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I'm not the OP, but what you suggested is hilarious and

Posted By: good grief on 2008-01-08
In Reply to: Ever think maybe this is part of the test. - Put the file on your desktop and right click

absolutely not true. 

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Thanks. I did what you suggested
except I called and left a message and, within an hour or so, I had a job offer. I dub thee my unseen angel!
Nobody suggested OP not tell them when she
Thanks to all 3 posters above. I will look where you suggested! nm
Someone on this board suggested . .
doing it this way. Hold down the control key, push the up down wheel on your mouse up or down, it will make the font bigger or smaller. Just remember to change it back before exiting the document.
I suggested that to them one time -
They acted like I had lost my mind! I think those with the power to assign work pools have forgotten what it is like to type reports with all kinds of different specifics for hospitals all over the place with hundreds and hundreds of docs and even more referring docs. My pool is set to where I switch back and forth all day long between these hospitals with different specifics. It is pretty grueling!
Never suggested being discourteous. Just saying if
I have not responded yet. It was suggested that
we should let them know when we were ready to train. I figure when It gets to the point when I am not getting my required lines for the pay period, I will left them know I need the training.
thanks...I did what you suggested....the info helps.
Someone suggested everyone has overhired a lot of former MedQuist people -
Not sure if this is true or not, but it is one possibility. A friend of mine says her checks have been less than half what they normally are for June AND July. Let's hope it picks up for us all soon!
Advise is in SpellCheck. So maybe you should have suggested Proofing Ms Grammar Police.
Thanks for the laugh!
That is hilarious considering that is what
their website says. I will not work for a company like that!! For this George person to insult prospective employees is about the worst thing he could possibly do. Where is his brain?!
where did you see this voice recognition bloopers post? I find some of them hilarious.
This is hilarious! nm

This is absolutely hilarious!! (nm)
OMG that is hilarious, but so true!
I almost fell out of my chair laughing reading your post! It's totally true, though! MTs cannot be replaced by machines! It just is not productive!
HILARIOUS..or maybe BitterRUSMTs.com

Oh cow.. I almost feel sorry for her. To be so incredibly bitter and unhappy. I just take it in stride whatever people have to say on here. 've been broke, I've been a single parent, I've been homeless and car-less, down but NEVER out.. Life is what you make it..That's my motto that I live by.

Not re Jax, but just gotta say your user name is hilarious!
I thought it was hilarious!!! I literally LOL'd when I saw it!
Impressive?? That's hilarious. Thanks for the laugh.
javascript:editor_insertHTML('text',''); sigh
Hahaha! LMAO, you are hilarious!...nm
That's hilarious..and then when they call to fire you for not doing them..Tell them TOO LATE..
No exp w/that acct but your typo inside is hilarious

This is hilarious, a company I just applied for had UNPAID
How is that a benefit? Where do these people come up with this stuff......Gee thanks guys for letting me have a day off without pay, you are such a wonderful company to work for, I feel so fortunate!!!
It's from Russell Peters, a hilarious 'dot not feather' Canadian comic. n/m