  New to the site so I hope this works... LOL!
Anybody every heard of Alpha Transcription? nm
Anyone heard of Eagle Eye Transcription?
Just wanted to see if anyone has info. on this transcription company that's located in Washington?
Anyone heard of Commonwealth Transcription Services
Looking around for a job and someone told me of Commonwealth. 
Has anyone heard back from All American Transcription
I have taken the transcription test also yesterday and have not heard from them yet?

Do you have any update with your application?  I wonder how the company is?

Has anyone heard of Transcription Systems of Illinois LLC. nm
Anyone heard of Wilson Transcription Service
Is it safe to work for a company that does not require a contract to sign; you just let them know when you're ready to work. 
has anyone ever heard of SmartScripts Medical Transcription?

They're based in Virginia.

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