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I agree with the above poster. Two months?? Wow.. time to move on.. Can you say jacking you around..

Posted By: Oh my.. on 2007-10-10
In Reply to: Hmmm...sounds kinda fishy to me. - Patience

I knew you could..

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Agree with above poster, time to move on. sm
If they aren't returning your calls now and ignoring you, imagine what it would be like if you worked for them?
I agree. Three months and the best move I made. For radiology, I do not think anyone can compete.
I agree...if they can't even tell you what you are producing every day time to move on...
good luck...
I agree with the above poster. It is bad business to not pay your employees on time. I mean ....
after all, when was the last time you were able to tell your credit card companies, mortgage company etc.. hey, I am supposed to pay your bill on the 15th but it might be later than that, or may not at all. I mean GET REAL. Do these transcription companies not realize you have obligations too and you need to be paid on time. I think so...but they dont pay you..because they can. I would call them and them you want your check by Monday or you will take action, and once I had my check, SO LONG DEADBEATS. You deserve to be be paid.
I made the move 8 months ago and am glad I did. I did sm
take an unpaid vacation so I time off and look forward to PTO. I have the insurance they offer now. It is expensive but has covered everything for me. I have also done the question sheet for 3 other insurance companies and they keep getting either turned down or higher rates. I talked to my supervisor, and she said that it is making the owner pull her hair out because KS is too big for some policies, too small for others and has too many pre-existing things for a good rate. Once they get it, though, it will be easier.

My FIL owns construction company and had the same problems for years, so I know it is hard to get good coverage at a good rate.

I've been there 14 months. The above poster...sm
must be thinking of a company with a similar name because Advanced Transcription, Inc., out of Oregon does not outsource and the people that set me up were definitely American and I have had contact with them over the past 14 months.  My trainer was also American and lives in Michigan.  In my opinion, they are a very good company to work for.  The pay has always been on time or early via direct deposit and the owner/staff/editors that I have dealt with have been more than pleasant.  Feel free to e-mail me if you want more information.
Been there - done that - it's time to move on - NM
I'd let a company do this to me once only...time to move on. SM
I work for a company who pays bi-monthly. The check is literally in my hands 2-3 days after they receive my invoice (not local either). I worked for a company years ago who made the MTs wait until they received payment from their client. If you tolerate this, you are selling yourself short. Good luck to you. When I had a small MT service in the past, I paid my two subcontractors before I paid myself. There were many times I would have to wait on my physician clients to pay me, however it was unfair to make my subcontractors wait. I can't tell you how many times I had to use the old credit card and then pay it off when I received my paycheck. Being in this position, I have no tolerance for a company not paying on time.
I agree...move on if you are unhappy, sm...

you have to expect there to be times of little to no work, it is called TAT, plan accordingly. While I don't like down time either, I find something more worthwhile to do than sit here and complain about the company. Spend time with your kids, read a book, clean the house, the options are endless! If it is a money issue, have a little saved up for just those occasions when work is slow. Better to be prepared and calm than unprepared and stressed!  TT is a great company to work for, IMHO.


They no longer hire part-time and may be eliminating part-time employees within the next 6 months.
They are going to have those that are PT go FT if possible. Some accounts require 1 weekend day, but not all. Most transcriptionists have 1 account with 1 back-up account. I know that they are hiring for hospital accounts in medical records and radiology right now.
I agree with above poster.
They are the worst co I have worked with.
I agree with the above poster

Cheap pay, major lack of communication, nasty QA people, truly a bunch of backstabbers.  Run far and run fast.  Not worth your time or effort.

Agree with this poster BUT
I would test drive the new job for a few weeks, if at all possible, before you give notice at the old job in case the new one also turns out bad.
LOL!!! You agree with the poster above. You are

I agree with the above poster 100%
the EXText system is very easy to learn and you can make money on it, but be careful. Some companies disable the line counting software and some don't. I have encountered that when they disable it it is tough to get your lines so it is a very suspicious act.
Agree with above poster and yes

you do get paid for ADT on internet accounts if it does not pull in automatically and you have to type it in.  Basically, you get paid for what you type!

To previous poster - how long have you been with MDI? I've been here a month or so.

