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I live in Virginia and have never heard of them ..

Posted By: MT on 2009-06-24
In Reply to: Anyone have any information about or experience with Virginia Professional sm - Still looking MT

What city are they in?

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If you live in Virginia, then take the job because then you
could go directly to his office and DEMAND your paycheck (I am being sarcastic). This man is notorious for not paying his employees.
Anyone ever heard of Smith Venture and Co out of Virginia?? (sm)
would appreciate any info on here or you can e-mail me.  Thanks.
I live in Oregon and have not heard of them...sm
what is their web address? TIA
Never heard of 'em - and I live in SC!
Do they have a website?
I have never heard anything positive. I live in NJ and
was thrilled at first to be with a home company. Definitely have to travel for 2 days - no exceptions. Also heard that pay is not anything to make all this worthwhile either. I had asked around on several boards, and never heard 1 positive thing.
I live in NY and sent resumes twice over the years. Never heard back. nm
I don't know where you live but where I live foreclosures are rising and there are no jobs -- non
I worried about my employer for part of the winter as my accounts grew sparse. I had plan to switch to being an employee with benefits but dared not make the switch in this economy (this was last year this time, got it?)
I figured keeping my seniority was worth whatever security it afforded.

My accounts have rebounded some and I can pay my bills.

By economizing seriously, I have paid off my credit card and put some money aside, just in case. I'm breathing easier, thanks.

So, all in all, I'm not complaining. This last winter was brutal, but I had a job and I paid my bills. When employment rebounds and/or national health goes into effect, people will go to the doctor again and we will be busy.

My part of the world is like a ghost town -- everyone who could left to find work in the city -- many apparently leaving their homes to the banks. Several houses in my vicinity have been on the market more than 4 years.

Forgive me my loyalty ... it pays the bills.

What does yelling at the rest of us do for you?
MedScribe LLC in Virginia
Thinking about applying with them.  Does anyone know anything about them?  Platform, reliability of pay and how often paid, IC or employee?
Anyone have info on LTS, Inc. out of Virginia
Looking for anyone who has had experience with this company to provide information. Thinking about applying, but would like to hear opinions first. Thanks!
Please, I need info on MTA in Virginia
MTA = Medical Transcription Associates in Virginia. Does anybody have experience dealing with this company? Good or bad ? Which platform do they use? How much do they pay? Any other info? I sure hope someone out there knows something. You can also send me an email. Thank you!!
Medical Transcription Associates of Virginia anyone?
I have not been successful in finding out any info on this company.  Can anyone help?  TIA!!!
The job is on a different job site. Google the company name + Virginia, and hopefully
Virginia Professional Transcription Services

Has anyone hear of this company?  If so, could you please share info on them?  TIA.

Anyone have any information about or experience with Virginia Professional sm

Transcription Services?  Pay on time, plenty of work, etc ... anything appreciated.


escribe solutions virginia beach - NOT THE INDIA ONE

I have an in-house interview tomorrow - anyone heard of or worked for this company?  I have been an in-house Transcriptionist making an hourly wage - so this work at home thing is new to me - I don't know anything about what I should accept if I get offered the job - can anyone school me?  ha ha  I don't want to get screwed, but I don't know what the average is for pay, lines per day/week, etc.  It's like a foreign language.  Also I don't want to take the job to work at home and spend a lot of time doing it and make no money.

Any with MDI that work on the Northern Virginia hospital accounts?
I work for one of the other services and received some disturbing news this week.  Just want to verify what I was told is true.  Please email. 
Anyone have recent info on Cymed in Virginia? Oldest posts are from 09/2005- TIA

I am apparently being stiffed by a woman in Virginia for vacation coverage work I did. sm

I am not sure where I go from from here.  She told me that she would pay me for invoices from 06/26 and 07/11 on 07/22 (yesterday).  When I emailed her and asked her to verify that she had indeed paid me, she read the email (you can check on AOL) and did not respond.  It is only $338, but in my world right now, that is a lot of money to lose.  I blame myself because I broke one of my rules by working for someone who did not have direct deposit, and also by waiting for over a month to get my first check.  She did pay that one, but I am thinking now it was only because she still needed me to continue working to finish out her vacation coverage. 

I suppose I can file a small claims suit, although I thought someone told me that you have to go to that state to file.  She's in Virginia and I am in Colorado.  I have a friend in that area, so perhaps he could do the preliminary leg work for me for that.  I was also going to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.  I thought of contacting her clients to let them know that although she is paid for her services, she does not pay others, but I am not sure if that is legal or not. 

I am a bit frustrated -- mad at myself for trusting her -- and scared too because I was counting on the money.  Any ideas? 


It depends on where you live. If you live in their
service area it would be cheaper than outside their service area.   I only have rates for out of service area and medical is  139.13 for family or 168.42 depending on what plan you choose.  Dental is 20.85 for family, vision is 5.13.  These are per pay period. 

Individual coverage would be 44.79/54.21 medical, 7.99 dental, and 1.71 vision.  

I opted out of insurance as we have through my husband's job.  I believe  the cheaper insurance is a 70/30 plan and the more expensive an 80/20, not sure about co-pays.  Deductibles are $2000 for family, not sure about individual.
I've heard only positive things about them. So, I applied, but haven't heard a word. Maybe fl
I've only heard of Intellitype. Never heard of Teletype.
i live in NC. Where is this sm
company at. I am thinking about changing employers.
Yes, I used to live near them.

