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I agree. It makes me sick to come to these boards and see there is

Posted By: Anon on 2008-02-01
In Reply to: I'm sure there are plenty of details - Shannon Taylor

always someone with a grudge or nothing better to do with their time than to bash a company - any company. It's sickening. A company that is right for some people isn't always right for everyone but bashing doesn't solve anything. In fact, it could be called slander and libel.

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Let's hope not. I got so sick of seeing her daily meltdown on the boards.
This makes me sick
I gues they are no different than anyone else
makes me sick
What other industry would possibly be paying its employees the same (or even lower!) wages than they were paying 15 years ago??? I remember new employees getting paid 8.5 cpl back in 1995!!!!!!!!!

Using an inflation calculator: What cost $8.5 in 1995 would cost $11.90 in 2008.

Meaning that, without any raises for merit (yeah, a joke, right) the MT making 8.5 cpl in 1995 should now be making 11.9 cpl JUST TO BREAK EVEN with inflation!!!

A travesty for sure.
Cymed makes me sick
that ridiculous slogan about them being the "best kept secret"  Yeah, secrets alright....about paying 7 cpl with NO spaces!!  How can anyone make a living off of those slave wages???
Ewww, makes me sick!
This makes you sick? LOL. Why would you blindly believe everything
you read on this board? How about giving them the benefit of the doubt or, short of that, just picking up the phone and calling and asking? Good grief!
this makes me sick. what can be done about all these people who don't pay?

A few weeks ago I posted about not being paid at T.S.I and I thought I was the only one who was not receiving my pay.  Since that time I am absolutely shocked at how many MTs work their fingers to the bone and then come here and post that they have not been paid.  I cannot believe it.  One company after another.  What in the world are these companies thinking??  I truly believe you get in life what you put into it and if these people continue to take advantage of us then they will get it right back in some way. 

I'm so sorry that you are not getting paid. I'm so sorry for my fellow TSI people who did not get paid and for everyone else.  I hope J.M. has a nice christmas with our money and her grandkids (especially that one that is always sick-so sick in fact that she couldnt send our pay....yeah right) have everything they wished for.  My family will have a nice christmas despite the fact that J.M. stole from me.  We decided to emphasize what christmas is all about-a loving family.  We will open our gifts and play games and laugh and make memories. 

Hey, don't u love that I have to abbreviate her name so the moderator wont remove it?!  So instead of protecting others from getting scammed this website likes to protect the scammer. Incredible

India - inviting AAMT over - makes me sick

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May 10, 2006


Bangalore Meet - A NASSCOM - AAMT initiative


Dear Friends,

There has arisen a few misconceptions about the above meet, I'll try to

clear them:

1. NASSCOM India ITES-BPO Strategy Summit 2006, will hold a workshop on

Medical Transcription Outsourcing - Opportunities and Challenges -

in association with AAMT.


This is scheduled and is going to take place. MTIndia.org is not taking

registrations for this event. To register for the NASSCOM meet, please click

on the link above. The early bird discount is until May 15th.

2. What is being proposed, is to have another meet at Bangalore specifically

directed towards practitioner MTs and invite Peter Preziosi, Executive

Director, AAMT to participate in that event. They main agenda would be

directed at discussing the future of medical transcription as a career

prospect. Please note that this is not an alternative event being planned to

the NASSCOM meet, but one with a different perspective altogether. This is

the one we are running a survey for. Organizing this meet will entirely

depend on the response and enthusiasm from practitioner MTs in participating

in such a career prospect meet with the Executive Director of AAMT. The

response to the survey until now has been essentially from outstation MTs.

Unfortunately, it will turn out to be a logistic nightmare to hold an event

of this stature at Bangalore, if participants are essentially from


So friends, I am keeping the survey open until this weekend. The date June

8th, between 6-8 pm (could be postponed by an hour).

Registration fees will be Rs. 200.

Please send an email to survey@mtindia.org , if you are interested in

participating. Please enclose the following details about yourself:


Company Name:


Suggestions: (Keep it brief, please)

And Bangalore MTs, you do need to wake up and participate in the survey.

Without a good response, this event just doesn't happen.


Dr Amit Chatterjee, SM

Strategist / Founder ~ mailto:amit@mtindia.org

MT India ~ www.mtindia.org

The Community of MT Professionals

It takes years to become an overnight success! Inch by inch, it's

a cinch.