I agree with poster below...what do
you need to get by. In my case I worked in-house for 3 years, have been home for 3 years. My pay is decreased from the set hourly wage I made in-house, but I am not driving 100 miles round trip, buying new clothes, eating lunch out, buying coffee, shopping after work, etc. My income is just supplemental to my husband's income and I don't need the benefits, etc. We only have a house payment, so I don't stress over how much I make. While I work full time, I don't work myself silly just for the money. I am not in competition with anyone on this board or with my company. I log in, work my hours, make my lines and log out. I take vacations when I want, enjoy my days off and love the freedom of working at home without interruptions from coworkers, bosses, etc. This is just my experience. Good luck!
I agree....other poster must have a bee
First of all, I agree with the other poster,
as in: you do not need a CMT to be a good MT! Second, if you agree with the proposal, then you must SURELY agree that MT's aren't paid what they should be, even WITH that CMT after their name!? Huh?!
i'm an MT and agree with the poster
I agree with the poster above.
platform and dictators.  The owner was nice.  QA was a toss up depending who was reviewing your work for the day.  The biggest issue I had was directions and depending on who was giving them you had a different rule to go by.  It was very confusing.  I left because they were always running out of work.  It would probably be OK if it was a PT job and you didn't need the money to pay the bills but I did.  The pay was accurate and always on time.  Sometimes you have to try something out for yourself but like the other poster says don't go by posts to make a decision.  I don't know if they had another platform when I was there.  I only worked on APEX system. 
Agree with above poster
I'm with a great company making very good money on an account I just love, so I feel quite blessed and realize any of it could change in the blink of an eye.

I've been MTing for 20 years now, and I've no intention of giving it up. It's in my blood now. If I ever found I could no longer support my family on MT wages, I'm so addicted to it that I'd likely go into another field for full-time work and keep doing MT work on the side.

I agree with above poster 100%
The owners are absolutely wonderful, very helpful, but the platform was so slow and I just could not see wasting my time with it.  However, if you are familiar with that platform, you could do well.  I had wished it would've worked out because they were nice and seemed genuine.  
I agree with this poster
I took a part-time job that paid about 1-1/2 cpl less than the other offer.

Even though it pays less, the people are fantastic to work with, the work is reliable and steady, and the account is less stressful and more enjoyable than the other position.

I figure an extra couple of cents per line is nice, but I'm sure I can produce more lines on this account than I would have on the other one, so in the long-run this was the more profitable way for me to go.

Good luck with your decision!
I agree with the poster 100%
Nothing but a mess there.  I left and never looked back.
It is so obvious you are the same poster each time.
I agree with poster below who said it works
both ways. The companies I have left did not cut it with me. There has not been one company other than the one I am with now that treated me as I deserved. Most of them really do suck!
Agree with this poster. As an employee, your
employer HAS to take this out of your paycheck. If they do not, they are the responsible party, NOT you. That is why my state refunded all LATE FEES that they imposed on me for not paying my state taxes until the yearly filings. When my employer's job is to do this, it is their duty, not mine. It is my responsibility to pay what is due at tax filing and that's when I did it. After 3 years of imposing a late fee on me, my state REFUNDED all late fees to me and told me Medware would be investigated. They had quite a few employees in my state. I do not think they want my state after them but I know they will come down on them sooner or later and I personally cannot wait. In fact, I am going to check with my state to see what has been done thus far.
MDI-FL, very disorganized. Agree with poster (sm)

They get nasty at MDI-FL and answers to questions ignored if they don't like the question being asked.  Paid time off is NEVER correct and good luck getting the time listed on the stub.  Work flow is hit and miss.  They order you off and then back on with VR accounts.  Pay and insurance benefits are better than most if you tolerate their demands and disrespect.

I agree with the poster who said they sniff around everyone - so? (sm)

I didn't even understand your post as to heard from management.  Management of what?  or who?

I agree with poster below, but for some answers
Part-time is 24 hours. They also have a 20-hour position, but I'm not quite sure how it works.

I'm not sure about training, but it seems like whenever I was trained for a new program/platform, etc., it was during the day. However, the training doesn't take more than 2 hours. I'm not sure if they want you to be on a daytime schedule for the first couple weeks, but it's highly possible they might not because they do have QA on duty 24/7 (I believe).

Paid training: I know they pay you per hour for the couple hours they train you on the phone, but I don't know if they offer a 2-week 'grace period' of hourly pay like a lot of companies. You might want to ask your recruiter about that.

