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How long does it take Webmedx to respond to an on line app? (sm)

Posted By: Looking on 2006-07-10
In Reply to:

Just sent it off Friday, so I guess it could take a couple of days.  I am just ready to make the leap and I think I am leaning towards this company.  They sound pretty good from their ad and I see few/if any negative posts about them.

Just curious how long the whole process will take from application to testing to potential hiring and beginning work.  Any input? 

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How long does it take Webmedx to respond to an on line app? (sm)

Sent in the initial application, got an immediate E-mail with some different questions on it which I submitted 2 days ago. 

Really want to work for this company part time for now, possibly full time later. 

Any info appreciated.

How long does it take TransTech to respond to
Do you know how long it typically takes them to respond to resumes sent in?
I have known this for a long time; that is why I NEVER respond to an email from ANYONE on this board

because it will identify your email address when you return their email.  When they ask me to talk via email, I just don't respond to them.  NO RETURN EMAIL FROM ME.

They definitely rip you off with your line count. Figured this out long ago and quit long ago
Webmedx - how long til 150 lph?
Any Webmedx employees care to share how long it's taken to get to the 150 lph? Are you actually able to type 8 hours a day straight typing? That's a lot considering in other jobs you'd not be clocking out to go to go look at samples, use the restroom or stop to rest your wrists. Yet it looks like to keep a good LPH you've got to clock out for anything that's not straight typing. And then to keep the benefits at 35+ hours a week, you've got to be clocked in. Sort of a catch-22. :(

Newbie here and a bit discouraged. Please share. Does it get better? I'm hoping once my normals are built up for some of these ESLs things will look up. Thanks.
How long does it usually take Webmedx
to get back to you after completing their tests and questionnaire? 
Has anyone applied to Webmedx, and if so, how long SM
did it take to hear back? tia
As long as Webmedx pays well for VR
accounts, I won't mind, but if they do like Transcend, I will have a real problem. I can't afford to make half the line rate I make transcribing doing VR. We'll see and hope for the best.
How long you been at Webmedx? I currently work there and
think they are a great company except for slow issues. Where you going?
How long have you worked for Webmedx?

How long does it take WebMedx to get back with a

I passed the initial screening and test about a week ago, and the next day was sent an email interview that I sent in the next day.  Is it time to give up hope, and take the wait as a rejection. 

Webmedx hiring process - how long?
Once you know you've passed, any idea how long it takes them to get back with you with an offer?

thanks :)
I also vote for Webmedx - used to work for the Q, left long ago sm
Have not worked for Transcend or SoftScript so can't judge. I agree with the above poster; pay good, shift diff, PTO, decent bennies. Lots of work. Keep in mind there are two parts of Webmedx - the one on Enterprise platform and ChartMatrix; the ChartMatrix side seems to have more negative reviews.
How long to get MQ line count up...
I was hired several weeks ago but ended up waiting about two weeks after sending in my contract to even start (their doing not mine). My training period ended today. I've only been working two weeks but according to the contract should've been working four weeks already. Are they going to expect me to hit my line count this early on when I started later than expected? I seem to be getting some of the same awful dictators over and over again on top of this being my first time in acute care. I honestly don't think I'll be able to reach my line count next pay period because I only got halfway there this pay period. Thoughts?
How long does the MQ on-line test take? Does it
How long does it usually take line counts to be
That is like asking how long is a string. Top line is whatever you can get.
cents a line at Webmedx
I get 8.5   It's a moderately difficult acute care account... not too heavy ESL  This is my third year with them.
I typed on a line that long way back when. Would NEVER do it again. Takes forever
? re WebMedx.Are they flexible w/ PT hrs? What's appx line pay? sm

I see an ad for ER work.  Is WebMedX a good company to work for?  Good QA?  Flexible on PT hours?  What are PT line/hour requirements?  Approximate pay rate?  The provide equipment, correct?  Thanks!!!


line count requirement at Webmedx

Last week I trained on a my account,which is very large with many dicators.  Today is the end of my first full week of production and I am averaging 110 lph. The requirements are 150 lph.  My trainer said that studies show it takes an average of 30 days to get used to a new account and reach production.  Therefore, I have 2 more weeks to reach 150 lph,and I am worried.  My supervisor said to work towards goal, but I know line count is the bottom line.  Can any Webmedx MTs shed some light on what they have experienced.  Also, is it usually customary to give at least 90 days?  My quality is good;however, I really need to crank out the lines.  Thanks

Same for Webmedx - 70% of your regular line rate. sm
That's better than some - I hear a few pay a flat rate of 2 or 3 cpl for editing!
Where is this information coming from about new MQ line rates? I'm a long-time MQer and have nev
You'll work as an employee, not IC. Need your own C-phone and pay for your own long distance line
Does Webmedx radiology still pays everyone at 7.25 per line regardless of experience?
Webmedx hiring bonanza and line counts
Webmedx has been hiring quite a few new grads lately for a brand new account. The expectation is for 150 lph after approximately one month. I find this more than a tad optimistic for brand new grads and, althought I've been offered a position with them, am just a little bit leery. Any thoughts anyone?
Webmedx pays 70% of your line rate. I make more on VR s/m
with them them straight typing, a lot more.
Webmedx - don't think I get get line count in for payperiod this time. (sm)

Several days of no/low work and last weekend when usually can pick up lines there was nothing.  This weekend will be last weekend of payperiod so I don't hold any big hopes for that.

