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I get paid per line. They

Posted By: Angela on 2007-05-25
In Reply to: Do you get paid per report? - twinkles

finally answered me today and said there is a bug in iType and it duplicates reports and the count on iType will always be higher than what it really is. I guess it I continue working for them, I will have to keep track of each report and how many lines instead of just going by daily lines as I have been. I am working for another company now, though, that pays much better, so hopefully this will work out better! Waiting for the first check

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I don't get paid by the line so don't know, sorry.
I'm paid by the line. nm

Wish I could help you but paid by the line
but the hours are definitely great - IC and great schedule.   Good with the bad I guess?
Paid by the line
I am miserable because I'm paid by the line. I'm expected to provide constant feedback, yet I'm not paid extra for all of the feedback emails. I also wish I could find a good company that pays hourly, working any shift.
You are paid by the line.
The MTs (most of them) are horrible. You are also expected to spend your time (no extra pay) providing management with detailed feedback on the errors so they can pass it along to the horrible MTs. I had to spend an eternity on each report due to the horrible dictators and the horrible MTs. I quit...not worth it at all.

I was also often without work. If you take a job with them you should also have a second job.
Could someone tell me what QA is usually paid per line. nm
Paid by the word instead of the line...anyone?
Does anybody get paid by the word instead of by the line?  What is the rate range anyway?  Is this better than by the line?
Anyone get paid per line for QA? I was just offered

3.5 cpl to QA for a company.  I have not heard of a being paid by the line for QA, so I dont know what a fair price per line would be.  I get 7.5 cpl for ME but I think the difference might be QA do you the blanks and not listen to the whole report.  Anyhow, I'm just trying to find out if anyone gets cents per line and how much is fair.  Thanks!

Anyone get paid per line for QA? I was just offered

3.5 cpl to QA for a company.  I have not heard of a being paid by the line for QA, so I dont know what a fair price per line would be.  I get 7.5 cpl for ME but I think the difference might be QA you just edit the blanks and not listen to the whole report.  Anyhow, I'm just trying to find out if anyone gets cents per line and how much is fair.  Thanks!

They are paid by the line, not the hour. nm
No, QA is paid per line 3 or 4 cents
US MT's are paid so little per line that in order to
reports as possible, and the faster you go, the more junk is likely to be produced. I try to proofread everything I produce, but when my tenancy is on the chopping block and the rent is overdue, I type as fast as I can, don't proofread, and hope for the best. It's all about survival.
How do companies pay PTO when we are paid by the line.
Do they use an average of what you make most days and pay you that when you want your day off, or do they have a little bank of money that you can dip into when taking a vacation? Explain this to me please?
Being paid by the word versus line
I just got offered a job making $5.00 per 1,000 words.  I have never been paid by the word.  I hear I am getting ripped off bit time.  Can somebody explain to me what the difference is getting paid by the word versus getting paid by the line?  I am a new MT and want to make sure I am getting paid correctly.  Thanks!
Transhealth rad-paid by report or by line? sm
Anyone know?  Thinking about applying. 
Or you're paid by the hour/not line
Or, you are paid by the hour/not line.
Not flaming, but wondering. How do you know you get paid for every line if you
Paid for 55 char black line...
Can anyone tell me if they get paid this way instead of the 65 w/ spaces? If anyone else does, can you tell me roughly the difference it makes versus getting paid for spaces?

Well only if you get your own accounts or are paid gross line.
There is no way a transcription company will pay you that much. I have one of my own accounts too and make 12 cents per gross line, and I make around $50 per hour on average.
If you're paid by the line, and not for checking - sm
demographics, then the more time you spend checking demographics, the more you are working for free. A little bit of it is one thing, a lot of it is quite another.
You get paid for the whole line count in the report.

Only on QA do some companies (GRRR) pay for just a certain amount of lines or what you actually type in the blanks. 

VR is the same line count as text reports - and the whole report.  Hope this helps you.  You might want to check with your company to confirm though, lots of weird stuff going on with some of them;-)

Went from hospital to company using DQS, line count has definitely went down, don't get paid for
demographics even if we have to enter them in. I've put a lot more abbrev in my Expander since switching over to DQS to help compensate.
Heck, no! Gross line would be a great way to get paid! nm
Futurenet AQ not paid by report any more? Going to line rate.