Do visit the Medquist board. Don't expect 1 primary. Or let me put it this way, you may have 1 primary, but you will also have other accounts in your pool, each of which has a different set of account specifics. You'll never run out of work, but it does take time to read client profiles which you do not get paid to do and cuts into your lines per hour. Platform is awesome.

good luck
Queenie, I have to agree with you again. That poster sm
should GO AWAY. I do harder accounts but that's why I get the big bucks. I have made over 40,000.00 bucks this year at Webmedx. So NONNATIONAL go blow!
I agree with the other poster...Transtech
Transtech offers some degree of flexibility. Axolotl has none.

Management is more friendly and tactful at Transtech than management at Axolotl. I found the manager at Axolotl to be condescending, uncaring and abrupt.

Transtech definitely gets my vote. TT is a breath of fresh air in comparison to Axolotl.

Agree with other poster. I tested

jsut recently and it was very easy.  Only lasted a week though as there never seemed to be work when I was scheduled to work.  Good luck to you but you should be fine with the test.

I agree with this poster, take the ESL account
Honestly, I really don't know why so many people try to avoid them. Once you learn them, they are no different than some of the horrible EFL docs. Plus it is more money!
I agree with poster below on all counts...
What is the perfect fit for one person might not be such a perfect fit for another.

I, too, am with MDI and love it, but All-Type could be a terrific employer as well.

Once you've completed both interviews, I'm sure you'll realize which one is the perfect fit for you.

I totally agree with the above poster. sm
I've been at TT for 2 years and always had work. I learned VR and still had work. I have 4 accounts and now have no work, period. I'm henpecking for lines every day and have watched my check drop 200.00 a paycheck, 400.00 a month. Yesterday I got 700 lines. All this plus nothing but a late thank you for MT week. The writing is on the wall. I won't be staying.
I agree with the previous poster and
if you use DocQScribe and offer statutory employment, contact me. 
I agree with the original poster. sm
I too have had my time in MT hell just this past week. BUT, it hasn't changed the way I feel about the profession. It is about the patients and to me will ALWAYS be about the patients. I am not going to make quality suffer or anything else in lieu of a paycheck. I may not like it and if I don't I will find something else. I see and hear of too many MTs who don't give a rip about quality etc and only quantity, lph etc and forget their are patients behind all this.

I don't like the changes anymore than anybody else. As badly as I have been treated, like many others and as mad as I am about it, I don't think all MTSOs treat us as faceless nobodies! We do only have each other to talk to and the negative comments are warranted but they have to be taken as they are ment to be taken and that is just blowing off steam.

A professional MT is not going to let any of this get in the way of quality. If I find I have to let quality go out the window just to make more money, then I will get out of this all together. There are many MTs who feel just like myself and the OP.
Agree with poster above, not related to HIPAA, but
most MTSOs do not want you sharing their company specifics, accounts, etc.
Agree with poster below - MDI is statutory employee
There are no benefits.  It's basically the same as IC with the taxes taken out.  Did you think you were hired for employee status?  Don't mean to rain on your parade, but better double-check that.
I agree with the other poster. Keystrokes has kept their word with me sm

on everything and has gone above and beyond what I would expect.  If you have a specific instance that proves they are dishonest, then please do so.  Otherwise, you should not try to blacken the eye of a good company. 

Agree with you. If poster has steady work, that's
I do not get 3-4 months paid time off
every year. I do work 50 out of 52 weeks.
I have been on there since it started 4 months ago and this is the first time.
They are freaking out because the doctors can still dictate!!!
I agree. I left after 3 months. nm
Poster means work any possible time you can to get in your lines.
You'll see this poster every time something is said or asked about Keystrokes. sm
He/she has a bitter attitude about them but never provides specifics. I think everyone just ignores this person. I know I did, and I am glad as I love my job at Keystrokes. It did take a few weeks to get started but they were waiting on my ID from the hospital. It was worth the wait. I have been there 4 months now.
This is only wishful thinking on your part...I agree with below poster!
I agree with the poster. A simple, "Sorry, but it's just a good fit for me is all that is need

Everyone knows in this business that what is good for one person is not necessarily good for another. I've gotten more jobs based on other's recommendations only to be sooooo disappointed. To each his own and good luck. It's not like your the first person to quit a transcription job. It gets easier.....trust me LOL

I agree with the above poster. Check past postings.

Not a good place to work at all.