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I really doubt it

Posted By: sm on 2007-11-05
In Reply to: How big is Transheath and now does this make Webmedex bigger than MQ? nm - sm

I don't know how big those companies are, but MQ is such a giant company it would take a lot of companies merging together to pass them in size.

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They are a mom and pop. I doubt they could buy anyone.
I doubt SEs will be out with MQ.
I think they probably get very excellent coverage from SEs because there isn't the same schedule/time limitations and therefore SEs feel more free to work as they can.

I'm an SE and I truly hope it doesn't change much for me but, if it does, I will just have to re-evaluate and decide if I want to make that change.

I think SEs may see a changes in the form of base pay rates, shift differentials, etc., all the pay issues but no re-classification as it seems is coming for PT and FT employees. They will probably offer a very attractive employee package for SEs for those who were walking the line about SE vs Employee status.

We will see, I guess.
it could be but I doubt it
I seriously doubt that!
Gimme a break.
Still around. I seriously doubt they are down to
one account.   Still have the same number of MTs and I have plenty of work. 
JLG, without a doubt.
Best co I have ever had the pleasure of working for.
I doubt it but you could ask. NM
doubt it -

Ad posted twice with different wording, same number. Both have since disappeared from board.  Assumed target was an Indian gentleman. He was very emphatic that it was a scam and did not seem puzzled, so all in all, pieces fit more likely with a trick rather than an accident.


No doubt
That's true. I have had almost 2 solid days of this woman! It's literally driving me crazy. It seems the longer I listen to her the less I hear what she is saying. :(
I seriously doubt (sm)

they would let you go if there is no work and you can't make production.  Methinks there must be more to it than that.

Why do you doubt it?
Have you actually worked for Transcend or are you just a doubter?  Management is not stupid.  They know that without the MTs there would be no company and no profit.  Did you have a bad experience you would like to share?
Doubt you could either

impossible to make- cutting out headers, footers, various hidden tokens, etc etc. Does anybody find it funny that the two main companies that are talked about here constantly are TT and KS?  Are there any other companies out there that don't go round and round with the same nonsense all the time?

I doubt it, since... SM
the companies I've worked for only paid an extra $0.0025 (quarter cent) per line for being a CMT.

I wonder if that employer knows that CMT fees & AHDI dues go to fund the special Indian Rate that AHDI and Prometric came up with.
MDI without doubt
I have worked for companies large and small but I have never been treated with such kindness and professionalism as I am at MDI. They have an extremely high standard and are very choosy about whom they hire. They produce quality work. Their tech support is second to none. The QA people are all extremely intelligent and above all, kind. I have worked for the good (MDI) the bad (a large national whichI will not name) and the ugly (smaller MTSOs that could not seem to get their act together for whatever reason). Without a doubt, I would recommend MDI.
I can tell you without a doubt
The person posting that is not from this country. Read it again. You can see from the word usage. They shouldn't be on this board, anyway.
No doubt about it - It has to be ...

a recruiter. I work for Transcend, when there is work. Third day in a row and there is no work. And talking to someone about it - that's a joke, and a bad one at that. 

Anyone thinking that first message is legit, keep on looking.  They will tell you there is plenty of work, great accounts, great benefits but the truth is there is no work, you may initially have a  decent account but plan on them changing you over to another account that is not so great and as far as benefits, there is a good chance you won't meet the minimum requirements because there is no work to be done. 


When in doubt, try the No you, No you
So what happened to all that maturity of yours?
On VR I doubt you will be able to
double your lines. I have been doing VR now for several years and it is extremely hard to double ones lines. I might have done it once in 4 years, not easy although I am told by my company SOME are able to do.
I doubt it.
I seriously doubt they have sent work to India. My accounts are seriously low, but I really think it is a combination of the VR and probably overhiring. I am sure we will get an e-mail in the very near future addressing our concerns. Just hope we can all hang in there. Of all the posters on this board, MDI employees seem to be the most cordial to each other, which is rare. I wish the best to everyone at MDI.
Oh, I have no doubt
they can prove I posted.  The problem is I didn't post anything that could remotely be construed as defation or libel. 
no doubt
they DO have much to prove. I am still very skeptical too. We each have to make the decision that is right for ourself, without tearing one another down. However, do I want to cut off my nose to spite my face? Maybe I choose to go with a smaller company, and they sell out, fold, or just have sorry management etc. I am deciding to TRY and see if they in fact do what they say they will, as far as flexibility, trying to work with our preferences and such. I am opting to go with a company that can likely (though nothing is certain)survive this market, provide me with ample work, keep me in the same accounts, pay me decently, etc, etc. Only time will tell. I can stand on my principals all day long, and then not be able to pay the bills. I am the sole breadwinner in my household and have grown children that may need help too, if their livelihoods go south. If you can stand by your principals and do well, bless your heart, and more power to you. I still HAVE my principals and will fight for them in the courts/legislature. I would lay down my life for spiritual principals, but am not willing to lose my hiney for market ideals.
That is what I will have to do. No doubt about it. May I ask who you work for that is getting the


I doubt that. As long as you are 100% QA
all that means is that all your reports go to QA instead of directly to the client.

As an SE, they cannot make you work certain hours. I've been an SE for quite a while with MQ. When I first started I gave a "proposed" schedule to them but never have reissued that schedule. I work when I want to. If I'm going to be gone and not type a day or 2, I let my sup know. So far, knock on wood, I haven't run into any problems.

