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I concur

Posted By: etp mt on 2005-08-05
In Reply to: eTransPlus - MWMQer

I still am employed with them but am not happy right now. I do not like the pay scale and think it is unfair. Communication is horrible. They only answer when they need YOU. If you need something from them it is almost impossible to do it.

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I concur!
From the supervisor to the owner.  No communication.  They have pacifiers for any and all problems you should have, whether it be with the supervisor or a co-worker.  They say they will take care of it, but never do.  They have taken away just about every incentive they offered back when I started and every year, the insurance premiums are higher.  I would never go back to work for them.  I know a few MTs who are still there and will call me or email me inquiring about another job.
And I concur!!

You are correct. I will concur with
ex-recruiter. Many times the recruiter does not know because they are not told--in essence, they are told something that is not the way it is. There was only one situation that I recall where I learned what I had been told was a big fat lie. I no longer recruit for them. I won't do that knowingly. If all recruiters had these ethics, it might be better, but if the recruiter does not know, he/she can't give you the goods on what really is.
I concur. I think they are working on a new one, though (NM)
I concur. If the MR is not provided, and you are unsure you are
transcribing on the correct patient because patient's name/and or DOB were not given or prounced as you have searched, just bypass it. 
Hey Matt: I completely concur.
so don't try and tell me I was the only one.
I concur, don't even waste your time
I was there for about six months and it was one of the worst experiences I've had yet. My biggest gripe was running out of work all the time. I very seldom made more than 500 lines on any given day. When I complained to my prod. supervisor she was helpful and added on another account but it was more of the same. I wound up with three accounts with no work in any of them.

On top of that you get the usual mess of working with each client's profile preferences (which is no big deal cuz that's standard) but one hospital was a doozy. Pretty much everything you've ever learned about medical transcription, just throw it out the window because there were four pages of do/don'ts, and Always Always do this except for. Everything almost completely opposite of how we all learned. And that was just one account.

Why a company would allow any hospital to dictate such terms is beyond me. Then to make matters worse their QA was terrible. Literally I would get different rules for each QA. I could always tell who was on depending on how they checked my work. The pay was actually decent and they were generous with allowing me to have a flexible schedule. I never had any real problems with any staff although I wish I could find their recruiter and ring her lil neck.

Never again. Never.

If you're looking for part-time work to fill your time this might be the right place for you. If you're working to pay the bills, just don't even waste your time.
I completely concur. Find a good one, or move on, quickly. No loyalty involved. The don't sm
have any to the MTS.  NONE of them.