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I've only been with present company for months and don't have counts where I'd like, otherw

Posted By: Happy2but on 2006-04-09
In Reply to: Yes I am happy, tho I'd be happier if I got paid for spaces - sm - XXX


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I've easily done 600, but it depends on the way a company counts lines and it depends on the
dictators. Obviously, if you have a good share of ESL, there is no way you could ever do 600 or 700. On really difficult ones, I usually run around 400 lines an hour and I have been working on this platform for 3 years.
No worry at present. As an IC for a mid size company...sm
I always submit my invoice using one of the accepted line counting softwares out there. Never a discrepancy on my invoice and paid in one week or less after submission of my invoice. Fortunately, I work for a company who values their MTs and pays quite fairly. I asked the question only out of curiosity. I only wanted more information regarding the MT platforms for future use. No plans on going anywhere for now, but one never knows in this industry.
I've had checked line counts in Instant Text and sm
actually found Instant Text lines to be less than i-Chart and pretty much equal to Word.
My company has been low on work for months and months..sm
Tired of getting the same ol' message that things will pick up.  I remember the days of bonuses, making money and being able to pay my bills!  I am also wondering what is going with these companies not having work.  Is everybody sending work overseas?
I've on been at MDI-MD a few months but
I have never had to scrape for work.  I can make my line count and then some and there have been huge backlogs on my accounts often.  Even when there aren't, I have several accounts I can fall back on to get my line count or more.
I've been with TT for about 9 months.
They are a great company, great benefits, good communication, great IT department, rare technical problems that are handled very quickly, lower line rate requirement than most, frequent bonuses for working extra, helpful QA. Not that I'm cheerleading.

And Keystrokes sounds just as good, so the main difference might be the line rate you can get.
I've been there about two months and

it is true they've run out of work often.  They don't really keep you updated on why except once it was something about the weather.  They aren't that bad really.  I like that I can use IM to contact QA at night.  The QA person is actually very helpful and not a hag like other companies I've worked at.  That part I like.  I had one night that I was feeling sort of really discouraged and she was able to give me a pep talk and even project some humor into it and I went away feeling much better.  The girl that works in the office is nice also and helpful. 

I guess you have to look at the pros and cons and I'd say probably it's 50/50 with this company.  I'm undecided if I'll stay here for long and I'm waiting to see how the summer goes and if the work picks up any. 

I do have to agree on the platform which is Apex.  It's not the best platform for MT work I don't think.  I think it's very basic and not very production minded.  I've also wondered about the line counts as they don't seem what they should be. 

I've been doing VR for several months.
I wasn't able to make my line counts at first. It was slow going for me to adjust. I can make better than my old line counts now (took about a month for me), but I can't double the counts. So I'm making less money in my usual shift. This means I work extra hours to make up the difference. So, I lose and someone else wins.

My problem with VR is not with the work. I like the work. I dislike the 1/2 line rate. Why half? Who came up with that? I may not apply my fingers to the keyboard for each and every word on the screen, but I sure do apply my BRAIN to each and every word. My job is about my knowledge, not about my fingers.

Lucky for me, I'm not the sole bread winner in the family. If our situation changes, than we're in trouble.
I've been doing VR for several months.
I had an immediate DRASTIC reduction in pay. I've increased my lines, but can't possibly make twice the number of lines I made doing straight traditional, especially with low work. I often find myself getting a mix from both my accounts, meaning I'm shifting between different AS, work types and dictators, which slows me down,too.

I'm looking at a career change. This is the end of the road for MT, IMO. I'd happily do VR, as I like if, IF they paid a better rate. I can do more lines, but who can realistically double their lines? We're getting shafted, and I hate it.
I've been starving for months!!! sm
I haven't gotten a decent line count since January!!! I finally was forced to look for work elsewhere before I went under completely. Yes, the people there are really nice, with the exception of a few that are either still there or have come and gone, but overall if they can't provide enough work to their long-term dedicated employees, or should I say ICs, then they're going to lose us. What other choice do we have?!!
I've been there 2 months now and love it!
So far, it is by far the best national I've worked for.
I've been there 14 months. The above poster...sm
must be thinking of a company with a similar name because Advanced Transcription, Inc., out of Oregon does not outsource and the people that set me up were definitely American and I have had contact with them over the past 14 months.  My trainer was also American and lives in Michigan.  In my opinion, they are a very good company to work for.  The pay has always been on time or early via direct deposit and the owner/staff/editors that I have dealt with have been more than pleasant.  Feel free to e-mail me if you want more information.
I've only been there 6 months so I can't attest
to how the MT supervisor used to be.  (The manager is GREAT).  I have had issues with MTs (MT supervisor) and I can honestly say I thought about leaving more than once and she was 99% of the reason.  I follow account specifics, follow my schedule consistency, and my QA scores are consistently higher than their minimum requirement and I am no longer having issues.   Any e-mail to her is also supposed to be copied to her superior and vice versa, which may have played a roll.  I don't have contact with her daily, or even weekly.  The positives more than make up for this negative.
I love Amphion! I've only been there 2 months now....
but am very happy. They are extremely helpful. Any concerns I have had (which have been only minimal things) have been addressed very quickly. A week after I was on my account, I hadn't complained at all, but got an email from my boss that said they had decided that we had to do a little more info screen input so they were adding a 3% differential to my base pay for that account! The benefits are good. I would definitely consider them if I were you.
I've been following your posts for a couple of months now
and I advised you long ago this was not a reliable service - unless I am mistaken - and I could be.  And my biggest question - are you absolutely positive you will get insurance with them?  Last time I knew they hired ICs only.  Truthfully, I would go for the unemployment and find another job with another service.
I've sent resumes twice in the last 4 months. No reply. nm
I've only been gone 2 months but no check. I have called