As long as I make the minimum line count per payperiod, they leave me alone.
Unless you are retirement age now, I doubt your
i doubt there is such a list,
at least that is all-inclusive, but you could make your own, starting with the job board.
Yes, these are facts. No doubt about it.
Doubt it. What happened,
did you look in the mirror?
I actually don't doubt it. Honestly. But still says
of sending medical records to countries with often much lower standards than ours in those terms, and who, if you ever did need to try to prosecute them or pursue them for a breach of privacy, would likely be beyond the long arm of the law ... or at least amazingly incredibly difficult to get cooperation from.
I doubt any MT has ever stayed
that long at Heartland to enjoy his/her vacation!
I don't know if that is good, but I doubt it. Don't even
know why you would ask if all you have heard is bad.  I have been offered 2 different positions with them, one as an MT and one as QA to redo the stuff that comes back from India, which is horrible.   They offered me a cpl rate, so don't know how the other works out.   I thought the sound quality was very poor and the dictators I had weren't very good.  I do about 90-95% ESL and usually do them very well, but you have to give me something to work with first and the dictation just was not good at all.  
I doubt there's much that can be done at this point.
I doubt same company
When I hit control I function I immediately get a line count and number of reports I have typed, even if I have just sent one, its there immediately.
No, I seriously doubt it. I can see where you are concerned, but
I doubt it.....Not even close
JMO, but i doubt they are leaving cause the pay is
I doubt OP had to use "shoo-in" anywhere on her
I highly doubt
I would really like the name of the VP that told you that. I don't believe that anyone at Transcend would tell you they were giving the easy work to the offshore people because that is all they can do.

I don't buy it.
That is a huge yes..no doubt about that one.
And since they got their new investors in the last what, year or so, the offshoring has increased. I look for more changes to come as well.
Focus no doubt
Don't be so quick to doubt

I'm 5 years into my MT career.  I'm 48 and currenly I work an average of 10 hours a day for a popular MTSO.

2 years in house - most I made was was 27K

Last year 6 months in house, 6 months at home - 24k

Next year - 34k

This year 55k!  Do I count on that for next year?  Nope, but I can hope.

Yes, my speed probably is increasing.  Since this industry has a give yourself a raise mindset, that's what some of us do, when we can.

Yes, its awful that many of you made that much in the good old days, and its been reduced.  But as a relative newbie, I have nothing to be bitter about, so I just keep honing my skills and my expanders.

I really really doubt it but you could call
They are currently hiring, though doubt a new

sup is in the works.  If you do what you are supposed to do - work your shift, follow account specifics, meet/exceed quality standards, and sign out of IM if you're away from the computer for more than a potty break you shouldn't have reason to have contact from sup.   I'm fairly new and have had my share of issues and honestly thought about quitting because of this person too, but decided I wasn't going to let this person run me off.  My quality was always good, had a few goofs on account specific because of switching back and forth between accounts, but I settled into a routine, consistently work my schedule, consistently exceed minimum QA scores, gotten used to account specifics so I can get the right ones w/o thinking, and I just don't have any issues now. 

If we were men, I seriously doubt our profession
I doubt you will get much cooperation
This is what is legally known as proprietary information and I know of no MTSO who will provide this. It is a closely guarded secret.
I doubt you will get much cooperation
This is what is legally known as proprietary information and I know of no MTSO who will provide this. It is a closely guarded secret.
I can't speak for myself, but I very seriously doubt sm

that anyone who tries using the mouse to edit a document would ever be successful in making any money.  It would be to difficult going from keyboard to mouse back and forth without loosing some speed, even before I started VR I was using shortcut keys and IT commands to increase my line count.  And you say it isn't proven that shortcuts increase speed...that just boggles my mind any MT that makes halfway decent money will tell you that without shortcuts/expanders they would be broke. 

I only know that on my acute care accounts with >80% ESL on a so-so platform (and I have been on several-so I won't call it the best or the worst) with just average dictators (some horrible, some decent, none that great) I can make good money, but if you are just going to come here and continue to WHINE without making any effort to improve your speed....well give me your address, and I will send you some good cheese to go with it.  On the other hand, I am going to work my butt off to provide for my family.  So yep it is only my opinion, but that is exactly what your posts are OPINION.  We will all see things differently, but I am an optimist at heart.

No business/career/field ever stays the same, either try to learn or move on to something else because VR is here to stay.  Even the companies that aren't using it yet will be in the near future, I would put money down on that bet. 

I am done discussing it on this board though, nobody is really here for help only to cry poor pitty me..., and the few that really do want help will go out searching for it like I did, not expect someone to through it on their laps. 

I really doubt this! Who and how are the jobs
that come in from the client to the MTSO distributed? The supervisors, leads or whoever can determine what jobs go into the queues of what MTs, ins't it? Right from the beginning they can assign you a crappy account with a lot of ESLs, mixed, straight and VR.
But they will always deny it and say the distribution is random.
DEFINITELY, but I doubt that will happen
MT stars is here to make $ - they aren't likely to turn $ away by standing with the MTs.
I somehow doubt you will be so smug
When YOUR account evaporates into thin air because the work was offshored to your ILPs because it was close to running out of TAT.

You really should watch your attitude about this sensitive issue. Some MTs are EXTREMELY morally opposed to offshoring and while you may shrug it off NOW, I suspect in the near future we'll see you on here looking for support or compassion when YOUR account has no work on it because the US MTs 'couldn't keep up' and it 'had' to be given to the Indians to keep it in TAT.

Seriously, rethink you 'tude on this one, because you just walked onto a very slippery slope where ALL of the work will eventually be offshored.

It's not the time to be smug or self-righteous. Instead, you should be counting your blessings you have a job at the moment and NOT malaligning other posters for their concerns.

Compassion - It's not a difficult concept.
I doubt there are any, maybe males...nm
I doubt it. I'm in a very secure position.