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I'm sure it has been asked 100 times but any company have pathology?

Posted By: nm on 2005-12-02
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Someone has asked about them at least 5 times
this week.  If you'll scroll down the page you'll find info, also check archives.  Nothing good.   Indian company with a store front office in US.
I love doing pathology, but it is hard to find a position for working at home. Gross pathology is
easy, descriptive typing.  Microscopic is a little more difficult, but once you get the terminology down, it goes really quickly.  I also found it easy to get lines in with pathology.  If you've done acute care, you should not have a problem with the transition, IMHO. 
That is a question I have asked many times and
cannot get the answer to. Even when being as nice as possible, you will still have people that will bite your head off. I guess it's just their nature to be that way.
This question has been asked many times
Please look through the archives.
I had asked this several times, but got no response.

Everyone seemed to love the VR at TT, but no one would give an approximate percentage of VR reports that were 80% to 100% correction.  I asked this 3 different times and there were all sorts of responses from TT people after my posts, but yet no one answered this question.  So I kind of figured that it was a high amount, so I never applied. 

Have asked several times for a back up account.
I'm still waiting....
this has been asked many times lately. Use Search box below Google box
All your questions have been asked and answered several times
the past couple of months.  Do a search for past posts. 
I know this question is asked a million times but who is good to work for
anymore?  I have 13 years experience and I work at a hospital part time but I know I can make more on production plus I need the flexibility because I have osteo in my back and other health problems that require me to kind of break it up if you know what I mean.  I'd only like to work 4 to 6 hours a day, make a decent line rate, and have flexibility of having a span of time within which to get my lines done.  I don't need benefits but do not like IC status; I prefer statutory.  Any ideas?
This company has been discussed many times here.
Try doing a search and checking the archives as there is a lot of information there, but none of its sounds very good.
What kind of a behind-the-times company is this
that thinks they have to train you in person anyway?! LOL.
There are times when someone is with a company a very short time but they are obviously sm
management material, especially if they have been management somewhere else in the past. I have never had anyone as a manager and am looking into that but it is difficult to figure out what and how to pay this person, what their duties will be and what kind of hours I need help during. I have had 15 of the same MTs for over 5 years and while they are all good MTs, they either do not want to be or would not make good managers, but someone I hired just 3 weeks ago is someone I am considering based on her experience and what she has proven to me in this short time.

In other industries, it is called the Fast Track to Management or Climbing the Corporate Ladder Quickly. Why should MT be any different?
Hey, don't feel bad, many times it takes days for the company to ,,,,,sm
look through all the resumes and tests they receive, just believe in yourself, keep positive, keep applying to other good prospects, and it will happen for you. Good Luck!!
She also asked for name of company
i did not give
Sorry to hear that. I talked with Ann a few times, and it sounded like a good company. nm

I worked for them a year or so ago. Good company. Owners a little quirky at times, but set sm..
set accounts so can build speed with repetition.  Pay on time and treat you very decent. 
but mgmt told me they outsourced some work to a small company at times.

There is no reason for me to lie about this.

I am NOT talking about offshoring, but the company whom they outsource to may offshore . . . I have no idea about that.  But straight from the horse's mouth, they have outsourced to a small MTSO before. 

You can notice how the work dries up all of a sudden when they turn it over to the service and we have no work.

TT mgmt may not tell that they outsource today, but they definitely told me about 9 months ago when I asked when the work was low.  From the way the jobs disappear occasionally, I think it happens quite often.

Scroll down the board. This company has been asked about
several times this week, if not every day this week.   Not much info other than they don't pay very well. 
I haven't but the company I used to work for asked
MTs to take a cut or risk losing the account because the account wanted to go offshore. 
A lot of times, if they need extra help, they will over 1-1/2 times our regular rate. sm
This is the equivalent of OT but you get it even if you have not done 40 hours already. I have also received AmerExp gift cards a few times for incentives offered. I think it depends on the account.

I do know for sure that they are working on an incentive program but I have no details and not even sure if they are still looking at it.

