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I didn't need to use their benefits, so I don't know

Posted By: sm on 2006-06-17
In Reply to: I just applied - LH

But Jean M. in HR is very helpful and will be happy to explain everything to you.

Best of luck!

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I didn't say I didn't care, I just don't understand
why the sudden outrage over HL offshoring.  
She didn't say they didn't offshore at all s/m
What she did say is that if the work needs to be done here, it stays here (paraphrased a bit, I think).

That is not lying and saying that they don't offshore work, as was stated by another poster above, but saying that if the client wants the work to stay in the US, they will keep it here. Sheesh.
She didn't say she didn't have a family. A family isn't just kids. sm

She also said she didn't have kids. Why do you think you're so much better  BECAUSE you have kids?  I am so sick of that attitude.  I don't have kids, never wanted them, but have been discriminated against in jobs because of it.  Everyone figured since I had no kids I could work all the time.  I said NO!  Just because I don't have kids doesn't mean I don't have a life or that my life is not important.   

BTW I work part time too. 

Also looking into them. Do they have benefits?


How are the benefits and
do they pay according to experience, i.e. will they match what you are making elsewhere if they have more work than one can handle lately if one tests high with them? If you know, please tell.
DSG benefits
Quoted me at over $1000 per month for two people. Needless to say, did not take it!
Same here! What benefits?
? Benefits
What health insurance benefits does KS have? I have heard they are not paying anything toward it and it is very expensive.
I just put in a call today as I am looking for benefits now as my husband was just laid off. I can take Unicare for $354 per month until January 1st when Blue Cross/Blue Shield kicks in. The cost on that is $256 per month (my share) as Keystrokes picks up 25% of the employee portion. Seems to be average as that is around what my husband paid at his old company.
SAAAWEEET!!     I LOVE KEYSTROKES!!  Just when you think they were the best... THEY GET BETTER!!! 
No benefits necessary
How about FT with benefits?
I think Cymed is worth looking at. They have a few different options and deductibles so you can try and find a fit with your needs. Also it is BC/BS, plus dental and vision. Not sure how their costs compare to others out there, but no matter where you go the cost of benefits has gone through the roof unless you can actually hook up with a hospital. Good luck.

PS - got many more benefits where I went
LOL - much, much better.
How about benefits?

Medical, PTO, etc.  TIA.

Do they provide benefits?
For health insurance, all the plans had fairly high deductibles. The lowest deductible and most expensive to the employee was $1500 up to $3000. Dental seemed to be basic. Also, they don't kick in until 1st of the month after your 90-day probationary period, assuming you are meeting your production. Didn't stay long enough to qualify.
FN benefits

I really don't see what ALL the hullabaloo is about regarding FutureNet and whether they offer this or that as far as benefits, DD or whatever.  As an independent contractor, if you have to get health insurance for yourself and dependents, look at the cost as a tax deduction for heaven's sake.

To be eligibile for DD, you have to CONSISTENTLY make 14K lines a pay period and I for one, would much RATHER pay the extra $25 and know that my check is going to get to me by 12 noon the next day. You will receive an email with the tracking # etc, the Thursday before.

Take into consideration too, that there are a LOT of services out there that do NOT offer benefits or direct deposit.  I have been in this business 25 years, and I for one, LOVE the flexibility of being able to work for a service when I want to, and not having to work someone's set schedule, just because of benefits or whatever.  It's a choice that YOU and only YOU can make.



No benefits. IC only. nm
No more than anywhere now a days and definitely cheaper than trying to get them on your own. Benefits have gone through the roof pretty much everywhere.
The way I see it is I will pay nearly $400-500 out of every check for benefits? Is that true?
thats about right
Where are you coming up with that figure? Is that for a full family?
Yes that's for a full family. I got that from some information I was given by them.

Hi, I work there too and that's about right for a family plan, if my recollection is right. The insurance is not too bad for just the employee but when you add husb or kids it get up there, but then again it seems to be like that at most places nowdays.  I think their plan/coverage is pretty good though.  I have been lucky and have been covered by my husband's policy and the kids are grown now, so I don't need to buy the coverage, you can also buy disability/life ins plans, etc. Other benefits are paid days off, but that takes years to accrue that and extra pay on holidays, etc. (but everyone is required to work 4 hours on the holiday)  I have always worked partime at physicians office or else as an IC, so I never had benefits anywhere and have always worked 6-7 days a week and holidays as an IC (only time I could get caught up was on the holidays).  The only thing I benefit from now is the extra holiday pay, and they do have 401-K and match a limited amount which is nice.  Hope this helps.. talk to your contact person if you have questions, they can probably answer them in more detail.   Good luck.

