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I specifically asked if they required

Posted By: sm on 2008-09-11
In Reply to: I really don't think it's lying. When they - say typing is not required, I would

new QA staff to type on the account first before being allowed to QA. I was told by both companies that this was not required. Then (with both companies) AFTER training, they told me that they DO require new QA to type on the account first. Liars.

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Thank you. The recruiter was very informative. I specifically asked about work flow
as the company I am at now runs out almost daily, in part, I believe, as a result of being a mix of straight typing and VRE. I prefer straight typing over VRE anyway. TT is offering more per line and offers incentive and shift differential, which is something I don't get currently. Im excited to start working with them.
When they called me and I asked them if they offshored, they asked me why that was my business!
What specifically...
should I be looking for? Hope this is not some convoluted complex thing that has to be examined with a fine-tooth comb, just want straight out what the pay is and what for, # of characters, spaces, etc. Did you have a problem with what you were paid for? Any help you could give is really appreciated. I'm becoming so discouraged by vague and obscure company communications! It doesn't really seem to benefit a company to not be up front to begin with since they will just end up losing that person, does it? Thank you for your help!!
What are you looking for specifically? nm
What specifically do you want to know? NM
What are your needs? Ask more specifically for
If you need 9 cpl, employee status, insurance, and work nights...ask which companies allow that.

Your idea of a good company may not be someone else's.
What specifically are you looking for?
If I were you, I would specifically post
for Busy MT'ing since she right now works for at least 2 nationals. She seems to know every single thing known to man. Try posting specifically to her on the MQ Board.
It's not about Amphion specifically,
my concern is the devaluation of the profession in general and my future in it. I'm looking at an opportunity to make a career change, and would like a smooth transition. I have had no problems with Amphion, and think they're better than many of the alternatives. Again, any info on the exit process would be appreciated. Thanks.

There are many MT companies in FL, some specifically for the
no state tax thing.  I know I have to pay taxes and I'm not trying to get out of them, I just don't agree my company HAS to pay them.  Sure would be nice if they did though. 
What specifically are you wondering about? NM
why specifically are you leaving?
You can ask whatever, but it is specifically related
to company rules, regulations, benefits, etc., best to get it from official sources rather than here.
We are talking specifically about MDI right?
They don't offshore right?
I don't think she meant it to you specifically
I think she was using sarcasm to make a point...

That's the problem with forums, you can't always hear what the person is saying!

How can anyone specifically tell where the work
comes from?
You might want to ask your STM specifically about low work sm
situations - mine definitely said you can opt to use it or NOT if you are out of work.

MTs should not be penalized for low work situations. You should ask again.
She specifically said we had to request
If we miss work for any reason we are supposed to put in for PTO; then if we make it up by the end of the week we can cancel the PTO request.  She specifically mentioned that the only time we have the option of not using PTO and going unpaid is when we have used all our PTO up.  She mentioned all this in a blanket email to the whole team right before we started regularly running out of work due to overhiring.  How plain does it need to be? 
Why in Texas specifically? I would think - SM
labor laws would pretty much encompass the entire US, e.g., minimum wage laws apply in all 50 states, laws regarding overtime pay, etc.  The rampant abuse MTSOs have been allowed to get away with affects MTs EVERYWHERE, from sea to shining sea ... MTs in OK, NJ, FL, OR, NC, I could go on and on... all of them have bills to pay, children to feed, and these MTSOs in sheeps clothing likewise lurk in all corners of the country. 
You expressed how I feel, specifically SM
pertaining to longevity and having to give that up. Others in my position are just as unhappy and concerned about the future.

The most distressing thing to me is the lying. I mean, all companies fudge the truth a bit, but the blantant lying that goes on at Spheris is really shocking.

I wake up every day with a knot in my stomach. Would anyone out there care to join me working for Spheris?
The client has to specifically request no
offshoring to not have it sent out. If nothing is said, the Q is able to do what they want with it.
post specifically says Domestic MTs
health benefits specifically

Looking for a company (as an employee, F/T) that offers affordable family plan health benefits for less than the $1022 per month I am paying now!

I absolutely love the company I work for, but their benefits are outrageous (small business) and me understanding their plight is not putting food on my table.  I have a special needs daughter, so I need actual insurance, NOT a discount plan.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Maybe, but she specifically says no weekends or holidays
Didn't want her to waste her time when I know one day per weekend is a requirement where we work. Figured she was better off with a company that would accommodate her needs.
Oops. I mean to reference the low pay to TTD specifically... NM

Agree. But still hope one would ask specifically
Our website specifically states we DO NOT pay for spaces
so I don't know who or where you got your information, but we are very honest about it. Sorry for your misunderstanding.
I'd like info too on Shapin, specifically for QA position. nm
But it is referring mainly to Versions and e.Chart, not specifically sm
what you mentioned in your original post. I hope it works for you. Overall, for me, platform works well and I'm always sorry to see someone (not you) dis the whole company b/c they have individual issues which could be ISP related. Keeping fingers crossed for you.
Thanks for clarifying the information but I got my specifically from someone who works there when I
was searching information on them. She has been there like 4 years and just notes that people did not stay long. Of course, there was no reason listed why they left, and for all anyone knows, it is because of personal reasons. I also pointed out that anything she shared with me about them was not anything awful or that didn't happen at any other company. You will always have companies that are loved or hated by an MT or just neutral. Everyone has a right to their opinion and maybe this person thought they were a high turnover because people would come and then be gone not too long after. Again, you are probably right..maybe they just didn't have what it took.
i'm legally bound not to talk about it specifically. but it's the same
just know everything you look up is documented. Sorry I can't elaborate and I didn't mean to be cryptic --I would love to tell everybody what happened but I don't want to be prosecuted.
Specifically, Axolotl has been low on work since the first of September .... SM
when they lost a huge account.  It affected me and several other people.  However, I have moved on so I don't know about recent developments.  I wonder how long they will continue to pay downtime instead of laying off.
what about reverse "cherry-picking" - when you are specifically
assigned extremely difficult work - that can be just as bad. Think about that - because anybody would need a break once in a while from that...and if someone signs off here and there in between, so what...

