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Here we go again!!!

Posted By: Sickand tired on 2008-07-23
In Reply to:

I hired on at a company who told me that they could only offer me 7.5 cpl because I would be doing clinic notes.  I agreed and signed on with this company. Now, I find my self doing mostly operative reports at 7.5 cpl with speech recognition at 3.5 cpl.  So I wish MTs on this board stop complaining about others testing out the companies and accepting more jobs to test them out. I wished to my almight that I did that.   Now, I am making 7.5 cpl for operative reports.  I am looking as we speak to ditch this company ASAP.  The only compensation I am getting right now is the praise of the QA people because they have someone who can handle the OPs.  I need to feed my family and will move on and try more companies at one time since reading it on this board.

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