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I figured they were growing, hadn't

Posted By: Dano on 2005-12-01
In Reply to: Ads all over jobs board because they are growing and need good MTs. - TT QAer

ever seen them advertise until fairly recently.  Makes sense to me, usually if a company grows they have to hire more workers.  Haven't heard of anyone complaining of not having work.

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They are growing, growing, growing! The best MT company I have ever worked for!
Give them a try. 
Perhaps if you hadn't said
that those of us who work that kind of schedule by choice have no lives, you would have received responses with a slightly different tone to them.
I hadn't heard that they were using another

service, but I could tell by looking at other reports that they weren't getting all the work.  There were GI doctors who would dictate 30-40 reports a day at QT and when you would look into Versions, or whatever it was called, there would be 3 to 4 reports a day for the same doctor and then there would be 3+ days where there were no dictations at all. 

I know they had several in-house MTs. 

I had great hopes when I went to Webmedx, but they were a major disappointment.

True, hadn't thought of it that way.

I have considered getting my own accounts, but I need the health insurance that comes with working for a company. 

Hey MT, in case you hadn't noticed
She's the one with all the consensus behind her. Your lone supporter is nowhere to be found.
Geesh. They just emailed me tell me that I hadn't taken the test yet..duh
Totally ignored the content of my e-mail asking for details.  Well, this at least gave me a second chance to ask.  Maybe now they will share the line rate with me.  Who knows?  I am certainly not holding my breath. 
Hadn't heard of e-mail issues. Will do. nm
Got it all figured out!

I think I will be better off getting two physicians to transcribe for than working for a company. All these nationals are making BIG profits off of us. Most of them I am finding do not value their MTs. Any comments fellow MTs?
Thanks, I figured as much.
Figured it out
i know now, the Mountain Region
I figured it out
 now know how it works.
I just figured it out -

I don't know why it did not dawn on me sooner what is happening.  I work on a tiered pay plan - at my top tier I was making darn good money; however, there is never enough work anymore to get there and the supervisors tell me that they have to have extra people to make sure we get the TAT done.  However, I am losing over 5 cpl because I cannot get up there now (due to lack of work, not due to my lack of trying). 

I just realized, if we are doing the same amount of work just spread out between more people, they are paying less money per line, but still getting their big bucks - so where is their incentive to keep me happy?  Never mind that I have always busted my butt for them, that they could always call me for stats even when I was not scheduled to work; never mind that I worked weekends when I was a M-F scheduled employee. 

The bottom line is, the lines are scarce because doctors are not dictating as much, so they are going to keep as many people busy as they can so they pay out less on their end -


That's about what I had figured.
When I left one MTSO 4 years ago they were trying to force me into VR with the promise of tripling of my production to offset the 50% cpl reduction.  So, see, it would actually be a raise!  Win-win!  It sounded fishy then when I knew nothing about it, and fishier now that so many people actually have informed opinions.  Thanks for sharing that. 
750 lph on VR? I figured it was something like that
The people who go fast on VR are the people like the one who said she did 750 lph. She is familiar with the dictators and perhaps the hospital and therefore is not slowed down by demographic verification, difficult dictators, etc. She perhaps started at the hospital when straight typing and then transitioned to VR. That is not representative of the rest of us.
AccuStat now has voice recognition to their software and has a lot of new clients.  I run an MD office that uses AccuStat and we have had no problems ever with this company.  They have been on the ball with all of our needs, no matter how complicated!!  We have over 50 MDs and they all love the company and their flexibility!  The owner is a great lady as well....ignore the bad things you see as they are simply not true about this company!!
I figured it would look rather "stupid" with 1 job!
I have to beef it up! Easy read, though!! Oh well. Thanks for the help.
I figured as much which is why I would not apply
for the position.
Figured this out about 3 weeks ago
on a Word document - I know counting program Word is not always accurate -  but figured it would at least be fairly consistent for the document I was counting 3-4 different ways... bottom line was 15.5% reduction if you do not get paid for spaces.
I think i figured it out...at least a big part of it
They overhire and run out. They lose their good MTs to steadier places and can't meet TAT. Then they start the process all over again. I would not be at all surpised if they have lost accounts because there is some serious mismanagement happening. They need some better coordination and scheduling procedures. I left a few months ago and actually have work everyday now. :)
Thanks, searching, I figured that must be why. nm
Have you figured your error out yet?
Well sounds to me that you have figured it out on your own. sm
I think that if you need to be home with your daughter and don't need benefits and your husband is okay with it, take the job. That is not bad money. Hopefully, the drive is not far from where you live. Good luck.
Uh-oh! I figured that was the case

Thank you for the info!    Just not what I was hoping to hear. 

