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I couldn't even get their test to open for me so I could take it.

Posted By: nm on 2007-02-14
In Reply to: Any recent opinions on DocuMed, NJ - oldMTer


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Received their test as an attachment but could not open it. Tried twice and gave up.
Just because you couldn't pass the test doesn't mean

there is anything wrong with the company (though there is in this case).  I scored high enough on the verbal testing that I didn't have to take the transcription part, so I have no idea how hard the test really was, but I've had some extremely difficult transcription tests in the past.  Ones where the sound file was just horrendous and the dictator was ESL on top of it.  I haven't flunked one yet, but it makes me wonder what the real dictation is going to be like. 

Anyway, count your blessings. 

Open RadNet first and then open IT. Then the up Arrow and highlight to link, then OK.
I used to have a QA guy that couldn't transcribe, couldn't fill in a blank,

but was anal retentive when it came to punctuation.  You would have a report with 10 blanks in it because of poor sound quality, and he wouldn't fill in one blank, but he had put commas all throughout your report, or taken apostrophes out, etc. and he wasn't correct in his punctuation a lot of the time.   Several of the MTs complained about him and asked to not have him do their QA, so he was demoted from QA to an MT.  Well, as I said earlier, he couldn't fill in a blank.  I saw a couple of his reports and there was blank after blank in reports that I had no trouble with at all.  He also didn't proof his reports because he would have inapproriate/incorrect expansions in them.  Not sure if he left on his own, or didn't really have a choice.  Anyway, talk to your supervisor.  Maybe this person is just on a power trip, knows you are new and wants to train you to do it her way, even if your way isn't incorrect.  I think punctuation is a valid issue, but if it doesn't change the integrity of the report and there are no other errors it shouldn't be flagged by QA.    You could also take into account her corrections and maybe try to use a few more commas, etc. and that might help.  

Oh, I couldn't understand them. I didn't try them all, but the first couple, I couldn't und
Usually a spelling test, a punctuation test, and maybe 3-6 test files to do. Sometimes done using
couldn't -- you couldn't care less
Couldn't...you couldn't care less.
I took a test for a company and my foot pedal would work with the test and I had keep going back
over the dictation time and again to get all the words because I couldnt stop and start it by the foot pedal.  What can I do about this.
Just took the test myself. No actual dictation to transcribe. Just a written test.
For 13 cpl, I might do it if the dictators aren't a total horror.
I just took the test today - thought it was a great test of MT skills.
There is no written test. Must have been a different company. I took their ortho test sm
and it was easy. You had to know your terminology but it was easy to understand AND I used my foot pedal.
Is the test through mttest.com a timed test? Thanks. nm

if you are open to another
company that hires part-time and pays PTO (with PT), e/m me.
Don't be so down on yourself. When that even better job comes open...sm

you'll be ready.  No biggie, and don't let the meanies get to you.  We all make mistakes, no one is perfect. 

She did say she would call you when the next job came open.  In the meantime, maybe call her back and ask her to make sure she calls your land line as it is the one you use most. 

It won't open for me either.
Are your eyes open?
Do you work for OSi? If not, quit bashing them. If so, why haven't you secured another position due to your unhappiness?
why they keep amherst open
amherst office runs all of the east coast offices. So you are probably safe if you tell HR you want to be managed by the west coast team. I think they are much nices to their MTs
keep your ears open
things are being restructured,it will most likely affect your office.
Still cannot open the files
The people at Type Right mentioned that they use Gear Player and that is what I use and I still cannot open up the files. I called technical support and they could not figure it out either. They said the files were corrupted. Sounds like something strange is going on if the rest of the people cannot open up the files either. I think I better pass on this company!
they have my open position at TTS
here's an open post for you
you are an idiot
No, I mean 60 positions open

and available for filling.  Even if she meant 16, that is quite a bit.  Again, more information available upon (E-mail) request.

keep your options open
open letter

You could not said it any  better.!!!!

The HR is not open on weekends nm
go open your own company and sm
maybe then you can give all your profits to the MTs. NOT! I bet you would be like any other business owner, keep the profits. That is the point of having your own business!
Okay, lets get something in the open. (sm)
I am so not stressing about it. It was a random question because I have been lied to in the past about having to take a pay cut. Was it really a true need or a true greed?

Lets not fight about. There is nothing wrong with wondering.
Always keep an open mind, but...
Been here, done this several times, none have resulted in mutual benefit. My position, Transcend has much to prove.

I always keep an open mind
I kept an open mind when the company I worked for (ddi, Inc) sold out to the Q.  It was fine for a couple of years and then......well, I wasn't there anymore, need I say more?
I see that open door

Yeah, I'll just get in line behind 10 former teammates that just got the ax, all the MDI'ers looking for a new gig, and locally, the 450 people whose plant just closed.  Once I get through that crowd, I can then compete with my current teammates who are also looking for a second job/replacement job because they are eyeying the open door too, in between competing with one another for work.