ELICO - TLs/Proofers/Editors/QA/QC wanted


ELICO Ltd, a leading Hyderabad based company is looking for

TLs/Proofers/Editors/QA/QC to meet its growing demand.

The candidate should have minimum 4-5 years of experience in Transcription

and out of which 2 years as an Editor/PR/QA. In addition to an outstanding

working environment, opportunities to learn and grow ELICO offers an

attractive Career growth.

Candidates earning less than Rs.15000/- need not apply. Connect with us

today to explore our dynamic company and its plans for an exciting future!!

Email your resume to: hrites@elicoltd.com

web site: elicobpo.com




1) Firm's focus is growth, Manor Care CEO tells shareholders, to exit


Meanwhile, the company issued a federal layoff notice this week that it will

idle 102 workers in its Heartland Information Services medical-transcription

unit. Seven employees are in Toledo. A company spokesman said the cuts will

occur in early July.

The firm had announced it would be getting out of that five-year-old

business and took a $7 million accounting charge in the first quarter. I

worked my heart out for this company, said Mary Kirkpatrick, of Rockford,

Mich., who got a layoff notice. How many more jobs are [we] going to lose

to India or China?

However, Mr. Ormond said the firm's transcription business started in India,

and the company tried to bring it to the United States but it wasn't



2) Spheris Hires Chief Financial Officer

Spheris, announced the hiring of Brian P. Callahan as its chief financial

officer. After an extensive search, we are extremely pleased to announce

the hiring of Brian Callahan as Spheris' chief financial officer, said

Steven E. Simpson, Spheris president and CEO. I am confident Brian's

experience and expertise in financial management, particularly as it relates

to operational support and capital markets, will add tremendous value to our


Callahan brings with him more than 20 years of financial management

experience. Prior to joining Spheris, he served as executive vice president

and chief financial officer of Murray, Inc., headquartered in Brentwood,

Tenn. He has also held CFO and executive-level finance positions with Miller

Industries/RoadOne, Procter & Gamble and Georgia Pacific.

Spheris is headquartered in Franklin, Tenn., with major operations in St.

Petersburg, Fla.; Sterling, Va.; Milpitas, Calif.; Bangalore, India; and

Coimbatore, India.


3) Targeting Health Records: Arrendale Associates Utilizes Web To Improve

Medical Transcription Service

The management team at Arrendale Associates Inc., a software firm located in

suburban Charlotte, believes it has developed a means to enhance the medical

transcription business over the Internet - and through international


AAI has developed a proprietary word processor and tools for medical

transcription along with custom work flow solutions that meet a particular

need in the industry, allow for outsourcing while remaining HIPAA

compliant, management told WRAL Local Tech Wire in a recent Q&A, and

delivering products and services over the Internet for ease of deployment,

support and use by physicians, nurses, clinicians and medical



4) Leading Community Health Systems Hospitals Select Dictaphone PowerScribe

from Nuance

At Easton Hospital, radiologists, radiation therapy doctors and

cardiologists deliver a significantly more timely report by eliminating a

number of steps in the process including transcription. PowerScribe converts

physician dictation automatically into text and presents it onscreen for

review, correction, and electronic signature. The solution, which leverages

Nuance's award-winning Dragon(TM) NaturallySpeaking(R) technology, goes

beyond transcription efficiencies and actually reduces radiologists'

dictation time by offering the ability to create templates and report

Normals for frequent and recurring studies.

Staff radiologist Dr. Stuart Jones has been using speech recognition

technology off and on over the past 15 years, making him one of the true

pioneers of this innovative technology. Selecting PowerScribe was really a

no-brainer -- it's so far superior to other options. said Dr. Jones.

People worry about the accuracy of speech recognition technology, but

interestingly enough the technology makes the same type of mistakes that

regular transcriptionists make, only far fewer. The technology has become

very intelligent.


5) Help wanted for Philippines outsourcing

Has outsourcing to the Philippines already hit a human-resource barrier?

There are growing indications that something may be amiss in the country's

fastest-growing industry.

Never before has Philippine labor had such negotiating power. Call center

recruits are now being offered signing bonuses before they start work.

Employees are given bonuses for finding new recruits - more often than not

poached from other call centers.

Still, call center managers complain about the lack of workers who are able

to speak American English. For the Philippines, which suffers perennially

from crushingly high unemployment rates, currently at 8% according to a

recent official survey, unmet labor demand is a new and unfamiliar problem.

