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I need a second shift editor position

Posted By: If you know of such an opening please email me. on 2005-10-28
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I am seeking a second shift position as an editor, full time employee status. Please email me if you are aware of such an opening.

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They had an ad out for a midnight shift editor
Are you looking at an MT position or editor? sm
Please feel free to email me.
Precyse Editor Position....sm
I did hear back from Precyse. They currently are in need of 2 third shift editors. They had tons of responses and that is the reason the response has been so long. Hope that helps!
Sten-Tel editor position (sm)
The positions pay $12-$14 per hour as IC.  Do they not offer employee status? 
EDITOR PAY FOR IC Position~ What is Normal Pay?

Can anyone tell me what is the Normal pay per line (65 char. w/ spaces) for an IC Editor these days???

Thanks! :)

Best companies to contact for a QA/editor position? (sm)

Now working for MW and starting to look for a new home.  Anyone have any ideas about who the best companies are who are in need of QA/editors?   

Talking to Precyse about an editor position. Can (sm)
any Precyse editors tell me how wonderful it is there? 
I'm training for a 3rd shift part-time position with them. sm

So far, everyone has been friendly and helpful.  She did mention that it was tough to get on 1st shift, but I was not looking for 1st shift anyway.  As a bonus, the shift differential for 3rd is 2 cpl -- I can drink some coffee for that. 

Good luck to you. 

This is true. Shift does matter. I work 2nd shift and really have not had any issues with not havi
3rd shift radiology can be like that. Feast or famine. Same with 3rd shift sm
ER work. Sometimes the doctors are too busy to dictate, so they do it at the end. Why don't you talk to them and ask about a different shift?
Ya know, even if I spend time during my shift or after that shift

it is still MY time, expected by the company, and I am not getting paid for it regardless.  I don't answer my phone while I am working, never did, never will.  What other profession, while probably punching a clock, do folks work for free?  If I worked in an office doing this, that time would be paid - say 15 minutes a day x 5 days a week at even $10/hour =   $50 a month - and it is more time spent than that to deal with the email thing and the reminders and the changes in specifics and logging in and out of 3 different accounts when primary is out of work.  GRRR. 

I don't change jobs easily either, glad you are happy where you are - but producing 1400 lines of ACCURATE text will end my career soon (and probably yours also) and then what are we all to do?  My goal is not to work more, work harder and longer hours to produce a salary I can live on. 


The DQS is an IC position and the Dictaphone EXtext is an employee position....
both part time...both making 9.5 cents per line...which is better IC or employee?
Thanks :)
I'm hoping too as I accepted position a position also nm
They pay well 10 cpl days, 11 cpl 2nd shift, 12 for 3rd shift
1300 lines a day required, 65 character line. They have benefits. Don't know much else.
I have worked both 3rd shift and day shift (SM)
including what you call banker's hours (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.). I ran out of work more often on 3rd than I do now on the day shift.
editor pay
Do you mind if I ask how much you are getting paid for QA?
MW Editor Pay
I agree totally. I used to not be bothered at all about outsourcing, but now that I am experiencing these changes first hand I am developing a different attitude about it. It is certainly impacting MT pay, as it seems that our wages are becoming comparable to 3rd world countries. :(
My employer is making the MTs become editors also. Has anyone else experienced this?
No, I mean editing MTs, no VR involved.
Editor pay
Thanks me!
They pay 1.5 CPL for EDITOR!!!!
MT or editor?
I work as an Editor and yes there have been changes.  The insurance went up by 50%, but the coverage is better.  The deductibles on the cheap insurance were killing me!  My only complaint is lack of information, too little managers watching over too many people so you don't find out much until whatever the subject is has already been put in place.  You rarely hear from account managers, it seems all the power is with the team leaders.
Please tell us where you work. Jobs like that are very hard to find. Most only want to pay 4cpl for editing and 8cpl for typing.

I think I can help you. Pls mail me ASAP.  


I have been an editor for 7+ years,

and an MT for 16+ years.  I can edit roughly 4000+ lines per day easily (but I love to work).  At 1100 lines per day, we are only talking 2-3 hours of work at best.  I work for SS part time (yea I know the "bad" company) and can edit 1500 lines in 3 hours on bad days.  No worries! If you know your terminology, you will be fine.  If you have to look up a lot of stuff, then no good.   I also work for a smaller company full time at an hourly rate (yea I love them) and even still, I edit minimum of 100 reports a day and usually a lot more.  YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!! 

But on another note!  I read a post from just below this one that said you would make about 50 something dollars a day and you would "starve." Now while I agree this would NOT be a good pay for editors, I do, however, believe that earning 7+ dollars per hour is not the worst thing in the world for MTs (especially new ones).  You have to start somewhere, but like any production job, you only earn more when you work more or get faster.  That is the name of the game.

I am a QA EDITOR looking for work
that was not kind.
I applied for editor
how about ESLs, a lot/few? Do they supply equipment?
What kind of health insurance/how much premiums?
MediType Editor
Any info. on MediType Editors?  How is the company to work for?  They are offered 3 cpl for editing.  This seems awfully low.  Any input?
Editor positions
I would be interested in becoming an Editor ... I have been an MT for 25+ years and would welcome $14.00 an hour.  Please send email.. thanks
I have been with them for almost 2 years as an editor. sm
Please feel free to email me.
no matter - sorry - I need my own editor! nm
Editor attitude
MTBucket wrote: How easy it is to sit through and listen to an already typed report, and make corrections. That does not even take a lot of skill, if you ask me.

