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I have no downsides so far....

Posted By: Stacy on 2006-07-11
In Reply to: Sounds good, but are there any downsides I need to know? nm - What's your least favorite thing about them?

I have had nothing but excellent experience with Medware thus far. For example, my hard drive crashed after just 2 months of working with them, and I could not work for a couple of days until I got a new one and had a tech call to reinstall all my software, and they were AWESOME regarding the whole time I was down. I have also had sick kids a couple of times, and my boss worked with me when I had to leave in the middle of my shift to take them to the doctor....VERY understanding.

They have a really good platform. I found out I was on one of the hardest accounts, and I have found that it really is not bad at all, and they always have work.....if not on my primary, then my secondary picks up the slack. I have only been with them for 4 months, but I think this is definitely the company I will be retiring with.

Oh, the only downfall I can think of would be the cost of the insurance for a family, but other than that, I find no fault right now with Medware.

Of note, I know that NO company is perfect... but I can honestly say that right now, Medware IS the company for me! HTH

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Sounds good, but are there any downsides I need to know? nm