Thanks. I figured as much. I have my resume
I haven't quite figured out what to do sm
myself yet. In the same boat as everybody else, but tired of testing, hiring and then the job blows up for some reason. I am ready to just quit and go do something else, although I don't know what!
From what I just figured, I would have made
over the past week by the way this averages out approximately $170 for 1 day, $180 for 2 days and $190 for one day for myself if I were paid that way for VR and straight.
I just figured out the reason for the pay cut (sm)
They need to gather funds in time for this year's Christmas gift: The Second Annual Remarkable Wedmedx Cookbook, complete in PDF version! perfect format for printing at home! 'And we allow you to use your printer now--see how good we are to you?'
I don't do Rad so I am not sure if they have any or not. They are growing like crazy though, so
call them and ask. They are usually always hiring. Right now I think they are hiring for Med Rec, Oncology and maybe Rad. Call them and talk to Debbie, my supervisor. She's great.
Yes, it does, it means we are growing! :)
Why can't anyone ever see that with a service? Advertising doesn't necessarily mean something negative,it can simply mean there is an increased need for qualified MTs!
Growing business? nm

not sure if they're growing but...
i was with them not long ago and they were wonderful and i never ever ran out of work. staff was all very supportive and friendly, system was nice, line count was awesome, paid on time and accurately, no complaints at all, just couldn't squeeze in enough time to work for them with the other job. great place to work, though, highly recommend.
They are growing like MAD! This is an awesome
company. Definitely not overhiring. I have been here almost two months now and I have never been happier with my job. The accounts are good, the people are amazing, from management to tech support and even the general office staff. They treat me incredibly well and many, many others on here say the same.
Growing with a new group of
They started a group of hospitals based in TN, and are adding them one at a time during the year.  Lots of ER and acute care positions, we get emails noting the new accounts and added positions. 
the growing company?
see details inside, only provides an email response.
She's still there. They are just growing so fast, they need more (sm)
many times in office works well for other reasons.
I am growing tired of this sm
So I am going to try to end it, here and now. I am sick to death of hearing I am selling myself cheap working for TT. I can sell my services for wherever I care to, for whatever benefits I need/want and for any line rate I want to. Since I am no longer firm enough to sell my body, I can be a flabby MT making what I feel good about making and the job I am doing to get said income. It is not your business to come on here and tell me that I am selling myself cheap, nor to brag about the line rate you get. When asked about whom you work for, suddenly you can't tell, it is all so hush hush. One has to wonder...if you told, would your supervisor get on here and contradict you? Given your grammar and spelling, I can't think you are worth the money you supposedly get paid. Contrary to what others may think, this is job is NOT about getting higher and higher line rates! I have been in this way too long to be talked to like I have fallen off a turnip truck and I don't know a certain orifice from a hole in the ground. PAY DOES NOT INDICATE THE QUALITY OF MT WORK YOU PRODUCE any more than report cards are an indication of learning. I read a lot on here (note the TWO words there). I listen to complaining about QA people and how obnoxious they are, about MTSOs who don't care about their MTs, about running out of work, about unusable platforms, difficult ESLs, falling line rates and lack of benefits. These are the difficulties of being an MT in a marketplace that doesn't value the people element in any job, and in an industry that is rapidly changing. To come to this particular board is to be bombarded not only by all this complaining, but also by constant gloating over a line rate that may or may not exist in reality. The fact is, unless we are all MTSOs with well paying clients, none of us are going to get rich doing this. We are going to pay our bills and we are going to work hard. Line rates are the same as they were 10 years ago and 12 years ago and 15 years ago. If you find a job with 10 cents or better a line, I'll show you a job where the work stinks, the platform is impossible and the person in charge has more psychological issues than an inpatient on a 72-hour hold. I know, because I have worked for a lot of them. Now, I have recently gone to work for TransTech. Sure, I took 8.5 cpl, MY CHOICE, MY DECISION. When I quickly understood that medical benefits would not total $100 a month, and that as an employee, they will cover part of my FICA taxes and that there is PTO that is figured the way it ought to be figured...8.5 cents was looking good to me. I have made 11 cpl and recently (see above). Even simply talking money, that 2.5 cents will not buy me medical insurance on my own. It hardly covered my taxes last year and I had to work a second job. I had West Nile and it didn't pay for the 3 days I missed from work because of it. I ran out of work frequently too. I am concerned about what the rest of you are concerned about. I don't like running out of work. I detest snotty QA people. I, for one, cannot abide the whining from my MTSO that greets me every time I have a technical problem or if I am sick. I don't like that I can't afford to go the doctor without insurance. I'd like to be respected for my experience and hard work too. If I am going to work extra hard, I'd like extra money for it. We who work for Transtech are bragging these past couple of weeks. Why? Because we have joyfully found a place where we can't complain about all of the above issues. We have seen that money, as in higher line rates, isn't the entire picture. We are finding that we are rapidly more productive, lines are easier to get and we have our job satisfaction back. The 10, 11, 12 cents you get, can't buy love. It can't buy satisfaction. It can't buy THE BEST QA team in the business. It can't buy the most gentle, understanding and patient manager I have ever come across XXXX. It can't buy you the thank you for your hard work that I find on EVERY report returned from QA. It can't buy you technical assistance that is on a problem as fast as a duck on junebug. It can't buy the pat on the back that I have gotten from all the QA people every time I have cleared QA on another new account. Now, 10+ cpl can't buy you love, but 8.5 got it for me!
Not sure what the deal is but the ad said they were growing or something..
and it also stated in the LOOOOOOOOONG AD that they get someone trained and then start training another person and so on. Almost sounded like they ran an assembly line where they get one MT put together  and scoot her down the line and then get another ready and so forth. Unfortunately, I do not buy that. I think this employer has come up before in discussions and it was not favorable. Also, if you read the ad, you can tell there is a little chip on the shoulders on what she expects from an MT, leaving me to believe she has been less than happy with whom she has hired in the past. In any event, I do love animals but I have NO interest in applying there.
If I figured on the same document why would this matter?
Figured with research and networking somebody would know.
Of course I don't expect someone to answer me and tell me one specific company who absolutely has the best benefits.  Maybe I should have worded that differently.  I just figured someone would have some suggestions.  Thanks for the advice on the private insurance.  I may just end up doing that because out of three companies that I have spoke with the insurance is expensive and not worth it.
This is too funny! Yes, you've figured me out.

