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I tested with MedGarde and haven't heard a thing...

Posted By: kb on 2009-02-10
In Reply to:

and I thought I aced their test.  Anyone else have a similar experience?

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I tested them and haven't heard anything...
It has been almost 3 weeks. I have already signed up with another company. I hope they get back to you. I keep thinking maybe I failed the test, but know I couldn't have because I used the Dorland's to be sure I was answering everything correctly. Good luck.
Haven't heard a thing about a sale.
Not a thing.
No I haven't tested

just sent a resume, was waiting for a reply, but I imagine they've been pretty swamped with the new account and applications.  I think I'll wait a few more days and email again if I don't hear anything, but I'm kind of checking out a couple of other options, too.  Thanks much! Glad to hear you're happy there!

I've heard only positive things about them. So, I applied, but haven't heard a word. Maybe fl
I tested and heard back once
I tested for them, heard back and they asked me to finish taking another part, which was clinic, as I did so well with their acute care, and then never heard another thing back. Very weird to say the least.
NO, but have tested 3 times with them and have NEVER heard back from them once...sm
Even though I know I passed with flying colors.  Just seen another job post for them, so I sent in another resume mentioning the fact that I have already tested 3 times and have never heard back.  She asked me if I still had my test and to re-send it to her.  Well, it had been so long AGAIN that I had already deleted it but told her I would yet once again be willing to take the test over AGAIN and I have never heard back from them AGAIN!  I have 10 years experience and they always contact me when I send the resume, but then nothing.  I have taken many tests and I always pass so I am 100% sure that not passing the test is not the case.  Just thought I would warn you.  This is absolutely rude and unprofessional to behave this way.  Good luck!
I tested online but never heard from them..LOL..after 18 years (sm)
in the biz I guess I still don't know what I'm doing! 
Anyone tested for Med-Tec Resources heard back from them yet? nm
Tested at e-trans 2 weeks ago also and never heard from them...nm
Tested last week, have not heard back either.
Has anyone tested with MedScribe for those ER positions heard back? sm
I tested last week - thought I would hear by now.  I'm thinking they already filled the positions.
I tested a couple of years back; never heard anything...
I emailed them for update; still never heard anything.
Tested for DTS of America last week - have heard nothing yet. nmsg
Anyone tested and heard back from DTS America. How long was your wait? nm
About 1-1/2 years ago I tested, aced it, heard back, only to be told with....sm
28 years of experience, formal college education, experience in all areas, all work types, etc., that I would be started at 6cpl, then if I got off probation at around 3 months, I could make 6.5 cpl, and then another six months later perhaps 7cpl. Set hours, you can guess, I passed this one over very QUICKLY, and also informed them nicely that if they wanted truly good, top-notch, first-rate MTs (as their ads say), then they really have to come up with a few more CPL, that what they were offering for someone with a perfect score and all the experience was actually an insult. They nicely said okay, let us know if you change your mind. Yea, right............
Tested there 10 days ago and never heard a word back..guess I failed! nm
haven't heard anything about them....
but I did a Google search and here is their website: www.archivus.net
I haven't heard anything.
I am interested because I do medical billing as well. I am waiting to hear back to see if they hire people to do this from home.
haven't heard
I spoke with a recruiter there for a long time two weeks ago and was emailed benefit info etc. on the company by that recruiter and told I was going to hear from someone else in a couple of days. After that I found out from someone who works there that they received HUNDREDS of applications that weekend and that is why we have not heard back yet!
No I haven't heard anything :( SM

I did pass a test with Echo, though, and have decided to accept their offer.  I'll be working part time for Echo right now, so if PMSI comes available, I could do both (I told them--PMSI--that I wanted to work part time).

I e-mailed A again, but still haven't heard back from her.

Just Me

No, I haven't heard from them either. NMd
I haven't heard of any (sm)
I work there too part time.  I rarely see anything posted about them, good or bad.  You can email me if you want, just state you're from here because I don't open up any email that I don't recognize someone or something about. 
Is she still there? I haven't heard from her either. nm
Haven't heard
anything about benefits changing. I am an Editor and we just got a simple email that we are going to hourly instead of salaried as of Feb 1.  We used to get paid for down time but I think that's a thing of the past as well now.  Nobody tells you much of anything.
I haven't heard anything yet either.
The website says they are still working on scheduling and hope to be done this week, so maybe we'll hear something soon???
I haven't heard much about MDI-FL
I've been at MDI-MD for about 2 months.  I've had no problems whatsoever.  I can't speak as to MDI-FL.  Maybe someone else could chime in on that one.
Haven't heard anything either :(
Haven't seen or heard of this at all
Yeah, they're low on work right now; however, I haven't seen any QA positions eliminated nor have I heard that they're losing two big accounts. Proof?
Haven't heard of them in my 25 years as an MT.
Try a Google search and see what you come up with.
I haven't heard back from them yet. (sm)
Does it seem to take a long time to hear back from them? I went to the website, filled that info. out and the test last week. Do they pay more than 9 cpl?
If you haven't heard back from her she will
contact you. She is a sweetheart. She's just really busy right now. Try giving her another call or email. I am also employed by Transcribe it Quick.
Never heard of them and because I haven't, I did not apply.
I think they must be another new one. They come and they go, but in their case, they should have told something about themselves. They obviously do not have a website either.
I haven''t heard anything about layoffs..
and I work there...not that that surprises me or anything.    Was this a particular office or just certain accounts?  I'm currently looking for a new job, but I'm obviously curious and would like to pass this along to some of the other MTs so they know what's coming.  Thanks so much for any help!
I haven't heard anything except on this board SM
Has anyone (other than the previous poster a week or so ago) called WebMedX to see if they are hiring for the account?
I haven't heard this either. would love to know more.
haven't heard a word
I accepted a position with Allegiant, was suppose to start yesterday, but haven't heard a word...............I getting tired of the transcription, business.
A couple of these I haven't heard much about, but most
of them have several posts, you just need to look through archives.
Did you apply? I did and haven't heard

The only thing I can find is that the pay is low, but if it is easy clinic work and the people are nice, sometimes it's worth the low pay.   

I hope she's doing okay. I haven't heard anything sm
about Allstate going out of business. I hope someone posts some information.
I did. Haven't heard anything back. You? nm

Haven't heard for a month since I applied
I haven't heard anything. Is it all accounts and platforms? nm
I think they're new. Haven't heard of them in all my years of doing MT. nm
applied and haven't heard a word......nm
Haven't heard one of those in a long time !
Those were the happy days of MT'ing.
I haven't heard anything, but will keep my ears open. nm
I'm curious about this company as well? I haven't really heard much about it.

well, haven't heard the word troll since...
I applied but haven't heard back
Do any of these companies let you take time off without pay if you haven't earned your PTO yet?  Any other good companies out there?  Anyone pay more than 8.5 cpl?
Nope, haven't noticed a thing different or unusual. All's well here. nm
Is Elite Global still in business? I haven't heard anything...sm
about them in quite a while.