There was a recent post at this link.  http://forum.mtstars.com/company/v/1/7698.html

And a post from 2004 stating that they were disorganized.

They don't live up to their name...nm
don't know but u live elsewhere than me....sm

When I go soliciting more private work (rarity), I expect exactly what I charge today and for the past 10 years; have never raised my rates. I chose my rate by what was/is usual and customary in the area where I live and what other fellow MTs charge.  No complaints thus far, but I live in and around a couple of huge cities, and I do charge 12 cpl, promising 24-48 TAT, with close to 3 decades experience.  Best luck to you !!  

Anyone here live in PA???
side of the state and wondering if anyone could tell me of some good neighborhoods to move into; anywhere between Stroudsburg and Philly.  Thanks everyone!
Where I live
pretty much all jobs require a background check and the potential employers pay for them. I have had to have a background check for every job I have applied for here. It really wasn't a big deal.
if that is all it is, i can live with that;
I will just remember to get it in on time.

I believe you have to live near SM
the hospital to reap the full benefits of the insurance.

Others have stated they cannot use the hospital insurnance and that there is little work, due to over-hiring.
I live in s/m
NW Arkansas (Wal-Mart country).  There are craft fairs and festivals just about every weekend.  Near Eureka Springs where the whole town is made up of gift shops and tourism is about their only industry.  Lots of wealthy tourists willing to pay $5000 to $10000 for a quilt.  Yes, I meant to add that many zeros.  Nice gourd birdhouses they'll pay $150 or more for.  30% commission still leaves a nice hefty profit. 
Where do you live?
and what sort of experience is your 14 years in? I work for a hospital that is looking to hired experienced MTs right now... some leads, but still some possible openings. What state/city are you in?

I worked for a service, then for a hospital. My hospital experience is totally positive. I wouldn't go back. Just my 2 cents worth. Hope you find something!
Where do you live?

maybe it depends where you live,
it was in the regular mail. Corporate is in the northeast and so am I. Maybe that's why I got mine and you are waiting.
live s/b life (nm)

it helps if you put where you live - sm
you stated microcassettes accounts - so more than likely maybe something nearby or a hospital that perhaps still dictates the old fashioned way - (AND YES, THERE ARE HOSPITALS THAT DO STILL USE TAPES!!)

so whereabouts do you live
how do you live off 800$ a month?
Depending on where you live (sm)
this could be a very good position for you. The people I used to supervise (pathology transcriptionists in-house) made about $15-19 per hour depending on how long they had been there. This is in Southern California, though, where employers will pay a little more when transcriptionists are scarce.
Depends on where you live
It sounds like you live in an area where there is a moderate cost of living. Here in the Bay Area, $15 an hour for an MT in any specialty/area is unheard of. Most start at $22 an hour for 1+ years experience. Well, this is what needed -- plus a lot more -- to pay $2,000 a month for rent or purchase a $600,000 two-bedroom house.
Re: Depends on where you live.
In the East Bay, say Albany, El Cerrito, Pinole, El Sobrante, and there are some very nice areas in Richmond (despite the news/press coverage), even all the way out to Vallejo and Fairfield. But for Berkeley, San Francisco, Marin, the West Bay, and the South Bay - forget about it!! All depends on where you like to live and what you can afford. If you are looking for Marin or Walnut Creek-type neighborhoods, then you will pay $1 million for a two-bedroom house. If you are looking for more modest, but still nice neighborhoods like those above, then you will find what you are looking for in the East Bay.
The town that I live in is

Stillwell, in Georgia.  The Stillwell is for the town, MTC is Medical Transcriptionist Coder.  :) 

thanks for the info though. 

The town that I live in is

Stillwell, in Georgia.  The Stillwell is for the town, MTC is Medical Transcriptionist Coder.  :) 

thanks for the info though. 

We must live in the same neighborhood (sm)

The cost of living is too high here to work for 8 cents per line.

The nationals have sucked up all the work here because it is such a high cost of living.

It would be fine if they would give me a decent account, but I haven't had a decent account from a company in such a long time, I just gave it up.  I am tired of wasting my time and energy only to get the worst of the worst again.  You can't make a living on it.

I don't know what state you live in but,

in my state (Maine) whether you quit or are fired, you get no unemployment unless you honestly cannot find employment for a period of 3 months.

Check your state unemployment benefit laws.

I can live with some ESLs, but I don't - sm
Really want to do predominantly-ESL work. Would you say that the work is mostly ESL?

TIA, by the way!
Since you live in Australia sm
you might want to check with companies there in your own country. Not sure who in America hires from Australia. The companies I have worked for required their transcriptionists to live in the US.
I live in Clarksville -

Are you from this area?

Bad MTs don't just live in India -
I am an Editor and there are plenty of bad, sloppy, careless MTs in this country; some are just plain bad MTs who shouldn't be in this work and some just have a bad doc/make an honest mistke. While I don't like offshoring, it's wrong to assume that all the MTs there are terrible and that their work should be sent without editing just to make US MTs look better.
I can live with myself just fine, thank you,....

because you definitely have the wrong person.....I didn't steal anything! And not that I should have to justify my actions to you, but I don't post my name on ANY message board.

Newbie has a lot to live up to....

And, what world do you live in?
that pays for downtime.
Nope....unless you can live on