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Haven't seen anything mentioned, but have any long-term MDI-MD SE's received anything for X-Ma

Posted By: Old-MT on 2006-01-01
In Reply to:

Just curious, as there was no mention that I could find on the boards.  As a SE and just recently being hired by MDI-MD, I didn't expect anything; however, I received a beautiful Thanksgiving, X-Mas and New Years e-mail card from my liaison.  Can't begin to tell you how much that was appreciated. Just remembering we're out here doing the work for them, and she in turn taking her time to chose a card to send us, has shown me more appreciation than I received in my past 12 yrs working for another National !   

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I haven't received it. Please try again.
I haven't received mine yet either but considering
the information posted on here, I'd say it is favorable. I think a few things people have been complaining about have been addressed and given:

1) Universal treatment. Sounds like the entire company is now under one plan of hours/production/base tiers/benefits/status. No one will be able to say they get a raw deal because of the office they are in. Everyone will get the same treatment in those areas.

2) A method of control for the workload -- in answer to those who complained about the SEs and others who jump on at the end of the payperiod to hog the work (not my words -- others, mind you): Now everyone has to adhere to a "firm schedule". OT only at supervisor's approval. Set number of hours. These things add up to more control over distribution of work and coverage for their accounts that they can count on.

3) The ability to move up in tier -- you can test and move up to another tier if you want to. Equates to you having an option on your base rate.

4) The ability to keep your incentive on a daily basis; and it sounds like it adds up to more than the incentive we are currently getting. Especially with so many plans floating around for incentive/production/bonuses, etc.

5) Time to make a decision. This is October 2nd. Sounds like you have a month to decide what you want to commit to and 3 months to get yourself prepared to start your new commitment in January. Time to analyze and think through what is best for your situation.

We knew that there was no way everyone was going to be happy about this plan because everyone's needs are different. Everyone has their own idea of what they want from their job. However, it sounds like a positive step in the right direction. Many of the bottom-line complaints have been resolved with this plan.

I'm satisfied with it. Making mock schedules right now so I can be ready to go FT at 39 hours!

My best wishes to all on making their decisions!
Ok, I still haven't received a response, BUT SM

I will go ahead and give the mailing address (instead of the e-mail) since that is public record.  Like I said, they are very small and may not be hiring, but I would imagine they would be happy to hold on to your cover letter and resume until such time that they are hiring.

Frontier Dictation

14945 Pollux Drive

Willis, TX  77318


Have a great day,


I havenít received all of my payments either.

You got your W2 already? I work there but haven't received (sm)
mine yet.  I was hoping to get it as an attachment to print out also and not have to wait for it to come in the mail. 
Haven't received one yet, but it's not Christmas yet.

Why do you think you have to have it immediately? It takes time to receive it depending on the mails. . Even if I don't receive one this year by Christmas, I would understand. They've been very good to us workers and I know every company is tightening their belts. Maybe they aren't giving one this year and don't know how to break it to us.

It's not the gift certificate that keeps me working for TT, it's their attitude. You can't find a better company to work for and if you only work for them for the bennies, then you'd be better off working another company/ Just my 2 cents.


Glad you got even 1 of the W2's; I haven't received either. n/m
What do you mean by no long-term QA

Do you want no QA department at all? Do you want to not have to have your work checked all the time? I'm not sure what you mean.

No, I think whatever it is, it's far more serious and long-term
I don't think it's just an overhiring spree, to be perfectly honest. I think there's something else going on.

Too many MTs on too many different accounts, all with no or minimal work, ICs suddenly having to chain themselves to their computers 24/7 hoping for work to show up, no explanation for the lack of work, total silence from the powers that be.

Scarily, it sounds very similar to what our fellow MTs at the Q went through.

I'm not saying they're offshoring but I am saying their lack of any explanation, lack of any response to emails from MTs, and that ludicrous email this morning all kind of point toward SOMETHING being askew.