The future of the industry is clearly at stake. ITES or cyberservices are

certainly the future of the Philippines, said Henry Schumacher, executive

director of the European Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines. But that

will not work unless you have English as a communicating base, and we have

seen over the last maybe 10 years that the English speaking capability [of

Filipinos] has declined. English was always one of the [Philippines']

competitive advantages.

Danilo Cruz, under secretary of the government's Department of Labor and

Employment, added, We used to be the third-largest English-speaking nation,

but call centers and medical transcription firms have failed to hire 100,000

[workers] they expected to employ in 2005.

Carol Dominguez, president and chief executive officer of the John Clements

Consultants, a human resources and executive search consulting company,

described the emerging skilled labor shortage as a national emergency.

It may come as a surprise that spoken English is actually in decline in the

Philippines, given that the country is a former American colony known for

its enthusiastic embrace of US fast food and pop culture. Manila-based

experts said that many factors had contributed to the recent national

decline in English language proficiency.



P. S. Would you like to share this newsletter with your friends

or post it on your site? Please do! But also be sure to read


All original content of this newsletter is Copyright 1998-2006

Mediweb Infotech Pvt. Ltd. All cited articles are copyright of

their authors and/or respective publications. Please feel free to

share this newsletter with your friends or post it on your site

as long as it is left intact with all links unchanged and this


Thank you for your interest in MT India!

The MTIndia Team


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I agree also. Nice post. I'm so sick of asking one question
and getting a lot of really nice educated help and advice and then there are the negative mongers who go way off subject and ream you out for asking questions.  What is the deal anyway.  I've never seen so many negative people in one area or profession before.  Quite honestly, there are some days when I sit here bored out of my mind and then it starts wandering to everything else but work.  I find that I pick at stupid things and sometimes I feel like the social isolation is responsible and it starts making you fruity.  So, I will just assume when people are attacking others that this job is just getting to them in some way.  This is supposed to be a support group. I may not agree with everything I see but I am not going to rip someone apart. Let's stay support and objective.  Everyone has something to offer, let's just to it kindly and intelligently.  
Yes, I agree. It makes you wonder what this company is really up to.
Have to agree with you on that! Love ES. Makes lots of $$$$$. nm
Agree with hmm, no perfect MT, everyone makes mistakes, as do computers
and when do they are usually a lot worse...
I totally agree MT30 is an MTSO and a bad one probably... one that makes you work sm
for pennies and on Christmas and every weekend even if your kid has a soccer game.
Can someone tell me some of the other job boards
Could someone tell me what some of the other job boards are? Thanks I've been with the same company a long time and never had to look before
look here and other job boards. sm.
I'm not sure if the sites can be mentioned here but if you search on this forum and do a search for MT jobs you'll have quite a few companies that are hiring.  Good luck. 
What you read on the boards is not always
the gospel truth.

If clocking in/out isn't for you, that's fine. That doesn't mean it is a bad practice.

If I were a company accountable for employee hours, I'd make you clock in and out. Otherwise, you'd have to be an IC. Makes perfect sense to me.

You don't KNOW anything about Spheris if you haven't worked for them. You are only speculating with rumors.
OSI's management has been all over these boards
making up a different moniker for each happy, happy OSi employee they pretend to be throughout the day. Just the fact that they have nothing better to do than this and the fact that they're such immature deceptive babies just shows the lack of class that is running this company.

They show their lack of professionalism on here every day and they think we're all too stupid to notice.
They posted on all the MT boards.
I did not like the tone of their ad.  If you pass our test we'll call you, etc.  Like they are doing you a favor.  Hello, without MTs you don't have a business.  On their website it says their rates start at 7.5 cpl for the clients.  How much do the MTs make then?  I'm really sick of these places making money off our digits and not paying more than McDonalds.   I think they offshore too. I guess I'm in a bad mood. Sorry.
what do you expect. We keep saying on these boards
that things are going down the tubes, then some Pollyanna's get on and gush about how great their business is doing and you must have poor skills if you can't get paid more than 3 cpl, bla,bla,bla. Look at the big picture. MT is going to get worse, not better.
Lots of boards on here. ..
Guess I'm confused. . .I asked this question on the Gab Board and someone suggested that I ask it on the Company Board.
If you would have read the boards here
you would have known that SPi is the WORST company you could have gone with.
Here we go again! These boards are supposed to be here for HELP
and not for constant company bashing by someone who so obviously has an axe to grind for some reason. I for one am so sick of this!
Check the job boards.

