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I havent received anything. nm

Posted By: another tt'er on 2007-05-23
In Reply to: are you the only one - nan


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I havent either
I havent been with them long SM
But I can honestly say that they are the best company I have ever worked for.... Tons of work, excellent communication, very laid back, and a great bunch of people to work for.
Im trying...havent heard yet...
I wanted to ask anybody out there who works of TT Hughes Satellite system for high speed internet service? We dont have DSL or cable out here in the boonies yet.
You have to keep wondering with the new MQ pay plan that we havent gotten yet if they are going to
reduce the ASR rates or what have you and are hiring in case people decide to quit when the new rates come out. I have not heard yet what will happen with the ASR rates although they have said many times they are going to change them.
I did about 2 weeks ago, but havent heard anything. nm
Same here, I havent heard back yet. nm
I havent found a 9-pin to USB and I have looked everywhere. One place
told me that 9-pins were becoming extinct in other words so they didnt even bother selling adapters for it. I have no idea why the platform company, Escription, does not have their program updated so you can at least use a 15-pin that you can buy an adapter for and my laptop would take a 15-pin, but all Escription is compatible with is a 9-pin unless something has changed and no one told me.
I does end with an "S"..but if they havent jacked you around, I wouldnt worry about it.
I think for me, I'm probably going to bail. It's obvious the recruiter has too much on her plate as we're all getting the same story about forgetting things and contacting us in a timely manner etc..very strange but in this biz..flaky is the name of the game and they think we're the flaky, job hoppers.. I wonder why..Give us a decent job with decent benefits and actually WORK and we'd be happy, but that doesn't happen anymore. We just get jacked around.
Yikes!!!! No offense but more than 1 MT has said they havent gotten paid. I cant take a chance.
Thanks anyway..
Havent you decided to accept their offer..or have they offered a position?
If so, what kind of pay scale do they have..
Chartscript- Just starting a job using this platform. I havent begun training yet but in looking at
the manual, it looks complicated or that you have to open up a lot of thing, I-player or something, a VPN, then the platform etc. Tell me it will be easy to learn and your able to whip through reports. I got spoiled on Escription where you just load the platform and go and then hit on button to upload. No VPN to sign into and load, no player. Just one thing. I think I'm getting to old and set in my ways to learn new systems. It seems like a hassle, so if there are any Chartscripters out there who can give me some positives, I'm all ears. I tried one other job that was the same thing and even got worse when I had to open up a ton of screens just to get demographics etc..and that was before I could even type the thing. I just cant see how that would be productive. You have 10 minutes into it before you even type the job LOL.
2000 lines, I havent done that in years. What work type do you do? nm
Medware..Anyone know what they pay their speech editors. I have applied but havent heard back. I
was just curious if it was worth my time or not.
Havent been at Scan Medical too long but finding the work drying up. Anyone else there
notice this. 
Is Apex an internet word-based platform? Havent heard of it...
I havent heard a word about an incentive and I have worked there almost 2 years so I guess I didnt
qualify for whatever status you needed to get an incentive. Is this something you get every pay period if you meet a quota or just something quarterly. Just curious.
I received one of those once-sm
I read through the whole thing before realizing what the heck this applicant was doing. At first, I thought she accidentally sent me some patient's report!
Yup, you definitely should have received it. It's on 2/29 at 2 PM CST
I would contact Vicky in the office if you never received the e-mail because it is a mandatory conference.
I received from
the old payroll company but not the new.
Any MDI-MD MTs received W2's?
I had mine by this time last year, just wondering if anyone else has rec'd theirs yet, and if I should check into it...
No. The only letter I have received is the
September 2nd letter announcing the upcoming Rewards Plan.

Yes, if ASR pay is being reduced that is a pay cut. It is A pay cut. The above post made implication that there was a pay cut across the board, "... the pay cut ...".

I just don't see a need to be careless with that kind of assumption.

I have received nothing about the ASR reduction. However, I do not do ASR and it may have only gone to those MTs.