I am relatively new to Webmedx and this will be the first time I haven't hit the requirements.  Can you tell me what might happen if anything.  Thanks.

You DO get a line rate increase for passing the CMT at Webmedx. sm
Ask your supervisor.
Webmedx pays 70% of your regular line rate. nm
Low line counts; paying long distance; getting crap work skipped by others.
Webmedx Editors, how are they paid (per line or hourly)? Do they reimburse for
CMT examination fee or pay part of it?  Do they give any kind of consideration for MTs or Editors with their CMT?
She means Webmedx - which pays VR at 70% of your normal line rate. nm
could you respond here for
I wish you would respond....I do.
But if it is only me, well that definitely won't do any good. We all have to stick together and let them know that it is an insult to be treated like non-*professionals*. If more people let them know they'd at least be forced to think about it instead of deleting a lonely email from one angry MT. I am beginning to think they continue to take away from us because most MTs can't be bothered and and/or will take it. ;)
Not only do they not respond....
but then every couple of months they are advertising again.  Do you think it is a vanity thing, or they are trying to  create a reputation for being busier than they are?  I don't understand why a business would waste time unnecessarily in this process, unless of course they are disorganized and discourteous, in which case they have a lot of turnover, which no business wants. 
May I respond to that?
Yes, you do get binders, and yes mine contain way more samples than I probably need; however, the necessary info boils down to just a few pages for doctor lists and account specifics.  And the crap the previous poster so delicately refers to is patient demographic information.  Speaking for my account, my morning routine consists of turning on my computer, setting my demographic update to run, get coffee ready, feed the dog and cat, and by the time that's done my update is usually done or has just another couple minutes.  No big deal really.  That's on the DOS account by the way. 
Can you respond here?
I guess they deleted my post on the main board because it eluded to a job wanted request. So, I had to repost it here instead. If you wouldn't mind responding here, I would greatly appreciate it!
I'm not the OP but I have to respond

I'm not the OP, but THANK YOU for pointing this out. I see so many negative posts on here (humorously referred to as *haterade* in another thread) that I sat and nodded my head in agreement with your post.

While some places fall far short of paradise, if the pay is even halfway decent and on time, this is not the time to turn one's nose up at a less-than-ideal offer.

To had to respond:

I do NOT find your reply rude or condescending.  I only wish I could shrug and deal with it as you apparently have.  Sure, I will give VR a try with it comes to my accounts. I am just dreading it because VR offers none of the things that I enjoy about transcription.  I do not think the humor potential is going to outweigh what I will be losing. 

It's not change, per se, that I resist because I certainly have had a lot of that over the years.  I've had to learn 7 or 8 transcription platforms (one loses count) with the loss in production that always means.  Three of these software changes were within the same company as some *suit* who did not transcribe decided to try out something new.  I have adjusted my schedule every which way to be accommodating.  I put in extra hours often, to help with TAT.  I'm not a total what's-in-it-for-me whiner.  But this is the change that just might do me in, because someone wants to cut my pay, capitalize on my knowledge and experience for less money, and call it progress.  Seriously, other than the chance to keep working, what IS in it for me?

One reason I have resisted offers to go into QA is that I enjoy the actual transcription so much.  Never have tried QA, I just do not feel I would enjoy finding and correcting the errors of others.  Not my thing.  I think VR would be so much worse.

I agree that MDI is a great company and I am glad to have found them after a few (okay, many) real loser companies. They have resisted offshore outsourcing and VR for a long time.  I am just sorry they have had to cave to the prevailing trend on VR.  Their client base expects high-quality work and I am hoping we can still give it to them with this transition.  But if a lot of us *seasoned* MTs choose to bail out, that may not happen. 

Did you respond to an ad?
Did they post a job opening somewhere recent that you were applying to?
Webmedx ASR rate is 70% of your regular line rate. sm
So if you are on a 9 cpl account, you get 6.3 CPL plus any bonus / incentives / shift differential.
ginny please respond
ginny, could you please give me your email so i can visit with you more?
What I don't understand is why anyone would respond to
a post that did not include the name of the company. I certainly would not. If they cannot be up front with who they are, they have something to hide.
i got the same email and did not respond (nm)
It seems usually I am the only one to respond good or bad -
Of all the people who have contacted me privately by email about the job and my thoughts on it, no one has ever come back and told me that I was wrong in what I told them - and I have never seen anyone respond negatively to the questions that are asked openly on this board until Tristen did it on this post.

My experience with eTransPlus may be unique, but it is hard for me to believe that I am the only person that is working happily at that company or they would not have any transcriptionists and therefore would not have a business. I know my 2000 lines a day are not carrying the company...

My experience has been very positive. I get help when I need it, I get extra work when/if I need it, not one time have I ever been told one thing and another happened, the line counts have not changed (I was given a pay scale when I started work and it is the same today as it was then). Yes, you make less if you work part time because you produce less lines - the tiered pay scale is in place as an incentive to do more work. You work harder, you are rewarded - ain't that the way most things work?

I for one will continue to be a cheerleader when someone asks a question about eTransPlus, as I have nothing but good things to say about everyone there!
You need to respond with you will comply with
stating you are now an employee.  You may then be looking for another job, but from what you state, you will become an employee under those demands.
Questions about OSI, PLEASE respond, thanks
I am considering a position with OSI.  How are they to work for?  Is there plenty of work?  Communication from company?  Is QA constructive or ridiculous?  Any input would be appreciated.  Thank you.
When will you respond to our e-mails?
You never respond to e-mails.