I do know for sure that I make more $$ with Keystrokes than I have ever made anywhere else.
Where do the pathology MT's
work who are being pd  cpl.  You say this like this is standard. I have never heard this.  Can you be more specific?
hey all.............anything happening in the world of pathology?  any at home positions with this field out there?  any hospitals hiring in pathology department?  just wanted to kick this one around.......................thanks
I would love to know where in MQ the path gets done; would love to transfer there. Info?

I would like any and all opinions and comments on how to go about getting pathology accounts as an IC working on-site.  How much would you charge?  What are the good markets (city, state, etc).  Would you stay local or go national?  Is this a good specialty to get into, is the work and accounts stable?  Ok, thanks all!

RE: Pathology
In my opinion, the nature of patholgoy transcription, especially histological, which is dictated in two parts (micro, gross), necessitates it is done on-site/in-house, and in the area where I currently live, all hospitals do not outsource this portion of their transcription; done in either pathology laboratories or within a hospital itself. Again, my opinion only.
I'm in northwest indiana, just outside of chicago....
For many years I was an IC who worked at home for the path department of a huge teaching hospital. It worked out very well.
I would love to know companies that need pathology transcriptionists.  I have 12 years experience in pathology and LOVE IT!  I am currently doing cardiology because I can't find a pathology experience.  I would love if it someone could tell me who needs pathology transcriptionists!
I live in Georgia.
When they called me and I asked them if they offshored, they asked me why that was my business!
I'm very curious; why do pathology MTs get 13 cpl,
unfortunately radiology and pathology
will see a great decline in the number of MTs mainly due to voice recognition. A lot of companies that are developing VR platforms are focusing on these two specialties since they tend to be more monotonous than your basic acute care dictation. I also personally think that hospitals are now starting to oursource their radiology and patholgoy work more now because of this and to cut back costs.
Pathology transcription
I was wondering if you would be willing to tell me who you worked for at home doing pathology transcription? I would really like to get back into but not many jobs available.
Donna Hunt
spheris pathology
Does anyone here work for Spheris doing pathology? How is it?
Anyone do Pathology for SmartMed?
Andrews School....radiology & pathology
I called Andrews School today just to see what they had to offer.  The person I talked to said that radiology is like pathology and is typically done in-house.  She also stated that in about ten years that radiology AND pathology will be eliminated departments in most hospitals if not all.  What struck me though was her surprise when I told her that radiology is done by many at-home medical transcriptionists.  I beg to differ with this lady because on the MTJobs.com board, I always see companies looking for at-home radiology medical transcriptionists, and quite frequently mind you.  I would like some feedback about this please.  Is this lady talking out of her ear (and I think she is.)  Do you think radiology AND pathology will be eliminated as departments in the future?  Is your opinion that radiology is frequently done by at-home medical transcriptionists?  And what is everybody's opinion of Andrews School?  Personally I think they are incredibly expensive.  She quoted me 3800 bucks for the course with a minimum deposit of 1000 dollars.  And she didn't seem too worried about quality but rather my typing speed and how quick I could get through the course.  Any and all information would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.
Acute care versus pathology

I did pathology transcription for 13 years and have been doing acute care for 8 years now.  Pathology can be very detailed, especially in the hospital surgical setting where you have a lot of surgeons performing every type of surgery imaginable.  The specimens run the entire anatomical gamut.  If you are going to be doing pathology in a laboratory setting, such as LabCorp, your work will be repetitious and you should be able to use many macros. Also remember, in pathology you will have no meds and no equipment to research.  In the hospital surgical setting, you would have more detailed anatomy dictation than a typical hospital OP note, but you will not have this in the typical laboratory setting.  Pathology reports are also completed in stages that are dictated days apart, and that is the biggest difference between them and medical records type work, in my opinion.  If you have been successful in doing acute care for any length of time, you will be able to do pathology and do it very well.  My concern would be that you would become bored with the work.  In a lab setting you will probably be doing lots and lots of prostate and skin biopsies, and biopsies taken from EGDs and colonoscopies.  Best of luck in whatever you decide to do.  :)

That's ridiculous. If you have ever typed a pathology report

you would know that.  It is sometimes a double process, typing the gross and then going back in and typing the microscopic. 