Are there any companies that offer benefits that aren't a joke.  I have talked to a few offering insurance but the premiums are ridiculous, I could get just as cheap on my own.....
The benefits ARE good, but you definitely earn them. If ESLs don't make you crazy, you'll like it there. Me, after tearing my hair out for awhile, took a lower-paying job elsewhere with easier dictators and actually bring home more $$$ now, but not good benefits. It's a trade-off.
There are no benefits at all at this time, but it is in the workings.

Does anyone know of a company who offers part-time benefits?


no benefits.
How's the benefits
Are the benefits at Medware costly or reasonable? I went to work for Diskriter, but was trying to choose between Medware and Diskriter. I chose Diskriter because they gave me the low down on their insurance costs.
I don't believe Amphion offers medical benefits for P/T.
any company out there with decent benefits with decent deductibles and rates? 
Anyone willing to share their benefit information? This is such a big part of a job now a days and I would love to see companies that actually have a good package (are there any?) get the recognition.
Thanks to all who replied. It sounds like the bottom line is benefits are a rarity in the MT world. I just don't get how we are supposedly in such demand, but salaries keep dropping and benefits are a joke.


The benefits are awesome!!!!  The insurance costs are just unbelievable.  I cover myself and my children on vision, dental, and health and it's less than 130 biweekly I believe.  The vacation/sick leave allowance is pretty good too! 

The benefits are okay, better than
some and not as good as others.  There are several health insurance options and some cost way more than others, it depends on the coverage you want.  I find it very hard to get a good line count with this company because I have a lot of difficult accents and poor speakers, nitpick on the QA, and not paid for spaces. This is definitely the lowest line count per hour I have ever made with any company. 
Don't work there for 90 days before you find out their only benefit is medical care, and it's a worthless policy.  Get the details up front, before you start working. 
no benefits
I dont know any place that offers benefits for pt.

Wished I did.
After a year, you will be eligible for medical benefits and 2 weeks of vacation time. The pay is great. I make a ton of money there, have an awesome account, and I plan on being there for a long time.

I just got a call from Keystrokes. What kind of benefits package do they offer?  I couldn't find it on their website. Thanks.


Well, for me it is easy because I am married to a guy with killer benefits and I am included.  If I was alone I think I would have to provide my own and that would be expensive.  I think a few companies have some okay deals, like Prudential, and I just got a flyer from Costco because I have a business membership.  I could go through them, I think, if I wanted benes for a small business.  Or, you could work for a national company that withholds and pays benes, but you stay home in your house and not drive to work!  You still could have all the good stuff like being in your own environment and have them do your taxes and pay benes.  They would own you a little more I guess, but you could probably live with that.  Maybe we should start a big co-op and buy our benefits together so we could get a discount!  One more con I forgot before was that my business does take up an entire room in my house that if I went out to work I could use for other things!  One more pro is that I can cram a lot of hours into my days and then have more days off.  Just do five or six days of work in in four and there you are with three days off! 

THEY definitely have benefits
$340 single?
no benefits as such, because
you would be like an IC (technically SE). But in turn, you make your own schedule and have the freedom.
When you run out there goes your benefits!

They base your benefits (PTO, sick time, health insurance) on maintaining a certain level of work, whether they have it or not, which has become frequently in the Not category.  I hope you are put on a few good accounts and left on them.  Otherwise, think of yourself as a hamster running as fast as it can in a wheel and not getting anywhere.


OSI benefits

I saw all the posts about OSi not paying holiday unless you meet almost impossible requirements but it looks like the good companies have filled all positions and maybe that is due to people quitting at OSI.  What I wonder is if OSI has affordable insurance and pay well and maybe I have to just suck up and work on the holidays.  How is QA (strictness etc) and how is the team spirit.  Also how about promotions. I haven't seen much about that because its all been mostly about the holiday pay.  I really need a job and if they are hiring which they probably are should I try to apply with them. Thank you.

After 90 days if you are full time, you are eligible to participate in the health insurance, dental, etc.. After 1 year you can participate in the company's retirement. They also have PTO.
I am recently divorced and now I need insurance.  I have been doing MT for 9 years now.  What companies have good health insurance and also have a descent pay scale?
Benefits ...
You're quite wrong with your expectations about benefits of being an employee.

1) They don't just take out your taxes. They pay half of your Soc Sec.

2) Most employees also earn paid time off in some form -- no cost to you - just money in your pocket for no work.

3) Most companies offer insurance products in which they have negotiated better prices for than you can get on your own. Most pay something toward insurance but others do not.

4) They are paying unemployment insurance on you; termination under certain circumstances may allow you to file unemployment.

5) Usually guaranteed amount of work, etc.


DeVenture does.