Once I claw my way through the desperate crowd of job seekers and into another job, I can wait a year or so, run across the same scenario at the next company, and start looking for work again when their work pool mysteriously dries up.

Or I could just blow my brains out and avoid repeating this loathesome, demoralizing cycle for the next 20 years until I'm retirement age.  Thanks for helping me ponder my options.

Which three offices will remain open?
Do you know?
I would open the discussion by calmly
asking what the procedure is for assigning work. If you don't get the info you need, ask if there are any other accounts available which will enable you to be more productive. If you are working in an atmosphere where you are afraid to ask questions, it sounds like the wrong job and you might need a change. Good luck.
Does anyone have the # to Spheris Help Desk? My TWS will not open. TIA
They have a recruiter position open that they
are advertising for.
Be aware of the open medical
in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Be very aware of the supervisor. Not a good place. Three new employees, all three walked within the first six months. Just thought I would put a warning out!!!
open letter to Diskriter

You are having such a horrid time filling those job positions that I am willing to give it a go, but only for 12 cpl. Let me know. Yours very truly.


You're SO right! Not only China, but now the US has an open (sm)
trade agreement with KOREA... another less-than-scrupulous part of the world.

As for the name of the guy you talked to in India, I have noticed that with Dell Computers. When you get tech support, whether on the phone or by email or instant message, they always have an American-sounding name. That seems purposely deceptive.
I still work there, started on 1st and have always been on 1st. Maybe it is what is open when you a
I work Monday through Friday only, 1st shift, do 125-130 reports a day by the end of my shift, sign off and have a life. I need time for gardening, shopping, Grey's Anatomy and MTStars!
It is open to debate, like everyhing else
Well, someone has to be working holidays...ERs are open 24/7/365
If you are doing acute care I think it is just a given that you are going to have to cover some holidays.  Just like the doctors, nurses, admissions, and the rest of the hospital staff... someone has to work it.  The only holiday I'd mind working actually is Christmas, the rest can be adjusted to fit my schedule.  But I am lucky and live close to family and don't have travel concerns.  Guess I'll take my extra cpl and be happy with it. 
JLG had some positions open last year using WP5.1, too.
That was not my case. I was very open-minded
and hopeful that things would work out.  I based my decisions soley on my experience and not the experience of others, but like I said AL is good because I'm in a much better place now.  
Maybe we should open a margarita stand too .... sm

Crabbing, gourd painting, and bilking tourists might make us thirsty.  :-)

Where are you that you are my neighbor?  I didn't think anyone close to Kansas would admit it .. LOL.

I can't sleep either, but I think I am just restless.  My a/c went out today and the maintenance guy couldn't get it fixed and will have to wait until tomorrow.  Add 102 temps to the mix and you have one cranky MT! 

I've tried to open it with all these programs?

There isn't any good, but if you will open you post and down
near the bottom in blue is related posts or comments.  Click on that and you can read the most recent posts about them. 
When I open my mail I am shocked to see so many
mailnotes from my company looking for help!  Do they think all we do is sit at our desks and wait for work?  Where are they when I log on and there is NOT work ---- for days? 
THere is a TON of posts about them recently. Open your
post and near the bottom click on the blue related posts and you'll get the most recent posts. 
An opportunity has finally come open-- What would you do?
Okay, I've posted on this forum several times indicating I'm burned out after 32 years of transcribing, and the lack of work at times, diminishing benefits, no 401K and I'm 53 years old, along with my lack of momentum, and such.  Well, I have had the opportunity to apply for two outside jobs in my community, both of which sounds promising.  1) A State job as an adiministrative support personnel that has nothing to do with transcription (13 paid holidays, 13 sick days accrual, 13 vacation days accrural, company paid health insurance, company paid retirement plus 401K, and so on)- The catch- pay range 22, 272 - 36,489 .  The second   2) A County job at either our local county hospital or county health department as a Medical Transcriptionist (excellent benefits also, but not as good as the State job) but better than what I have now.  (The pay 32,400 - 48,500). Which would you choose?  I know looking at the pay, one would say that's a no brainer, however, although the county has not outsourced their transcription department over these many years yet, does not necessarily mean they will not in the future, and I would hate to end up right back where I started from, and although the State job pay starts out low, it is possible that they can start me off somwhere in the middle of that range, but the job is a secure one.  Give me your ideas on which you would choose?
And I like how they say to keep Word open and type as they come in...sm
Like I am going to sit here for 8 hours and wait for one job an hour to come in and type it right away so it can meet the clients needs.  I understand it's slow today cuz of the holidays but sick of their emails telling us we need to be on when they are off and there isn't even work.
I agree. My eyes are open too and sm
I trusted these people to operate decently.  If they are giving work to a company that doesn't pay people for work performed (even if it's bad, you know they have to be fixing it before sending it back and collecting their pay on it), then they don't deserve my trust.  These people at WMX are just as sneaky as the other companies, it turns out.