On my very first job the supervisor and I started on good terms, and she would specifically give me the 'good' reports...(I never complained of about 'that' - obviously)...but later when the relationship got a bit strained because I started getting good...she started giving me all the worst stuff on the entire system, hahaha. It was a small office and all those things were out in the open then...nothing could be done, absolutely nothing.

Little did she know it actually made me stronger and probably has gotten me through these difficult times in MT world where the work that is not ASR can be literally hideous...sometimes I thank her out loud.
I didn't say that it was. I specifically clarified that in parentheses. nm
When I use the word "you" in my post, I am not referring to you specifically but
all the posters on this board.

I didin't specifically address the no work issue....sm
but I do agree with you that it is impossible to make a living when there is no work available.  Perhaps it is anticipatory hiring, as you stated, or perhaps it is the normal ebb and flow of MT work, i.e., no work around holidays, etc.  Whatever the reason, and I am not saying you are being unreasonable, we MTs know that this is sometimes the case with some of the companies.  This is a feast or famine profession and we must make hay while the sun shines and anticipate the slow periods such as holidays and summer vacations.  If a company truly has overhired, though, there is not much we can do about it unfortunately. 
Read today's letter by **** - it specifically DOES SAY in writing sm
that this will not happen.
ironic, since OP specifically explained about board answers.
Sad but true. You're asked to work NOW, then asked to stop NOW, then go again and then stop
If you dont get off the minute the hospital asks, even if you have no idea that they have requested that your to be off, then the hospital MTs steal your work right out of your queue and I mean reports you have already done. I dont understand the concept of having a contract with a hospital and then having to fight for work with the hospital MTs. We should have guaranteed work during our shift and enough of the the hospital wants you to help right now and then a few hours later they want us to stop working as the work is too low. It is crazy and I couldnt work like that so I had to quit.
Memo specifically said upgrade would address the platform freezing up.
Transolutions? Anyone know how good their medical insurance benefits are, costs, etc..specifically
family coverage. They say you only have to work 32 hours to be eligible so I'm curious what their benefits are like. Thanks
Webmedex or Medware? Which would you choose in terms of benefits, specifically medical ins costs.
Any know what the difference is with these companies in terms of pay and what the preminums are for family medical insurance?
if it says *required* and you want the gig....nm

You are required to
use their computer.  I wanted to use my own, but they said it's easier for them to provide technical support if everything is uniform and everyone has the same hardware/software.  IMO, the pay is above average compared to what I was offered from other companies.  They also review you yearly for a possible raise and give a bonus on your anniversary.  The benefits were extremely affordable.  HTH
Unless you are FT and required to
make up your time then take the day off. They cannot force you to work if you are scheduled off, unless it is the Q and they will not let you take PTO and you have to have your hours/lines in. The only thing is if you work on production, then your check is improved from having no work through the week. If you can afford it, take it off.
If you are doing all that is required, i.e.,
making your line counts and working your scheduled hours, I would just ignore then. Worrying is not going to change anything. When they direct something at you specifically, then talk to them about it.
Why would we be required
To disclose any and every employer we have ever worked for when we have done so as an independent contractor? This is always something that I have wondered. As an IC, aren't we free to come any go as we chose? Aren't we in business for ourselves? This is where a lot of MTSOs have it wrong.

Do we go to the plumber or guy installing our satellite and ask him to disclose any and every individual he has ever done work for? No, we don't. I'm sure he'd be happy to provide references though!

I don't list anyone that I've worked for (unless I have done so as an employee). What does this information matter to an MTSO? If they hold up to their end of the bargain and I am a good MT for them and test well, what should my work history matter? ESPECIALLY in this industry. If I'm asked for reference, that's one thing. If I'm asked to disclose every single company I have worked for..that is another.

Don't get me wrong, I haven't job hopped without GOOD reason. However, I have worked for companies p.r.n. I have worked for companies for a couple of months only to find out the owner is the one with the issues. I have worked for companies where everything was going fine, but unfortunately I can't put my bills on hold for them to decide to pay me...three months later. I have worked for companies who promised this or that, only to have junk thrown at me consistently when they find out I am capable of doing the junk that their other MTs can't and getting paid 7 cpl to do so. I have also worked for the 24 hour FLEXIBLE companies who then decide that because people aren't holding up to their end of the bargain...your flexibility is going out the door and you NOW have to let them know EXACTLY what time you are going to be working.

And, see, you can't win with the MTSOs looking for this information because if you were to go into details as to why you changed jobs in this period so much, you would be looked down on because you were negative about these companies. How fair is that? What is in the past is in the past.
And what is required to CASH IT !!!!
What does the accompanying letter with the check say. Anxious to know . . . surely could use my money now.
Set hrs always have been required of employees/and if SE they can only ask what

you aren't a contractor, you are an employee.

If they begin telling contractors what hours to work and clocking them in and out, they become EMPLOYEES and must be treated as such.

And believe me if they start treating me as an employee, they better start picking up a lot of my costs!!!!

I should have said that the accounts I am on have never required a
log. I keep one with the accession number to keep track of what I do but no one has ever asked me for it. I work on a RadNet account if that makes a difference.
Are you required to do weekends? sm
Do they have insurance or are they IC? What are their line requirements?