I don't want to be a sitting duck so I'm applying elsewhere at this point. No matter how great they have been in the past, their behavior over the past month or so has left me VERY skeptical about the future with them.
Do it because it's the best thing for you both now and in the long term. SM
I agree that having the knowledge that you're not alone would be comforting, but the bottom line is all of us need to have the attitude of be willing to do what it takes regardless of whether others do or don't see the importance of taking action. Actually, I see that in your post. You have already made the decision that you have to move on. So take heart, because there are plenty of positions out there with companies who are not selling our profession out from under us, and the ones that don't put off doing what needs to be done are the ones that will fill all of the currently available positions. That's where we all need to concentrate on being, i.e., with companies that realize we are the ones that provide them with the service they market. Without us, they have nothing. For sure, it won't happen over night, but the accounts will eventually have to follow the work force. They will have to look to the companies that can provide them with the service they need. That's not wishful thinking, that's reality. Everyone needs to take the attitude of supporting the companies that support us and our profession regardless of how many others do or don't follow suit. It starts right here with me and with you.

True, if as a profession we don't stand together on this, what the few of us do will make no difference in the overall scheme of things, but it will make a difference to me and to everyone else that takes these necessary steps to know that we refused to help some company owner or corporate board get rich off of our skills while they were busy working behind our backs to do us in. If we're going to have to be looking for different work in the future, I see no reason to help make those that would put us in that position get rich in the process. They intend to eventually take our livelihoods away from us. I think we should take theirs now while we still can and give it to those who will support us.
Should you keep working as an IC when you haven't received payment from last month?
I am working as an IC and still have not received payment from last month.  I also had to pay $75 deposit for their software.  My MTSO recieved my invoice from last month and nothing.  They just keep sending me work and I am still being nice.  My sister said no money, no work and do not do the work until I get my check.  Is she right?  My MTSO has recieved my invoice and let me know they have it.  Any suggestions?
Have worked for them 8 weeks, haven't received a check yet. -nm

The long-term MT world is so small

and we all (MTs, QAs, recruiters and other staff) move around so much that I know and have run into a bunch of the same people at different times/different companies.  There are many MTs I have never met but I know their work and I know who they are from board postings on other sites...there are more than a few bad ones and more than a few high-maintenance ones.  I know who they are and I assume that other people who have been doing this for a long time know who they are also.  When presented with one of these people, would you knowingly hire someone whose work you have seen previously (BAD) or who was a difficult/troublesome/undependable employee?  No.  So there is not an official list, but there are a few people out there in the world I recognize by email addy or name and won't deal with them because of previous experience.  I'm also sure they would never recognize themselves as difficult, troublesome or undependable.

I'm a long-term Precyse employee ...

In short, if you need to make a decent living, to use the words of other posters about some other MT services, run, run very far and fast in the opposite direction. 

Other employees may present another work experience, but I've found that despite the fact that they have great managers, good team spirit, and treat the MT's with courtesy and respect that for the most part the dictators are terrible, sound quality is poor, and I've yet to receive a stable primary.  I get bounced around all over the place due to low work volumes or accounts being transferred over to the offshoring side of the company for Indian MT's to work on. 

ASR takes up a significant portion of our transcription now.  Between ASR and the offshoring it's my perception (and it may just be a matter of perception) that most of the 'easier' dictators have been routed in this direction while those of us still doing straight transcription get a more concentrated pool of challenged dictators.  Because there's not a mix of the good and the bad it's very difficult to pull lines.  I haven't made my company minimum production in I don't know when and know of many other MT's who are in the same boat. 

The platform, though, is very user friendly and only rarely has glitches that prevent you from working (although glitches do occur). 

I hope this helps. 

P.S.  For some reason it's difficult to find recent info in the archives on Precyse.  I remember a week or two ago another poster saying that she too had done a search and couldn't come up with anything more recent than 2006, although I know that there have been more recent postings. 