At least you received a reply! SM
I tested almost two weeks ago and still no word.  I find a lot of the companies just don't ever get in touch anymore.  That's just rude! 
You already received 3 answers below .. maybe that's all there is? nm
received the email, nm
received the email
I received the e-cards as well - sm
I'll bet we have the same liason! I really like her and thought it was very thoughtful of her to take the time to do this.
I have never really received more money for it BUT if you want to do
it for yourself, do it! I have been able to get other jobs other than MT just by having it because whether or not it means anything to other MTs, it always looks good to have a professional credential after your name if you are in any kind of mentoring position, QA, or management. I wanted it because I wanted to expand what I did and even though it might not have been required, it looks credible. Nothing wrong with doing it for yourself for no reason at all. It is a difficult test and to take it and pass it makes you feel good inside. Some companies do pay a differential per line or for doing QA can reap you more per hour. Again it is a personal choice and no it does not make you a better MT but it certainly makes you feel like you have accomplished something. We need things like feelings of accomplishment in what we do for a living. It's the only credential our field offers and I see nothing wrong with wanting to get it. Go for it and good luck.
I also received a computer

today and will be starting soon. I am really looking forward to it.  So far, everyone has been very professional and kind.  I like the fact that they take the time and go through the expense of mailing a professionally done packet of new hire paperwork and then providing the means for you to send it back to them via fed ex.  Most companies email you tons of attachments that you have to use up a ton of ink to print out...then they expect you to fax it all back...which if you don't own a fax, you have to pay lots to fax 10-20 pages.  The company seems very organized.  They even sent FedEx labels for me to keep just in case I have to return the equipment for any reason.  I hope that things continue to go well and hopefully, I have found my home.

I know that Spheris offshores however, I feel that US MTs will always be in high demand, because there will always be hospitals/docs who refuse to have their work done by overseas MTs. 

Has anyone who received the mass
emailing from Keystrokes received the promised phone call yet?  I have not and am just wondering
I am one of a # of people who received SM

a check equal to about 4 months' pay from them for avoiding overtime pay.  That is no rumor.  That FACT was investigated by the Pennsylvania Dept of Labor and Diskriter was forced to pay out rightfully owed overtime pay because they repeatedly, verbally and in writing, demanded mandatory overtime and made statements that we were to only write in 40 hours for that week or face disciplinary action.

FACT.  Not rumor.

Received the Same Offer
Do you mind if I ask who you work for?
Pay? Yeah right - you never received your pay.
Don't even go there - they cannot even pay on time or even let you know that it is going to be late - even when it is Christmas time of all times.  They are very bad, disorganized and the rudest people ever.  Stay far away.
I received a gift as well. s/m
I really appreciated it as I have only been working for this company for a few months.  It's nice to be remembered at all.
I haven't received it. Please try again.
I received one this week

It had some interesting comments about hospitals and costs of transcription as well as pay for MTs not rising since 1998, which is what I had noticed more or less.

I also see one of their top people mentioned is a former supervisor of mine at MQ.  She was very nice.  Perhaps I'll apply there!

I sent resume and received no
invitation to test, response or acknowledgment.

So, if this is a scam, what is the catch? What would anyone want with a bunch of MT resumes? If it is a joke, I supose there could be some sick humor there, but what's the punchline? I still don't get the point of something like this.
I received mine.....
I had my computer before the phone call.  I had to set it up before training. 
no email received
can you provide more info?
This packet we just received is merely
supplemental ins.  That is what AFLAC is; it is not a primary insurance coverage.  They do have other insurance, from what I hear, and if full coverage is needed, you do need to talk to Vicki in the office!!! I hear it is kinda pricy, though...
Yes, I received my payment
Yes, I have received my payment as promised. 
Has anyone received a TransTech W2 yet? I know
a lot of us received an email
asking when we would be able to have an interview--NOTHING, NADA after that.