I cannot fathom how anyone could offer so little money for those type reports as the terminology is extremely technical. 

Do you get paid for grosses, then again for the final pathology? sm
Anyone ever worked for LabCorp as a pathology transcriptionist, etc.

Would be interested to know about their benefits.  I have been offered a position as a Lead Support Transcriptionist and pay range is from 16 to 22 dollars per hour and they mention a whole lot of benefits on the website.  I know, I can ask them in a couple days, but am so anxious, just thought I would though the question out to see if anyone would respond.

By the way, LabCorp still has in-house transcription, so if your'e looking for work at a company try them.  If you have done acute care, you can do pathology.  I am an acute care transcriptionist myself.  They also have laboratory assistant jobs if your'e just tired of transcription as a whole.  I believe they start at about 13 an hour.

Anyone ever worked for LabCorp as a pathology transcriptionist, etc.

Would be interested to know about their benefits.  I have been offered a position as a Lead Support Transcriptionist and pay range is from 16 to 22 dollars per hour and they mention a whole lot of benefits on the website.  I know, I can ask them in a couple days myself, but am so anxious, just thought I would throw the question out to see if anyone would know firsthand.

By the way, LabCorp still has in-house transcription, so if your'e looking for work at a company, try them.  If you have done acute care, you can do pathology.  I am an acute care transcriptionist myself.  They also have laboratory assistant jobs if your'e just tired of transcription as a whole.  I believe they start at about 13 an hour.  I think your'e keying in accession numbers to the specimens submitted.

Keystrokes has an ad for a pathology transcriber on the job seekers board. sm
Is Pathology easy to do? I have 8 years in acute care but have never done pathology or radiology and might be interested in a change.
Acute Care versus Pathology.... After 28 years as an

acute care medical transcriptionist, and working from home the past 7 years, I have decided to go back out in the workforce.   I have an interview on Monday with LabCorp as pathology transcriptionist.   After almost 30 years in the medical transcription profession, and at age 50, I am facing no retirement benefits, no health insurance, no sick time or holiday or vacation time.   I know it's a little late to wake up and smell the coffee, but I figure in the next 15 years, I may have a little retirement to look forward to.      Anyone working for LabCorp know anything about the benefits?

Is $15.00 an hour good pay for pathology transcriptionist at a LabCorp
with bennies, working in-house?
Is $15.00 per hour with excellent benefits good pay for a pathology transcriptionist
There is an ad in my local newspaper for this position, and I am considering applying.  It doesn't mention anything about incentive, so I doubt that there is any, but the way the transcription industry is going, I think this may be my best shot for the next 15 years.  As I turned 50 yesterday and looking to retire at 65.  They have pension plan and 401K with match, long and short term disability.
Sad but true. You're asked to work NOW, then asked to stop NOW, then go again and then stop
If you dont get off the minute the hospital asks, even if you have no idea that they have requested that your to be off, then the hospital MTs steal your work right out of your queue and I mean reports you have already done. I dont understand the concept of having a contract with a hospital and then having to fight for work with the hospital MTs. We should have guaranteed work during our shift and enough of the the hospital wants you to help right now and then a few hours later they want us to stop working as the work is too low. It is crazy and I couldnt work like that so I had to quit.
Me too. I got cut off one too many times.
I can't tell you how many times....
this has happened to me! It's as if they either don't listen, or don't want to hear that you are only able to take X amount of work each day. Don't you feel taken advantage of? The only solution I've found is to leave the MTSO and keep looking for someone who will respect your requests. It's tough to bounce around like that, but I don't think your existing MTSO will change. Good luck.
I think so, although at times the
communication can be not so great.   I don't know how many MTs KS has, though they seem to be growing so fast that the number is subject to change weekly, but there is still a small feel to it.  The owner is fairly forthcoming with information, at least from what I have seen thus far. 
Here are the times - SM
If your last name starts with the letter A through F: 10 AM

If your last name starts with the letter G through O: 11:30 AM

If your last name starts with the letter P through Z: 2 PM
You have said that 3 times...
Who are you trying to convince? If the hourly QCs were worried about quality instead of their own prestige and how much money they make, things might have been different....