I am also long-term happy here; nothing is perfect but sm
Webmedx is working for me, has worked for me about 8 yrs now; next best thing to my previous hospital job.
This is a gambit that won't work over the long term
I don't know many experienced MTs who are signing on for this VR for less pay. Before anybody chimes in who has a unique situation and loves it, save it. I've heard it before. But if you look at the job board, you will see that there are some MTSOs who use no VR as a sales pitch to attract good MTs. I also know of my local hospital where the MTs there are being forced achieve a minimum amount of minutes on VR or their pay gets docked. This stems from the bogus sales pitch that the dishonest vendors fed the management. That you can do VR faster so you can pay less. The MTs aren't happy and are looking for work elsewhere.
I've had concerns for at least a year. I'm a long-term

QTer so I have seen lots of changes.  Not that I expect anything, but we've always gotten something for MT week and this year not even a card and the whole stink over Christmas.  The IRA thing doesn't have me really concerned.  From what I understand they only hire ICs now.  I know they've had some long-term people leave who might have been employees, so it might not be cost efficient to continue the program.   I haven't had a raise in several years and these days I'm just glad to have a paycheck.  I don't know how much of the work is being offshored, but you would think that would free up some $$, unless they have had to hire extra QA people.  I like not having lots of e-mails/phone calls, but I also would like to know what is going on.  I denied for months they were offshoring, but when I got proof it was a slap in the face and I felt like we should have been told about it.  There seems to be plenty of work on my account so the offshoring hasn't  affected me directly.  So far the checks are always on time and have never bounced. 

Things have definitely changed and I don't think for the better, though I've interviewed with several companies lately and haven't found one yet that is better than QT.  I just try to do my lines and be thankful for a paycheck and just accept the fact that the company will never be what it was. 

Question for long-term TransTech Transcriptionists

I have read so many wonderful things about this company, but no one seems to talk about cpl.  I know what they offered me is about average for nationals, but I also was told they do not give raises.  Is this really true.  Does that mean if you are an excellent transcriptionist, and more reliable than normal, they would never give you a raise?  That doesn't sound good to me.  Would anyone care to say if they have gotten a raise while working there.

Your help is much appreciated.



Any info, recent new hires, long-term employees? ..sm

How do you like it? Are you productive on the platform? How is the pooling? Can ShortHand work on the system? any info would be greatly appreciated.


They did?!! How long has this been in place? Never see it mentioned in their ads. Sure it was
Not just this week, a long term problem. Nice people, good benefits, but
I doubt any business will succeed that bases its profits on screwing their long-term employees. sm

You are not the only one who has worked hard for the company, but it doesn't matter if I like the people or not -- I have to make a living.  Your callous disregard for that fact (along with theirs), calling it something like an oversight or human error is a slap in the face to those of us who struggle alone to support a family on a measly 30-40 minutes of dictation a day, coupled with the fact that we were out and out lied to about the shortage of work.  How can there be mutual respect in a situation like that?

I am glad you support and care for them, and I hope they never leave you high and dry like they have done the rest of us.  I, for one, am done.  I don't need the lovey-dovey family talk when it is all a pack of lies.  That kind of family I do not need.

Maybe you haven't been there long enough

I don't know what you consider great money during training but from what I understand, I would go broke if I had to work for the hourly rate.   I make much more than that and have for quite some time with this company. 


They aren't all bad.  There are ups and downs, just like anywhere else but I'm satisfied.

you just haven't been there long enough- you will see
It will happen.
You haven't been there very long. Flexibility is very much sm
determined by who you immediate supervisor is.  The post below is quite correct.  They are VERY flexible the last few months, because many accounts run out of work constantly.  They are not only flexible, but apologetic.  This is spoken by someone who has been with the company several years, not a few months.
then you haven't been in the picture long enough..
Yeah people let loose everyday, but do nothing but whine like little puppies. This person is actually gonna do something about it even if it's for her friend. Wrong is wrong.

It doesnt matter how long her MT friend stayed. I don't care if it was for $300.