I think what she is saying is that if mgmt were paid by the line, they would understand our position
When you depend on your paycheck to pay the bills and it varies from week to week, it can really cost you if there is no work or low work volumes.
In 2006, you needed a Cphone & paid your own LD line to
Are you required to give feedback even though paid by the line?
If so, I encourage all QA folks to STOP taking these by the line QA positions when you are required to spend your time providing feedback for which you are not paid. Every company that does this is cheating you. And there is absolutely no way I would QA on DQS/QASAR while being paid by the line. Rip off.
I believe they mean that you have to make $900 per PP to be full time, still paid by line
I get paid per gross line. I utilize normals and macros
as much as possible, though I could do more than I do.   I also type 100+ wpm.  I don' t have demographics to fill in, just patient's name and I type in straight WP5.1, so no cumbersome formats.  I download via FTP and I batch my work insteading of having save each individual report.   I make 8 cpl per gross line.  
Ctrl i in EXText for us MT's with TT gives a higher line count, because we do not get paid
for everything that that function shows.  I-chart is as close to the exact amount of lines we get paid for than anything that we have.  Ctrl i was blocked from us, but lately opened up for us to use; however, it is not what we get paid for.  Hope this helps you.
do you find being paid per the minute pays better than per line pay rate?

Thank you so much for your help!

Webmedx Editors, how are they paid (per line or hourly)? Do they reimburse for
CMT examination fee or pay part of it?  Do they give any kind of consideration for MTs or Editors with their CMT?
So you don't get paid for headers/footers... just a straight 65 character line
How about spaces?

If you don't get paid for H/F, are you given a higher line rate?
Watch your paycheck go down. Transcend does not pay the same line counts that MDI-MD paid.
If Ichart deducts 8% from ExText line counts, you are actually not getting paid for spaces

It is the equivalent of a 70.2 character line with spaces, 65  characters without spaces. 

If you are paid cpl based on 65 char.line, margins dont matter.
Everyone IS paid by the line. I read your posts and feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone.
This is not true. I have been there a month and get a good line rate and paid for spaces. ??? nm
TT sent out email saying CTRL i function is 7-12% higher than paid-for line counts,

so you would need to deduct 7-12% off function of CTRL I.

Per TT email regarding this subject, the headers and footers average between 7-12% of a document . . .   Conversely, if you are transcribing a two to three line report/addendum, the header and footer may be as much as 50% or greater.

So, it is true that if we transcribe short reports, we are given the pleasure of transcribing almost FREE for TT !!!

This is about as clear as we MT's can get from TT regarding this line counting issue.

Great bunch of people to work with, pay on time, my only problem is that QA is paid by line instead
of by the hour and you must listen to all reports 100% instead of just jumping and filling in the QA markers.
Made 1200-1600 per week paid on a gross line for 5 years!
It CAN be done. The key is either a really high line rate or canned text over and over again with very small accounts. I had a little of both and then some harder stuff thrown in. It also helps if you work like you are on fire most of the day. Needless to say, that gravy train ran out of juice and now I am back to *normal* pay of around $750 per week at another company. SO many variables out there with the *how much do you make?* question.
A line is a line is a line. Doesn't matter if we are talking about radiology or acute care.

1600 is not a fair minimum requirement.  Sure you can achieve 1600, it shouldn't be the required minimum.

Training on the system, not paid, but if you are physically typing reports then you are getting paid
Oh, yea -- PAID, too. Grandmother PAID LEAVE would be a great drawing card to TT !!

Just love that PAID TIME OFF !!

Any company that makes you wait to get paid until they get paid by the client
is not a company you want to get involved with. That's part of being an MTSO, figuring out how to cover your payroll while waiting to get paid. I would stay away!
Is this a live count of lines paid for or same as CTRL I that we do not get paid for ?? nm
Me too.. the outsourced company was paid for and paid me for headers, but OSI does/did not.
I have always paid yearly and have never paid or been assessed a penaltly. nm
Be glad you get paid tomorrow. We are paid on the 1st and the 15th, so sm
since the 1st is on a weekend, we don't get paid until Monday.  It will happen again on the 15th of August …sigh.  It is the only thing I do not like about the company, though, so I guess a few weekends of poverty a year is not too much. 
Means a line is a line is a line, even if it only has one word on the line
it is considered a line. 
Lori never paid me and now ETC has not paid my friend.
What is WRONG with these companies?