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I'm STARVING on 9.5 cpl !

Posted By: Hungry MT - nm on 2008-07-23
In Reply to: I'll switch jobs with you. I was doing ops for 9.5 cpl, then - poof, they are gone. SM


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I've been starving for months!!! sm
I haven't gotten a decent line count since January!!! I finally was forced to look for work elsewhere before I went under completely. Yes, the people there are really nice, with the exception of a few that are either still there or have come and gone, but overall if they can't provide enough work to their long-term dedicated employees, or should I say ICs, then they're going to lose us. What other choice do we have?!!
No work at MDI-FL. Starving. What a waste of day getting up early for nothing.
This gets old. It has been like this for a week. I wonder how long people are supposed to hang out and do nothing.
I agree with Happy. Starving MT doesn't
a ton of work at Transcend.  It sounds like she's limited in her work type capability.  Please stop with the they send their best work to India because this is not accurate.  Good luck with your training.  I think you'll find Transcend a great company to work for.
Starving to death without health insurance and looking for another job! nm
issues talk to lawyer. This is easier than starving?
Puhahaha! I'd probably end up starving to death or gathering enough vegetables being thrown to op
my own produce stand. Thanks for the chuckle. XDDDD