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Here is the problem sm

Posted By: it's a circle on 2008-01-18
In Reply to: I am growing tired of this sm - You know me well and I'm a TTer

I don't think anyone has a problem with you liking where you work.  What we collectively have a problem with is that every couple of weeks we have a new favor of the month so to speak in companies.  We see dozens of glowing reviews of one company, everyone flocks there and then we start seeing people complaining about running out of work, overhiring...you name it. 

Last week it was Keystrokes.  Before that it was TT.  We get it.  You like working where you do.  That is great.  I personally do not share where I work because I have all the things you mention and a good line rate too.  Why would I want my company to be flavor of the week?

I don't get pats on the back and thank you for this and that.  I actually don't WANT those things.  I do not care whether someone I've never met thanks me for something.  It's just not that important to me.

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