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I despise them too, but I don't think they have

Posted By: too many offshore members. SM on 2006-05-11
In Reply to: They don't care. sm - Sarah

What I DO think is that they support offshoring so much because they're basically working for the large nationals and larger MTSOs. They are by far the WORSE thing to happen to MTs EVER.

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I truly despise doing PT/OT notes...
Because I despise the working conditions
It's a horrible place to work.
But I absolutely DESPISE Comcast.
well, there are all those companies who seem to despise experienced MTs ....
might have to pay them more then 6.5 cpl ... oh, and have to listen to their opinion ... and they might challenge QA ...

Can't have that! My experiences job hunting and working new jobs (I relocated) after age 45 has been very very strange ... and I'm extremely low maintenance and easy going .. the reflexive defensiveness is impressive)
You can do a good job and despise the company. I was at MQ for 10 years.
I eventually deservedly despised them, but I did a great job. Otherwise, I would have heard about it. I'm at the Web now, and I agree with those that say they are getting to be just like MQ before MQ imploded and was sold. I don't despise Webmedx, but I don't love them, either. I don't think you can completely trust any of the nationals.
I despise it. You will never ever make as much money as on straight transcription.
JMO - I absolutely despise psych work! Give me Op Notes anytime - NOT psych. nm