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I am on my "final warning" for not making line requirement.

Posted By: they said automatic termination on 2007-06-28
In Reply to:

if my line requirement is not met.

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    I meant I am the only one that is getting a final warning for not making
    Line requirement
    I was told 6,000/two week period.
    Line requirement

    What I meant to post, 6,000 lines/two weeks for a part timer, 12,000 lines/two weeks for a full time worker, whether you are statutory or employee

    what is their line requirement ? - nm
    line requirement for MDI-MD? - nm
    line requirement
    What is the line requirement for them for full time?
    Line requirement is 11,000 per pay period. sm

    You keep a time sheet and turn it in every 2 weeks.  I am not sure as to how much time you are given to get up to speed, but they are a great bunch of people and seem to be very understanding and caring.  I am sure they would work with you if you were having problems.  And yes, you can make up your time if you are missing some hours.  Hope that helps. 

    Good luck!

    Future Net's line requirement pp?

    What is Future Net's line count requirement per pay period for PT and FT? 


    do they hourly or line requirement? - nm
    What is line requirement at Transtech?

    Line count requirement

    There are different pay levels.  To stay at the top level, you need to do 200 lph minimum.  P.S.  The web site is www.transolutions.net for more info. 

    Yes, partially, if a line requirement is met per PP.
    What is your minimum line requirement for FT?
    Just curious what all is out there....thanks.
    If you are entry level, what is the line requirement.

    and how long will they give you to make that count.  Also can someone tell me what the pay will be for entry level.  I see they are hiring all the time and was interested.



    Any companies with a daily line requirement of 800?
    I'm serious. Are there any companies IC or employee with a daily line requirement of around 800 or so? I seriously lose concentration after that but I love to transcribe.
    I thought the line requirement was 1200 for SE - sm
    Do you have any idea why this person above is saying 1400 lines/pay period and telling me to brush up on my math skills? I'm confused! I only want to do 1000 lines per day right now, at least until my youngest is off to Kindergarten! I guess it depends on how easy it is to make 1200 lines/pay period. I could give it a shot to try for their incentive bonus and if I find I am doing it consistently, maybe change my status. Thanks for your help!
    line count requirement at Webmedx

    Last week I trained on a my account,which is very large with many dicators.  Today is the end of my first full week of production and I am averaging 110 lph. The requirements are 150 lph.  My trainer said that studies show it takes an average of 30 days to get used to a new account and reach production.  Therefore, I have 2 more weeks to reach 150 lph,and I am worried.  My supervisor said to work towards goal, but I know line count is the bottom line.  Can any Webmedx MTs shed some light on what they have experienced.  Also, is it usually customary to give at least 90 days?  My quality is good;however, I really need to crank out the lines.  Thanks

    What is their daily line count requirement? nm
    rate and line count requirement
    So you know the rate for single coverage and the line count requirement to be eligible for coverage? Do they have dental also?

    So, you need mandatory overtime to reach your line requirement, huh? LOL
    Anyone know what is the full time line requirement per week? nm
    Hourly rate PT hours & fewer line requirement
    Title means nothing at my company. All I do is assign work.
    Stinks. If you state your line rate requirement, they vanish. (nm))

    We are preparing to change to Clarity/line counts, rad. What is the requirement?
    Spheris employee...
    It absolutely is NOT a reasonable request for a minimum line requirement!

    We are not machines!  20 years ago when I started out, my first job had a requirement of 800 lines per day (8 hours), that's 100 lines an hour.  Five years later it was 1000 lines a day.  I think the standard right now is around 1200 lines a day.  Now, someone's asking for 1600 as a minimum!?!?!!? 

    I'm not saying there aren't people out there that can meet and exceed 1600 in a day.  I'm simply saying making 1600 a minimum requirement is absurd and unfair.

    You are making more than me per line
    so you should be racking up.
    I think you said you are making 10.5 cents/line, but you still have - sm
    taxes taken out of your pay, approximately 30%, right? I realize you have other benefits, like paid vacation and health benefits, but you are still having taxes taken out.
    There is just NO WAY you are making .16 per line working for
    Transcend. Why don't you save that story for someone who doesn't know better.
    Not even with incentives are you making .12 a line
    It is impossible to make .16 a line at Transcend. Typing more than the max incentive of 23,000 lines per pay period will only add 1.5 cents per line.
    so, this is mostly about you not making your line count.
    Yes -- it's been low for me as well. I'm not making the line count
    I would like to have and I have at times had to beg for work on other accounts (besides the 5 I have now)but I am making at least the minimum line count.

