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I've heard good things about MDI.

Posted By: mt on 2008-03-11
In Reply to: new position - rachel

Sorry, I'm not part time so that's all I can offer. Felt I should write something as poster below didn't seem to realize this company board is for asking and discussing companies.

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I've heard good things about both...sm
but which one pays better?  I'm curious to know too as I thought about applying for eMTS.  Let us know.  TIA
Do you mean Axolotl? If so, I've heard many good things about them. nm
I've heard only positive things about them. So, I applied, but haven't heard a word. Maybe fl
I have no idea...ask MTME. I've heard bad things about MDI-MD and am not interested! n/m
I've heard mixed things about MediTech platform...can anyone weight in on (sm)
its pros and cons? I'm going to be learning it in my new job soon. I couldn't find much in the archives that is very recent. Thanks.
I have heard good things - sm
I even spoke to the owner on the phone - SUPER nice.  I couldn't take the position right now due to personal reasons but would definitely go with them in the future if need be.  A current employee likes it there that I spoke to.
I heard good things about them, but I have to
I really do not like that Oak site, I have tested through that before and lots of hoops to jump through... I don't know if I have the time to take it, the company would have to be really really worth it for me to take the time to test with that software. Just my 2c.
I've seen mostly good things on here...
I just signed on with them and am excited to get started.  :D 
I have heard only good things about MDI-FL and have talked to the sm
owners myself. They seem to be very nice people who care about their transcriptionists. They are MTs themselves, something that helps in this business.

I know they have grown this past year. They probably found the two or three MTs that move from company to company, always finding fault and always bashing the one they quit or were terminated from. It is just MDI-FL's turn to be bashed. I am sure that most people reading this board take it all with a grain of salt.

If you love the company you work for - stay with them. Obviously you found a great fit. I am fortunate enough to have MTs like love working for us (not saying who I am as I promised my staff I would stay away from here) and fortunate enough to have applicants that don't take the bashing on these boards as gospel.
Heard good things about Landmark, so went sm
to their website. It states you must work both Saturday and Sunday. I might have read it wrong, but I'm pretty sure that's what it said.

I would love a M-F job and wouldn't mind working one weekend day, but not both.
Heard good things about Landmark, so went sm
to their website. It states you must work both Saturday and Sunday. I might have read it wrong, but I'm pretty sure that's what it said.

I would love a M-F job and wouldn't mind working one weekend day, but not both.
I've head a lot of good things...sm
About Axolotl. Do you happen to have any info. on which specialties they are hiring for? I haven't seen any job ads for them.

I also heard something about them not paying for spaces. Can you comment on that?

Thank you!
What kind of changes? I am looking to apply there and have heard good things. I don't want
to go in blind, but all the postings are so vague. Can you give me an example so I can decide for myself?
I have heard good things about New England in the past
don't know if that has changed. I would also throw in a vote for TransTech. After cycling through several other companies, I have finally found a home with Transtech and I am very happy there.
What a shame, I had always heard good things about QT Medical. (sm)
I hope they had been kind enough to forewarn their employees or at least provide severance pay. Good luck to all their people. Many people hiring hope you all find a good home quickly.
I have heard really bad things from QA about our overflow that goes to Amherst. Not good quality and
clients complaining because the MTs that are getting the work are making mistakes and not reading the client profile. Good way to lose accounts.
I have heard nothing but good things about Webmedx, but no personal experience NM
i've heard nothing good about transolutions
Pretty good from what I've heard...
A friend of mine works for them. Said they are strict on accuracy and line counts but are also somewhat flexible in schedule.
I've always heard if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. n/m
I've heard good and bad, just want facts from the horses mouth.

I have also heard great things about this company, only recently have I heard bad things.  If they post on this message board they supposedly do not offshore work. The moderator would definitely have something to say about that, don't you think?

Does that make sense to you?

I've only heard of Intellitype. Never heard of Teletype.
What the heck? I've never heard that in the 8 yrs I've worked here. sm
Go back to your STM or over his or her head.
No. Expect good things, and good things will come
The only things I heard about them
and the test is long and tedious and then you have to work I believe an entire month before your first paycheck. 
Because of all the great things I have heard here - sm
I just finished filling out my paperwork for Futurenet. I have been looking for 3 months, contemplated many offers and turned down many offers. I think this is just what I am looking for.

The autocorrect that you use - is this the feature that is in the word program? I was told that there is a word Expander in their program. Do they mean Autotext? If so, is it easy to use? Thanks!
I heard great things too
which is why I am so hesitant to even consider looking elsewhere. Hope we hear something tomorrow. Feel free to email if you find out anything.
I had heard so many great things about KS too, though

it was mainly only a couple of MTs that posted.  I want to do more than be an MT and I thought KS would be a good company that I could advance with. 

It just did not turn out to be a good experience for me.  They talked a good talk, but they never followed through with the raises or anything else.  I never ever got paid for OT, yet was asked to work extra during my work days and asked to work on my scheduled days off.  I worked because I needed the money, but 8 cpl just wasn't worth it.  I also had a lead that wasn't very good and you might as well have talked to the wall. 