- You’re absolutely right, sitting and listening to an already typed report is easy...easy on the wrists that is…BUT…as far as an easy job - any Editor would challenge you to go out and get a QA/editor position and then come back and post a truly insightful comment. You would quickly realize all the researching skills, patience, tolerance, time, and knowledge an editor actually needs/uses. I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of time it takes to figure out and look up all the blanks MTs can leave because they couldn’t find or hear something, all the doctors we have to look up because the MTs couldn’t find them, all the terms we have to “know better” to correct because the MT mixed them up (left instead of right, hypo instead of hyper, clonidine instead of Klonopin, etc.), all the different format and styles we need to keep track of for the many different client preferences, etc. Not to mention the feedback we have to send back to the MTs, etc.

Despite what you think, there is quite a bit of skill involved in being an editor.

Both MTs and editors in this biz require skill, knowledge, etc., so it’s not fair to assume one side has it easy.

Editor info...
For editors, they just switched to once monthly pay. You turn in a time sheet on the 5th for the previous month's work, and they send checks out on the 15th. However, they're trying out a new timeclock thing, where you're logged into their server, which they are going to use to calculate your time in the future, and so they will do away with you sending in your monthly time sheet, is what it sounds like.

Also, pay scale is $12 to $14 an hour, and you can ask for a raise after a year, is what I was told.
ACMR IC Editor

This is unfortunate. The lady who posted this ads resume said she had 14 years of experience; however, the first and only report that she typed as a test was horrible and there were many mistakes that someone with 14 years of experience should not make. I believe what the Operations Manager meant by well rounded experience is someone with the ability to transcribe, operate their computer, troubleshoot and be able to be handed account specs and type accordingly.  This is what ACMR did with me and that is what they did with everyone I work with so far.  I did not find anything wrong with their communication or expectations.  I like it actually.  I have access to the entire account.  I pull what I need, type it and return it.  I am done. Love it!  I do not have someone hanging over my shoulder and when I need time off, I let someone know and I never hear one more word about it.  It is fantastic.  Stress free!  I am sure the lady who posted this ad would have found that out but apparently, she was not happy with her own performance on her testing report, and honestly I do not think it was the company.  Honestly, I find a lot of issues with many MTSO out there and ACMR has minimal issues, and I can work with them. Again, this is unfortunate....this lady talks like she has been with them forever and really only made it to the testing table.  I welcome comments and questions......love to chat!!!!

Just one question for the editor....
Why did you tell the whole board that she was not as experienced with 14 years and tell about her testing scores. People talk about companies here all the time, but as an editor, I think you should lose your position with your company. That is very rude for you to come on here and talk about someone else. People like to get reviews of other companies...glad she said what she said, because the way I see it, I would never waste my time with your company, especially with blabber mouth editors like you.
Apex/Rad editor

Is 4 cpl reasonable pay for Rad Editor requiring 10 yrs exp?  Seems low to me.  Anybody know anything about Apex Radiology?

Transtech ad looking for editor to use
Do any of you find Dictaphone EXSpeech to be as gaulky and cumbersome as I found it when I used it?  Maybe I just didn't give it a chance, but it was the worst speech editing program that I had ever used.  What experience have you had with ExSpeech?
NEMT Editor, anybody know?


I was wondering if anyone knows what it is like to work for NEMT as an editor.  Do you know what the work and/or platform is like?  What is the pay like for their editors?

Thanks :)

Tammy are you a QA editor? sm
If so, would you please email me?  I have a few questions.  Thanks so much.
4 CPL? why are you working for that? are you editor?
you can't possibly mean straight transcription for that amount...
i hope you dont

because that is the cause fore the rest of us not getting what we deserve. i really hope you mean as an editor.
Are you currently on the new speech editor?
Can you state without reservation at all that you are more productive on the new speech editor?

If not, quit blowing smoke up our skirts.
hourly editor jobs

Hello, I posted this question a month ago, but didn't get a chance to follow up on the leads that were posted.  Would you be so kind again and let me know if you know of any companies that pay their editors by the hour, that would be great, Thanks.

An editor who can't spell misspelled..lol
Revised Medware Editor Pay
Having been subject to Medware's recent pay revision for editors/reviewers, I'm really struggling to meet the production required to match my previous pay.  Sacrificing quality for the sake of processing massive amounts of reports tends to give me a gut wrenching feeling that sooner or later something will come back to haunt me and even worse, that it could possibly have a negative impact on patient care.  Are there other editors/reviewers out there who were working at MW before and have since sought employment elsewhere due to the change?  If so, can anyone recommend a company to apply with?  Thanks so much for any information you can share!!
I have more than 1 job, I am an editor, and I made 106,274 last year
Precyse QA/editor positions (sm)
Has anyone who sent their resume to Precyse for an Editor position, heard back from them? They said in the ad that they needed editors immediately.
I also worked at Shapin as an editor....sm

but I'm not about to post my experience here because I'm just a disgruntled employee after all, so anything I say is because I'm angry that I was let go....yeah, whatever.  

I agree with everything the other disgruntled employees say. Shapin is an unprofessional company that is run by M & L. They feed their lies to J, the owner, who believes everything they say. Little does she know that they are going to eventually be the death of her company.

For those of you happy people who are currently work for them, watch your back. You may think things are great now, but just wait....and don't come back here and say you weren't warned......

Probably only as an in-house MT or if you're an editor, maybe. nm
Tired QA editor with a question
How long should it take before an MT is on board and not making mistakes on an English speaking account of one easy specialty?  I am going nuts retyping and filling in too many blanks.  How much will my boss have to pay to find someone who can be up to speed within a reasonable amount of time?
Sten Tel Massachusettes Editor pay
Anyone currently working for Sten Tel as an Editor care to comment on the hourly pay. A few years ago it was $12/hr. Is it possible to get a higher rate than this now?

I found several comments in archives regarding MT pay, but nothing on editor pay.

They offered hourly wage. Is that the same one?