    Regarding just one MT to another's post. How many MTs do you think can afford to just apply and find out??
    making line count with TransTech?sm
    I notice they require 11,000 minimum..that's about double what I normally do. Is it easy enough to get to that minimum in 60 days' time?
    Making a decent line count

    I agree it is possible to make a decent living at Transcend.  I seem to get a ratio of 70% VR and 30% straight typing. I'm not sure how this is determined, but that is how it always turns out at the end of each pay.  Yes the key to making money on the VR is using the hot keys.  If you are motivated, goal oriented and have a good work ethic you will be fine at Transcend.  They are great with letting you flex your hours and also offer to give 1 on 1 training for VR if you ask for it.

    So you'd be making 6 cents a line with no benefits and....sm
    have to adhere to a schedule too? No way!
    does anyone else have trouble making the line count at Transolutions?
    I just started not too long ago but I'm struggling .. it just seems hard to get.
    Making 3 cents a line and loving every minute of it - LOL
    WARNING!!! The IC works using Nicholas Transcription's own self-rigged platform system that they literally pieced together themselves even tho they are noT programmers= NOT EVEN CLOSE. this, um, platform is trash. It has so many bugs and errors that the MT spends more time fixing platform problems than typing; the program is so bad that it will destroy a computer. I know this because I had to replace my computer. Any body that works for this company stands a good chance of losing money rather. They pay 7 cpl, use a linecounting systme that does not include headers and footers. the low pay, the $2 charge for dir dep, and the time is spent struggling with this HOMEADE PATHETIC PLATFORM is extremely unreasonable. Oh yes, if an Mt does not meet the turn a time, the owner gets belligerent, hot-headed, and will FIRE an MT in a split second for being out of turnatime even if the reason for this is Nich. Trans' fault. This is a husband and wife team and the wife is without a doubt the worst individual I have EVER worked for (i have been in the biz for 10 years, so this is saying a LOT!!!) Enter at your own risk!!!

    Ok - here ya go. I went from making $1800 per pay period to making just under $900.
    Is that significant enough for you? Believe us, we are not just being negative with a grudge or anything like that. This is real! A month later, I was gone from there fast!
    Exactly and the CMT should be a requirement
    to practice! That has been proven by the absolutely atrocious quality of MT'ing today. Trust me, I have been a recruiter, a mentor/trainer, a supervisor and QA, I've seen it all and it ain't pretty.

    and do they give you the equipment to use?

    The only requirement of a recruiter

    is to get bodies in the door.  Some are honest and some aren't.  If you have a bad gut feeling then you need to go with that.  My experience has been that the ones who are good recruiters have all the answers on the fly; if not, they can put you on hold to get the answer, or get back soon.

    Of course you may have gotten a recruiter who just started and you are asking questions no one had given her/him answers for.  Geez, the percentage of retention for the past year?  That's an arbitrary question in any event due to a number of different factors and one I wouldn't even ask.  I know my skill set so for me it's just knowing if they have a system I can make money on and if there is sufficient work to make money.

    Weekend requirement
    Is any two weekend days per month. Friday PM shift also counts as a weekend.
    The reason for this requirement is....sm
    the speed and success of transferring voice files over a dialup ISP usually cause a lot of problems and take a person at least 2 x as long to download a file, most commonly 3 times as long.

    Do you have satellite ISP availability?

    Alltype - New MT requirement) sm

    I tested, had recruiter interview, given install date and emailed the paper work which included Appendix G provide and maintain Professional Liability Insurance, required by law.

    When I asked about this, was told, part of renters or home owners insurance for PC.  But when I called around, insurance companies -- said no, &  puzzled by this requirement.  I asked well how would the company benefit, they said, I don't know.  In the event of loss, they pay to me, not the employing company. 

    Anybody run into to this job requirement before with them or others??

    If MQ is discussed anymore on this thread, the entire thread will be deleted.

    Thanks for the warning! And NO WAY!
    Well...thanks for the warning!! (nm)
    Thanks for the warning
    There are a couple of other companies out there fishing around for business on this board that have those same great features!!
    Warning about D&L
    I am an ex-employee at D&L and I will back you up 100%. I again did not receive my last check today, as promised, but some flim-flam excuse about them having received a bounced check from a large account. Regardless of their problems, I had done work for them according to their rules and expect pay according to their promises. I got out of there...I'm sorry you are having problems. For anyone looking for a job...beware of D&L.
    Please stay away from Meditran or also posts under the name of Rose for ortho help on this board.  They do not pay! 
    what? oh man. thanks for the warning :)