and gotten voice mails.  I have left messages and still no check and no returned calls.   I did get my last check though. 

I had no work either on 3 accounts, but didn't know I could stay logged in. 


I've been with Keystrokes for about 7 months, and I am very happy. sm
Pay is accurate and on time, plenty of work most of the time, and the people in management seem to genuinely care about the employees.  My primary account is in Meditech and at first I hated it, but now I do not mind it at all.  Hope this helps.  Good luck. 
I've been on OT all but 2 days the past 4 months. If work is slow
that just means we get a chance to get caught up with TAT.  Get paid for downtime too if no work. 
RE: I've been with Transform for 2 months and so far, so good. Nice people to work with, (sm)
pay is on time, direct deposit, etc. 
Thanks. I've only been there 3 months and was wondering. Asked for a high-volume backup. No reply
You mean the T. company's line counts...sm
were not accurate??     (I had considered applying to them before.)
I know of one company that counts lines 3 different ways
Stats are enabled on one platform, not enabled on a second platform and also not enabled on a third platform. They are all Dictaphone Extext programs and the lines are counted three different ways depending on which account you are assigned to. Hope its not the same company you work for only to get a rude awakening.
Whatever company you work for, you should verify that it counts correctly. sm
Take the document, cut and paste it into Word, count it that way. No way I would take the word of a company or a program unless I can verify my lines.

I do not work for Keystrokes but had to give my 2 cents, whatever it's worth!
Depends upon how your company counts things, I suppose. sm

I like both platforms.  Bayscribe is easy to use, and the Expander emulates PRD+, which I was used to.  The spellchecker is kind of clumsy -- that could definitely use some tweaking.  The thing I liked the most about Bayscribe was at the end of each report, you saw the line count for that report and how much you made, plus a total of lines for all reports and the total number of lines you had made for the day.

I am currently using ExText, and it is also easy to use.  I have to go to ichart to view my line count, though, and you cannot get it on a report-to-report basis.   The CTRL+I feature is useless to me since my employer does not count headers or footers.  I quit using it because I hated to see what a big difference there was at the end of the day.  I could do 300 lines per hour on Bayscribe.  With the current setup, maybe 250.  I can do 300 if I just sit and type as fast as I can with no breaks, but that cannot last for 8 hours solid.

Either platform is okay.  I still kinda miss WP51 -- think DOS-based programs were faster -- but you can't hold on to a dinosaur.  And, obviously that is just my opinion.  Hope it helps. 

Never mind..See msg below. Apparently the line counts are changing with my company
and I probably wont be doubling anything anymore. Moving on.
I worked for a different company using Vianeta and could never access line counts. Was also told it
I've been with the company almost 10 years. I know the truth. Hawaii was a company-paid vacation.
Great company. I've been recommending this company for a long time.
After 7 months with a new company...sm Former

I made $3,000 more in 7 months than I did annually with Transcend after working with them for almost 4 years.   I can't say that I'm surprised that Transcend has now gone the way of offshoring because they are the kind of company that will stoop lower than low, but I will say I'm a little surprised that everyone was so up in arms on their company board when finding out about it.  People were warned about this company over and over and over and over.  The ones who tried to warn others about it were called liars, inferior MTs, troublemakers, the list goes on.  Yet, here it is 7 months after the last exodus, which was only 6 months after the previous exodus, and the proverbial stuff is STILL hitting the fan with this company.  It was once said that time would tell if the troublemakers were telling the truth or not.  Aren't you guys at Transcend tired of being shocked yet? I'm curious to see how many left this time.

RE: After 7 months with a new company...sm Former
If you do not work there anymore (7 months), why would you even care what happens to Transcend? Continue to move on and care about the company you are working for presently (which I think probably will not be for long, either). Transcend is not your concern, so why inquire?
I provided several months for a company
as they appeared legit - offered me position and then never contacted me again.  Will never do again. With today's identify theft being #1 crime in the nation - way too risky.  I was told it was needed as they were going to do background.  I should have done more background on them!!
I was hired by a company 2 months ago.
They downloaded everything they needed on my computer, sent me pedals and now just waiting for training. My question is this - How long does this normally take. I have never had to wait this long to get started (not even with Keystrokes). I have sent several emails and have called the office several times and am told the same thing ---- still waiting on the hospital, we are extremely busy, etc.