I'm the MTK serial killer.    Lock your doors!  Hide your keyboards!  I'm coming for YOU!

You're overreacting a bit, dontcha think?

Me, too. I figured it cost me about $1k a year to keep sm
it up. I had CE's out the yingyang. I miss going to the physician's lectures, but that's about all. It was a good run for a while.
Yes, and also figured into that is the loss of benes,
sick days, PTO, insurance, etc., that you would get with employee status.
You are kidding yourself. OSi is not growing. You cannot grow without
OSi wants to be big, but that will never happen because they will not listen to anyone about giving the MTs more instead of putting all the profits into their own pockets. All you get at OSi is your base line rate...that is it. Nothing extra for nights, weekends, holidays. They make you pay for the foot pedal and even the cheap spell checker.

You pretty much said it all when you said that OSi is choosy about who they invite to their parties!! How awful! When most companies have company parties, all employees are invited. That is pretty sad and pretty much says it all about OSi.
Gee, could it be they are getting new accounts and growing? Geez
We are growing. You are a person not a number.
We have employees in 18 states and have full bennies. Other states ICs and SEs. Pay is decent with incentives. Good team work. Direct deposit every other Friday. Pay is correct and on time.
They have a couple hundred and are still growing. You are right about it
feeling like a small company. EVen though they are pretty big I think they really make an effort to not lose what makes them special.
And the reason the list keeps growing is because...
these companies know they can get MTs here to correct the poor quality before it gets sent to the client. Talk about cutting our own throats!
No, that is because Transcend is growing like wildfire!
We are adding two new accounts a month, and converting others. I am one of the ones that usually helps out on new accounts, so I know.

Hope everyone on the board had a happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful that I have a place to go to share ideas.
Geesh. Maybe they're growing. Ever think of that? nm
The MTSO does it by growing themselves a spine
instead of constantly trying to undercut the other guy. If all MTSOs stuck together, and charged more across-the-board so that they could pay their workers decent wages, clients would have no choice but to make their cuts elsewhere.

As long as the MT industry dontinues to delude itself with its gas-station-price-war business practices, they'll continue to shoot themselves in the foot when it comes to not being able to get quality workers, that in turn bring them the quality clients.
This company definitely belongs on the growing
Is there any way to get documentation of what, exactly, the 'misconduct' was? It sounds like they're not only being untruthful, they're also being spiteful and vindictive, just because you couldn't meet what was probably an unrealistic daily line minumum on crappy accounts, using substandard software.