I think there are worse companies out there and if you are coming from MQ they might seem pretty good.  If you go back and reread your post it sounds like it is a no brainer. 

I've done all those things (sm)
The Labor Dept. investigation has been going on since last May, and I immediately contacted SS when I found that discrepancy.  Just trying to let others know so they can watch for similar problems.  Thanks.
I've been a QA 15 years and I've never heard
of any company only paying for the actual Keystrokes of the blank. You would literally make less than minimum wage that way. Waaay less.
Things are not good there now. Think only hiring for 2nd and 3rd shiifts. Good luck. nmx
I have heard terrible things about SoftScript. I was hired by them, but..
Was really appalled with what they asked. Did you see that disclaimer yet? Veto.
Evidently, we at Webmedx are to believe things are going well. So well, in fact, we will have a special meeting. Ha. Can't wait.

Agree with the above poster that those are never good. Some are distracted by the whole rah-rah atmosphere. But most of us know we are screwed.

I would think Web folks are less srewed than SS, though.
first, don't hate on me because I've figured things out... and it really CAN be done...
I work 16-17 hour days. I average about 50.75 an hour for all 4 companies. I also get incentives. I work 6 days a week. I have 2 kids, a husband and 2 dogs. and I make the most of my 1 day a week off. I work hours that nobody wants, accounts everyone hates and I have it in the bag with normals, short cuts and everything else that boosts my productivity. And there you have it. And in spite of the explanation, there will still be people saying bull crap ... fine, say it ... but don't hate someone because they have it put together in a tight package that works for them. I spent 19 years eating crap from horrible companies, etc. I finally got the right mix and I'll work it until it doesn't work anymore
You never said any of those things. I've followed this entire thread
What good does it do? They've lied, they've betrayed us.

They've taken all they are going to take from me.   I am not going to waste any more time being angry.   I hate the way things ended, but I refuse to accept the blame for any part of it because I know that was a lie too, even though they did try to blame the MTs.  I know part of the problem was quality issues, but QA wasn't to blame for that either, although they have been.   

It is time to pick up and move on.   I think mgmt will reap what they sow.   For those who worked on the main account Webmedx is still hiring, though the best time slots have already been taken.  



Evidently things haven't changed since I left. Sounds like they've gotten worse - LOL
This is the first I've heard about it...sm
and why would someone leave the company over QA problems?  If they're not a good MT then that's not the company's fault.
I've heard of them, go for it. nm
Yes I've heard of them
and worked for Tanya for awhile. She is extremely, extremely nice and amicable, but it just wasn't the job for me. Hope this helps.
I've heard both yes and no, so I'm not sure. Most say yes. nm
I've always heard...sm
that there are an average of 10 five-letter words in a 65-character line, which would mean there are also 10 (or 9 possibly) spaces you are paid for. So 55 characters without spaces would probably be about the same as as 65-character line.

I've done a few checks on reports by dividing number of words by 10 to get total lines and/or number of characters divided by 65 to get total lines and it is pretty close to a 65-character line with spaces... not always, because a lot depends on what you're transcribing, whether it uses a lot of big words or small words, etc., but I think overall it pretty much averages out. You'd have to try it and do the comparison on that particular account or work type to find out for sure. Hope this helps.
I've never heard of that (sm)
I had contacted Sprint to see if DSL was available and it wasn't. I guess I'll call them back to inquire about that. Thank you.
10-15 cpl for CMT? The most I've ever heard sm
was a half a cent or three quarters of a cent more than without the CMT.  I'd also question how much this person actually knows if she has to point out that CMT needs to be through AHDI/AAMT and not college, MT school, etc.?  I mean, last I heard there is only one place to obtain CMT cert.
thanks...I've never even heard of that before

I've never heard of that either.
We get paid per line, but like the AP said, we get credit for the full report. I have never heard of anyone that gets paid per correction. That's nuts.
I'm not really sure about PT. I've heard that they do or they used to and don't (sm)
anymore. You could go to their website www.keystrokestranscription.com and either contact them by e-mail or phone. I'm sorry, I wish I could answer you but I really don't know for sure. 
I've heard the same about them.
Plus, my company is losing several accounts to them. They do offshore quite a bit of their work which is why they can boast low rates for clients.
I've always heard it used
as in jockeying for position, as in jones'n around to strike the first blow in a cat fight.
I've never heard of them, but
I looked at their website. They say American only. I find it curious looking at the executive management page that many of the management are former Medquist people. I don't know if that's good or bad!
I've been there for years, work on the DSG1 side of things, pay on time, direct deposit, more
feedback lately.  I have always found the staff and MTs helpful and friendly.  Work does fluctuate, but if you have a few accounts, should keep you busy, also sound quality can be an issue but mostly okay.
Had the same happen here, heard the same thing, good references and good ....sm
job record will get you better $$$ if you are willing to promote yourself, search like crazy, talk to everyone, etc., but I have never been paid a cent more for CMT, what a waste, and all the years I paid my dues to AAMT, what a joke, they did NOTHING to better our field, just took the money for better conventions, as far as I can see.