I'm seriously considering sending their pedals back to them and chalking it up but I would like to know your thoughts on how you would (have) handle this. TIA

I applied with one company several months
ago and was told that they do not have permit to have employees in my state. Maybe that is the reason.
You can buy XP from Dell. I started with a different company about 2 months ago and sm
had to buy a new Dell as Vista did not work for them either. Most of the companies do not take Vista. It just doesn't work with everything yet.

Why would you keep working for a company for 3 months without being paid? sm

I'm sorry this happened to you, but when the first month's check didn't arrive, that would have been it.  I still enjoy transcribing (most days) but not enough to do it for free. 

Good luck to you in getting your money   That's an awful thing to happen to anyone.

Oh my gosh yes! I started at a company about 6 months ago,

starting out right out of the gate producing around 2200-2500 lines in 6 hours, best I have EVER done since leaving my local clinic and going with a huge company.  However, it seems that once the honeymoon was over, things started to change and now, on the same dictators, I barely get 1600 lines in a day.  It is a Word-based program and in the beginning I had no problems with the programs opening or typing in them and now they seem to freeze all of the time which, of course, slows my production tremendously.  I cannot figure out if it is my computer or something that they have in the program to keep you from doing over a certain amount in a day, which I am not sure why they would. 


My company ups the line rate for several months SM
while we learn. Then on our own. This all really relates to how good a system your company has and how smooth the progression is with your account, which also relates to how good a supervisor you have. Mine is very good.

I'm trying to understand, is everyone upset over VR or drop in pay due to VR? I assume it's the later.

I would really say to at least give it a try. I'm not management.

I'm not even sure how much longer MT will be in existence. If you want to ride this thing out, get used to VR.
500 emails in two months?!?! Not my idea of an organized company. No thanks. LOL
The company I work for went to VR a few months back. I was as terrified as you are. sm
It has been OK. I like doing the VR work, and my check is really no different than it was before the change. I do a lot more in terms of production in the same amount of time.

The downside is that the increased production, even though in the same timeframe, is taking its toll on me. It is stressful.

If you get an easy report that has very few edits, you will fly through it. If you get one that is full of errors, it will take you longer than typing it from scratch.

It's a catch-22 in that we really don't have a choice but the good news is that my pay has not suffered and my hands are not as tired.
I am using both at present, but (sm)
I am gradually switching everything over from my ShortHand into the ESP of ExText.  The Shorthand plays out so it takes longer, the ESP is on your screen instantly, so I would say don't buy the Shorthand if you are going to be using ExText.  ESP is better.
Unfortunately, the only way to do this at present is to
copy it from the add screen. It is a pain, but once you start getting used to the names, you will be able to just type them in without having to look them all up.

**I sure wish they would find a way to just do an insert though.
Okay, I am a PRESENT employee
I found out for FACT that the reason MY account was running out of work was because they were offshoring MY account jobs to India- they are continuing to do so. I have health insurance and my daughter needs some minor surgery- after that I am out of here!!!!
Christmas present
I also received a nice present from mine this week,as well as nice thank you gift at Thanksgiving! I've never received a single, solitary thing from any other company that I've worked for before. I feel appreciated.

Several months ago a company called Charts in Time (CIT) hired some MTs off here. Just wondering how
it turned out for those MTs as I turned it down and wondered if I should have taken the job. Thanks.

I would appreciate any input you could give me on working for this company. Thanks

did you ask to go full-time at your present job? ...nm
Present Focus Employee
I'm a little chagrined to see you were started at 10/5. I have been working at Focus for almost 2 years now at 8/4. Unless you worked 3rd shift, which is 10/5.

After a long dry period, there seems to be a lot of work right now. Unfortunately there are some bugs in the EditScript version 8 now and then (for example, now!)

22-25 an hour is something I have not come close to. I do best with a nice mix of VR and typing, but you have to be on the specific account that would provide that mix! And I don't have inside info on how to get on an account like that.

Also I know the HR person from the company visits these websites. . .
I wonder if they are at least worse or comparable to what I'm going thru right now at my present
At least I get PTO/sick time, but keep running out of work, and seems like everything falling apart. All work will be going to India soon.

I just want to work for an honest company that treats their employees right. I wonder why that is so difficult to find.
At the present time I have no choice
but to put up with this baloney.  One of her good friends is an MT and she tells me all these stories about how she met this guy online (but she's married), and how her friend drives her co-worker crazy, etc. etc.  She talks negative abouy her friend(s) as well as her other employees.  I just shut up and listen.  You dont know me - so don't judge me ya old fart!  You're a perfect example of what happens to people who stay MTing for too long.  Glad this is a temp thing! 
present those bounced checks to your employer - sm
when you were hired, you were told when your paydays would be. There was no warning or notice made ahead of time that paychecks would be late. THEREFORE, your employer is responsible for the bounced check fees that were caused by the direct deposit being late!!! This is for direct deposit only - NOT FOR PAYCHECKS arriving by mail. Checks arriving by mail could be held up as a result of the postal service, carrier, etc. Therefore, your employer is not responsible for checks bounced because of that.