Has anyone from Transtech received their W2?
I have not received by W2 yet from Spheris. Has anyone? nm
I received several e-mails sm
privately stating some of the same things the others had said. These e-mails are all from experienced MTs with 20+ years experience. I would agree with your post IF the e-mail I had gotten from the recruiter hadn't been worded so strangely. She was very very nice but it was obvious this was a problem with her higher up and she did not agree with it. Its ok but it does aggravate me that they are taking up so many MTs time with their testing and not being up front. I would rather they say they are slow than make up something. I can't say as I would feel comfortable working for a company that would lie up front. I am glad you have a great experience there though. Any job in this economy is a blessing! BTW from the time these posts were done yesterday until this morning, I have had a job offer I think I am going to take. Thanks for your post.
just received and accepted a sm
offer from Landmark Transcription.  So far, they sounded most like the company that would fit me.  i want to be an IC and only want part-time so it works for me.  Thanks for all the tips everyone puts out there on companies.  There is more positive about Landmark than negative.  I am anxious to get starte again.
I received a call from someone

today who I thought was Landmark as I had sent them a resume some time back, and she said Landmark at the beginning of the conversation. Later on in the conversation I found out Landmark had given them my resume.  It was for a place called Cornerstone in Wyoming. There are openings for ER accounts, Chartscript experience required.  You might give them a try.  Maybe that will help get you into Landmark though my wanting to work there has changed since I found out they are in the practice of giving (or selling) resumes. 

The pay was pitiful (or so I thought) for an IC position (8 cents).  They said they were flexible on the hours, but you had committed hours. 

I can see how people take low paying jobs though if they need the experience, but it does effect the rest of us.  These companies will keep going as low as they can.  They have no bottom so pretty soon it will look like we are doing community service. 

I received a reply this a.m. (sm)

However, they stated they are only hiring for second and third shifts at this time.  Unfortunately, that won't work for me...

Good luck to you and congrats!

I received their info
I simply couldn't believe they start at 6 cpl. Why on earth would anyone even consider it? If they can pay on a tier system, they are making a big profit at 6 cpl. Their system equals nothing more than slave labor.
received your e-mail.
2000 to 2500 lines an hour? Even I don't believe that.
Just received computer for Spheris
But the program says something about HIT platform.  I am just a little confused and will ask on Monday.  Are there many aspects of Spheris that include people using HIT platform and others not using this platform.  If anyone out there have used HIT platform,please let me know how it can increase your production.  Thanks for your experience with this HIT program.
I haven't received mine yet either but considering
the information posted on here, I'd say it is favorable. I think a few things people have been complaining about have been addressed and given:

1) Universal treatment. Sounds like the entire company is now under one plan of hours/production/base tiers/benefits/status. No one will be able to say they get a raw deal because of the office they are in. Everyone will get the same treatment in those areas.

2) A method of control for the workload -- in answer to those who complained about the SEs and others who jump on at the end of the payperiod to hog the work (not my words -- others, mind you): Now everyone has to adhere to a "firm schedule". OT only at supervisor's approval. Set number of hours. These things add up to more control over distribution of work and coverage for their accounts that they can count on.

3) The ability to move up in tier -- you can test and move up to another tier if you want to. Equates to you having an option on your base rate.

4) The ability to keep your incentive on a daily basis; and it sounds like it adds up to more than the incentive we are currently getting. Especially with so many plans floating around for incentive/production/bonuses, etc.

5) Time to make a decision. This is October 2nd. Sounds like you have a month to decide what you want to commit to and 3 months to get yourself prepared to start your new commitment in January. Time to analyze and think through what is best for your situation.

We knew that there was no way everyone was going to be happy about this plan because everyone's needs are different. Everyone has their own idea of what they want from their job. However, it sounds like a positive step in the right direction. Many of the bottom-line complaints have been resolved with this plan.

I'm satisfied with it. Making mock schedules right now so I can be ready to go FT at 39 hours!

My best wishes to all on making their decisions!