I wonder if they check these boards?
I kinda hope they do, so they can see how highly regarded they are and how pleased their employees are with them.

TT is the best, and I say that having been around the proverbial MT 'block' more than a few times, lol!
You again. Do you comb the boards sm
for the negative (and it's very mild what I said, isn't it) to rush in and tell us how many pink ponies and rainbows came out of your butt because you work for Webmedx?
The whole point of these boards
Is to read entire threads, Einstein.

If for no other reason, to avoid making stupid comments just like YOU did in this thread.

Are YOU the boss of the boards?

Obviously not, since you can't even follow a simple thread and control your impulsive behavior until you've read (and comprehended) the entire conversation.

Just like a 4th grader with ADD.

Company reading boards

Boy do the companies read these boards and when they find out that you are asking any questions about them or should you post anything negative about them -- they zing you a good one.  Nothing like freedom of speech or expressing one's opinion.  



These boards should be for accurate information
and not for speculation.  Zylomed did at one point, several years ago, offshore a small amount of work to Indian because they could not find American MTs who could/would do the very difficult doctors.  This work was eventually ALL given to American MTs - I know because I trained the MTs to do this work.  Zylomed DOES NOT outsource any work.
Management watches these boards
and I wouldn't be surprised if they don't input most of the superlative blurbs. 
I ran a search on a couple of boards. Came up dry.
I too would like to hear something about this company.  Feel free to email.
post your resume on the various job boards.
I've had offers from several companies that don't advertise positions for whatever reason.   I have had my current position 5 years from a company that didn't advertise, though they now do. 
Read the boards this week and it will tell you.
I'm not saying she has some valid points but MTSOs really need to be a little more refined. If she has things to say to someone say them privately not publicly. Most of the good MTs know all this and do not need an MTSO to blow off steam. I don't think the MTs need to be blowing off either but they are not an MTSO and the MTSO needs to preserve their image as professional.
Huh?? I was just thinking how calm the boards had
Yes. Search the boards. Plenty there. nm
Read the job boards and see what the companies

require as far as shift, equipment, etc.  Weed out the ones you may not have equipment for or that you don't want to work their shift or do lots of ESLs.   Read the archives on companies you might be interested in.  

There is no comparison list.  You just have to do your homework and investigate.  Maybe a good company to you is one that offers insurance, but a good company to someone else is lots of work and low ESLs. 


Post your resume on the job boards and see
what response you get. 
The companies don't own these boards nor monitor them. nm
These boards are to communicate ABOUT a company
yes i could just call them, but we have these boards to use as communication als nm
I use DVI and am internet-based. Look on the job boards to
see what equipment requirements are.  Post your resume on the job board. 
They are not allowed to talk about anything on the boards. nm
Many many comments about them if you search the boards. nm
Another "?" is why is there no mention of Acusis anywhere on MT boards? nm
Medware. Hiring on many different boards...
all this while the fresh road kill has not even been scrubbed off the street.
No, but she plays one on MT message boards.
Does anyone using these boards work inhouse? - sm

      And if so, where did you search for the job?   I've noticed that on the job boards here, it's not only all national companies, but also pretty much the same ones, too.  And of course the pay scale is the same old crumbs, as well.  Is there any one place that hospitals and clinics go to recruit for experienced MTs, or do you just have to slog through the job-lists on each separate institution's website?  There are a few where I'd post my resume tonight if I could, just so they could have it on file, but frequently you can't do that unless they're actively recruiting.  Anyway, for me 2008 is hopefully going to mean finding gainful employment again, and any ideas you might have would be greatly appreciated! 



sorry - i don't visit those boards. I was only referring

labor boards and lawyers
A nice thought, but in today's economy, it is an employer's market. And we are ....hate the dreaded word....human resources, commodoties to used up and discarded. The only way anything could be achieved is if none of us had to eat during the time it took to get organized. Got a plan?
Word Boards and Dorlands
I feel so old! When I first started I always had a Dorlands by my side, and there were no Stedman's word books or software
Perhaps they recognized your rants on these boards
Just a guess.
If you read the job boards they list
if IC or employee.