Oh, you can SPEAK all you want, have you ever been in a situtation where you had to fight to get your money whether it be $300 or $5000? I rest my case.
Opinion? its a legal labor term - not a generic term for quibbling.
Haven't heard one of those in a long time !
Those were the happy days of MT'ing.
Do they still exist? Haven't been posted about in a long time. nm
Read down the board. Mentioned just 2 posts below yours and mentioned
multiple times this week. 
Maybe I should not even use the term ESL

Maybe I should have said horrible dictators, because some of the ESL guys are not that bad honestly.  It just happens that they used a horrible dictator with bad audio for the transcribing portion of the test.  You do have to think $$ these days, no matter who you transcribe for.  If you are on let's say an Ortho account, and there are horrible dictators there (ESLs and all) that it interferes with your income.  You are making $30,000/year - while on a previous Ortho account you know you were making over $40,000/year.  Honestly, aren't you going to look for a more profitable account??  You can be the best MT in the world, but it is still the dictator's responsibility for what prints out, isn't it.  Accurate garbage is still accurate garbage.  Is it profitable?  We really do work for the paychecks - not the doctor, the company, or even the patient for that matter.  If not, then you should be volunteering.

medical term

"Palpation over the muscular tissues reveals mild tenderness in the bilateral paraspinals (s/l: clavatus or quivatus, and spiro-glineal) region."  I can't figure it out and am hoping someone out there will give it a shot!  The words in parentheses aren't words I know, they just sound like what he's saying.  TIA.

medical term
It could be gluteal. I thought of that too, but just can't figure out what he's saying before that if it is gluteal. S/l spiro or could be superior......don't hear left or right unfortunately. thanks very much.
Difficulty with a term
This s/l D-timer and is a test done to r/o pulmonary embolus.
Any help appreciated.
ESL is a relative term.
Just because they have an accent doesn't make them any more difficult to do than the average Joe.  JMHO. 
Oh my. You actually use that term enough to need an expander?
Ooh! A new term. What is a squid? (nm)
Well, that's what we do. It's an appropriate term. At least its better than typist. nm


"Transcribers" is NEVER an appropriate term
A transcriber is a machine. A Transcriptionist is a person. They, and we, should always remember the difference.
when you use the term "Indian"..

or any ethnicity within a derogatory connotation, it most certainly is racist.  Go check your dictionary for the definition. 

I could never figure that term out myself.

Does management really not realize that if you run out of work on your primary account and have to work on 3, 4, or 5 different accounts that are unfamiliar and sometimes all on different platforms, that in itself is limiting?  I've done this so many times I can't even begin to count them.  I'm lucky if I make $8 an hour doing this, and the ONLY way it would help me reach my needed rate to qualify for full-time benefits is if I do it 15 hours a day!  How is this 'self-limiting?' If you're THAT familiar with your backup accounts where you're making what you do on your primary, you're running out of work consistently and this would make what they say about it being occasional an inconsistency.

The term *stagger*
is such BS. Do they stagger for us? Anymore staggering and we won't be able to walk aka function.
probably don't even know what the term means...
and you couldn't take advice from anyone, as you think you are just too perfect. you're right and everybody else is wrong. the world revolves around you, you, you. cold, heartless, compassionless, unempathetic you.
ESL is a relative term. We all know Dr. Joe EFL can be far worse! nm
Not OSI MT, but term venture capitalist SM
has been used a lot lately in reference to MT companies. My own company has venture capitalist, or is it vulture capitalists?

Only speculation on my part, but are these Indian investors who want an American MT company, then eventually move said company to India? Or wherever?

I supposed none of it really matters, I am just curious. Am I the only person who wonders about this?
Yes, "best" is a relative term but (sm)
I mean best based on info by MTs on this board and by docs in the industry who refer colleagues to this fast-growing MTSO.  Guess which MTSO?  I'm not saying   Actually, this icon looks like it is waving it's middle finger instead of pointy finger, so don't mean to offend and don't think I'll use it again (lol!)
I think if you have short-term disability
as a benefit with a company, that covers maternity leave.  I
short term benefits
I work for Transcend/MDI and I got short term benefits for my maternity leave for six weeks. It worked out great. If you have short term disability where you work now then you can take six weeks and get paid for it. I hope this helps.
Duh - "comparative term" not compative... End of my day!! LOL NM
Wow . . . I probably should have said short term disability.
For short-term disability to pay, you have
to be signed up for it, at least where I work.